Tales of the Heart

Tales of the Heart – Episode 32

{ Sweet Faith, 19 years to live❄}

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{ Sweet Faith,
19 years to live❄}

Chapter 32 

By Chidimma Mirabel


Principal Michael and the rest stared at king Rhys in bewilderment. They just couldn’t believe that the king of the demon was standing there in front of them.

Did he say son? What so that means that Liam is his son? So Liam is the demon king’s son?!

Eric suddenly felt bad for telling on Liam. Look at what it produced, war was about to start and it was solely his fault.

He was angry and infuriated not because Liam was a demon but because Kadence choose a demon over him…He doesn’t even deserve to he called a friend after what he did to Liam.

“I won’t repeat myself, bring out my son and that girl” King Rhys said.

He personally came here in order to kill Kadence with his own hands. His guards were no match for Liam so he decided to come here personally…

“Your son isn’t here, but we’ll make sure that you don’t go back alive. If we kill you then the war will stop” Travis said while frowning…

King Rhys chuckled and looked at them…

“You guys seriously think you can beat me? Beside if worst come to happen and you do beat me, this war will never stop. Instead you’ll see what it means by war” King Rhys said.

Kaitlyn clenched her fists. He’s the one who killed the queen, the one who made her motherless, the one who killed her mother!!

Kaitlyn took the spear from from one of her guards and charged to him in blind anger.

“No your highness!!” A guard screamed…

Kaitlyn jumped and directed the spear forward to stab him but Rhys lifted his hand up and Kaitlyn suddenly paused midair.

“So you’re the princess that everyone is so bent to protect. I don’t see anything special about you” King Rhys ached his brows.

He drew her closer and caught her by the neck…

“I sent my son to ask you just one thing. Will you join us? But no you decided to make your pathetic princess. You’re a weakling infact guess what? You’re not even a princess” King Rhys whispered to only her hearing.

“Your lies will never move me” Kaitlyn spatted…

King Rhys smirked…

“Well alright if you don’t wanna believe me… Have fun living in delusion.” King Rhys said and made to dip his hand in her stomach but a force pro-pulsed them away from each other…

“Don’t you dare touch a single strand of her hair” Principal Michael said with his eyes white in color.

“Let’s see what you’ve got up your sleeves.” King Rhys said and principal Michael attacked him…


“Liam!! I made a chocolate cake. Wanna eat?!” Kadence said coming out of the kitchen.

“Wait up, let me finish cleaning up the bathroom” Liam said from the bathroom.

Kadence dishes out their desert and placed it on the table with a bottle of red wine beside it…

Liam walked downstairs while wiping his hands on the towel. He kissed Kadence on the cheek before taking his seat…

“Stop acting like we’re married?” Kadence blushed rubbing her cheek.

“Then will you marry me?” Liam asked dipping a spoon of his cake in his mouth.

Kadence choked on nothing. She gulped down the wine inorder to calm down herself…

“Don’t worry, when the right time comes I’ll ask your hand in marriage” Liam winked at her and continued eating his cake…

Once they were done, Kadence went in to clean the dishes while Liam went outside and stared at the beautiful flower garden in front of him.

“Your highness” A voice said.

Liam looked at his right to see Araz standing there. She bowed at him…

Well Liam communicated their location to her through his mind. She’s the only one he trust out there.

“How’s the nature of the war.” Liam looked back at the flower garden.

“The war is beginning at a dangerous path. Your father, king Rhys went at Diamond High in search of you and Kadence” Araz said.

Liam frowned and sighed. That was just the beginning of war but it seemed catastrophic…

“Alright, continue keeping a close eyes on them” Liam said.

Araz nodded and bowed before running away with her vampire speed.

Liam sighed. He is gonna make their short stay here memorable for Kadence so that if worst comes to happen, they’ll still have memories to cling on.

He shook everything off then walked back in. Kadence was still in the kitchen cleaning the area she cooked in.

Liam hugged her from behind and kissed her neck, sucking on it.

“Liam wait up, I’m working” Kadence giggled…

Liam turned her to face him. He lifted her up and placed her to sit before he came and stood in between her legs.

“That’ll wait, for now what I need is your lips.” Liam whispered and claimed her lips…

Kadence smiled in the kiss then dipped her hand in his hair, pulling some strand of his hair. That alone drove him crazy…

He bit he lower lips making her open up. Liam sucked on her lower lips, on her tongue.

He broke the kiss and kissed her chin. Kadence held his shoulders then tilted her head backwards.

She was curious, curious to know how his hands will feel on her body. Curious to know how that sensation felt like…

Liam then kissed her neck going downward. His hands crawled under the top she was wearing. He unstrapped her bra making her gasp. His hands then messaged her smooth and soft back making Kadence shiver.

He pulled away from her and then held her top, removing it from her body. Cold air hit Kadence’s body making her shiver.

She looked down, feeling very shy and embarrassed. This is the first time someone will be seeing her body.

Liam kissed her shoulder and sucked on it leaving a hickey there. He kissed it again.

“Don’t be shy, you’re beautiful besides you wanted it. You’re the one that provoked me with your beauty.” Liam whispered to her…

Kadence ached her brows. How did she provoke him, she was here minding her business when he entered and kissed her. But she couldn’t deny the fact that she enjoys it…

“Gosh…K-d, you’ve become naughty” Her mind screamed…

Liam held her waist and pulled her closer, then kissed her chest before kissing her brëast. A muffled moan escaped Kadence’s lips…

Liam kissed it again before licking it and then sucking on it. Kadence placed both her hands on the table, throwing her head back. He was surely good at driving her crazy…

He sucked on her b**bs till her nïpples were already hard. He pulled her closer by the waist then claimed her lips kissing her like his life depended on it.

“Let’s stop here” He smirked and walked out of the kitchen.

Kadence stared at the door unbelievably. He just turned her on then left her hanging…

“I’ll get back at you Liam, just wait and see” Kadence thought and wore her bra and top before getting down the table.

She walked out of the room to see Liam sitting on the couch reading a book. He looked up at her then winked.

Kadence rolled her eyes and went upstairs…


“Ahh!” Michael groaned when king Rhys tug his hands in his stomach.

He fell on the floor while holding his bleeding stomach but the wound suddenly healed back like nothing was there. That’s his power, that of immortality.

The students and guards were all breathing heavily tiredly but king Rhys was still standing proud. They’re no match for him…

Emma walked front and cracked her knuckles then made fire to come out of her hand.

She shot the fire at king Rhys who easily dodged it but she never gave up. She kept shooting him.

Suddenly Rhys appeared in front of her then caught her neck, lifting her up from the ground.

“You…you’ll never…succeed in your evil plan…our new queen will defeat…you” Emma struggled and said.

“What can she do? She’s nothing compared to my enormous powers…”King Rhys said proudly.

Emma simply smiled as a reply. Rhys punched her on the stomach making her spit blood, that blood stained her dress.

“I think you’ll be useful for me” King Rhys smiled…

He threw her on the floor. Emma gasped for air, holding her stomach.

Two vampires appeared from nowhere and lifted Emma from the ground.

“Take her and lock her up, she’ll serve as a bait to lure out Liam. If Liam doesn’t come then the girl will surely come out because Lorenzo told me everything about the girl and she’s close to her. If that Kadence comes out then Liam will surely follow” King Rhys smirked.

The two vampires nodded and took Emma away.

“Emma!! No!!!” Eric screamed.

King Rhys looked at them then smiled, a smile that proclaims his victory. He opened a portal to the demon kingdom then entered it.

Eric fell on the floor, it’s all his fault…..


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  1. This is what I was referring to, Eric no need to regret your actions, the deed is done already
    Nothing must happen to Emma
    Liam and kadence come back and save the supernaturals , You two are the only ones that can stop King Rhys

  2. Why am I having the feeling that kadence is the real queen why the other girl they call queen is her sister.

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