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The $eductress – Episode 10


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WRITTEN BY: Pamela James

©Youngicee stories



Chapter 10


Anastasia p.o.v

Occasionally, I would be a tease and lift it up a little to show straps that were pressing into my upper thighs.

But I wasn’t exposing the black underwear that I wore.

That wasn’t for show.

I got compliments about the lingerie.

Someone tried to pull my shirt up. I was paid to pull my shirt up, but I didn’t actually do it.

I took the money though.

Someone slipped their hand in my stockings, but they paid for that.

When I had enough of being grabbed while trying to give a lap dance, I played around on the pole.

I hate to admit this about myself, but I love when people throw their money at me.

I love taking it from them, feeling it on me, using it to pay my bills.

It’s the most exhilarating thing ever.

But I was waiting for someone.

At midnight, I could feel chills going up my spine as I spun around the pole, I held myself up and looked into the darkness, seeing some familiar faces, as money was thrown in the air.

My eyes went to the one person I was looking for.

He is here.

That is all I needed.

Of course I had to be sexy while I moved on the pole.

But I was definitely done for the time being.

I had walked of the platform, and went right over to him.

He didn’t move when I stood in front of him.

He was wearing a different suit today.

Different suits equal money in my eyes.

He probably has a lot of it, doesn’t he?

I held onto my white shirt, lifting it up slowly to show the whole piece that I was wearing just for him.

I was hoping that he would like it.

I know it was last minute, but maybe he will give me another chance, another day to find something he might like.

He smiled, and my head swooned when he looked up at me.

” It’s nice,” he said, his hand moving to touch my a$s, but I grabbed his wrist.

If he wants something, he is going to have to pay for it.

” I shouldn’t spoil you.” he said.

” Spoil?” My eyes widened.

He should spoil me.

I’m doing it for him.

I’m wearing lingerie for him, so he can definitely spoil me.

He better pay me.

I know damn well he is good for it.

” Let’s go somewhere private,” he suggested.

” Hmm….”

I’m the one that should be flirting with him.

He shouldn’t be getting to me…and making me do things.

But I let go of his wrist, and made an inviting gesture for him to follow me so we could be alone.

Tonight the lights were blue.

There wasn’t glitter everywhere.

The music was quieter, slower.

There were some séxuâl nights, more so when regulars show up.

It wasn’t a party tonight, but we can still make good money.

That is what I plan to do.

The mystery rich man definitely had my attention and I hoped that I had his.

He sat down in the seat, and I sat in his lap right where I belong.

My back was to him, and I did that on purpose so he could have a good view while I moved over him.

I lifted the white shirt up higher to expose more of the lingerie.

When his hands moved on me, I felt a bit of paper slipping against the lingerie.

I didn’t get the chance to count how much he gave me.

He was generous last night.

was he in the same mood again?

I moved my hips slowly on him, grinding my hips to the slow beat of the music.

His hips were moving with me, and there was nothing séxier than him moving with me, I almost lost myself that this is a job, and I’m supposed to get paid.

But deep down, I just wanted to forget that I was at work.

This wasn’t all I wanted.

Just dancing on him wasn’t enough.

Sometimes, I wish we could cross the line.

I haven’t done it before, and I don’t ever feel this way about anyone else, but if he were to spread me out on the floor, I would do it.

I’m not a prostitute.

But I sure as hell would let him do It.

I straightened up and closed my legs.

I had to control my thoughts before I got out of control.

My hands still kept the shirt lifted so he could see me lower back and the lacy underwear.

I almost wanted to stop for a second but I continued to move my hips and grind on him.

One of his hands weren’t on my waist anymore.

He was shifting behind me for just a second, but then I felt him move the lingerie to the side.

And the worst part of this was that I didn’t stop him.

I felt his hot flesh pressing on me. He was giving me that second to tell him not to do it.

I should have gotten up and told him that I couldn’t go any further than a dance.

I should do my job.

There are rules.


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