Tales of the Heart

Tales of the Heart – Episode 31

{ Sweet Faith, 19 years to live❄}

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{ Sweet Faith,
19 years to live❄}

 Chapter 31 

By Chidimma Mirabel



“Come let’s go back in” Kadence smiled and held his hand. They both walked in the hostel.


Principal Michael was busy going through some files when a knock came up on his door.

“Come in” He said

The door opened and Eric walked in with a not so happy look on his face.

“Eric? What brings you here?” Principal Michael asked.

Eric stood on his spot contemplating on whether to say anything or not. He clenched his fist and looked back at Michael.

“I’m here because I think I’ve succeeded I finding who the spy is” Eric dropped the bombshell.

The pen Michael was holding fell from his grip as he looked at Eric with a look of shock.

“Are you sure of what you’re saying?” Michael asked and Eric nodded.

“It’s Liam” He muttered.

“What!? Liam?!” Michael spranged up his seat in shock. He just couldn’t believe his ears

“Yes Sir, I saw him with my own two eyes. I saw his demon form, He’s been lying to us all along. He played a fool out of our love and trust in him” Eric said angrily.

Principal Michael fell slump on his seat. He just couldn’t believe it. Of all people it had to be Liam…

“Thanks Eric, you may leave” Principal Michael said. Eric nodded and left, closing the door behind him.

“Araz!!” Principal Michael called.

Few minutes later, the door blew open and Araz sped in then stood infront of Michael.

“Is it true that Liam is the demon?” Principal Michael asked.

Araz smiled…

“Who told you?” She said.

“So it’s true! D@mn it!!” Principal Michael hit his table. It broke due to his supernatural ability.

“Don’t do anything irrational, that’s a warning Michael” Araz said and left the same way she came.

Michael took his phone and dialed a number.

“Hello Travis. Barricade the whole school, announce it to all the supernatural. We’ve found who the spy is, the demon is none other than Liam” Michael said through the phone.


Liam and Kadence were both laying down on the bed in Liam’s room. Connor went out with Sophia so it was just them.

Liam held Kadence’s tiny hands then kissed it and intertwined them.

“Liam on a scale of 10 how much is your love for me” Kadence suddenly asked.

“Hmm, infinity. It will never stop…” Liam replied.

Kadence blushed and looked at him she leaned closer to kiss him. As their lips were about to meet….

*Attention please, each and every supernatural must find Guillermo nicknamed Liam. Do not let him escape*

Liam and Kadence frowned when they heard the news from the bell. Well the supernatural hostel was separate from the humans so they didn’t hear it.

“What is the meaning of this?” Liam said and sat up with Kadence.

“Let’s go and find out” Liam said and stood up.

“I’m scared” Kadence said feeling unusually uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry I’ll be fine” Liam smiled. She nodded and they walked out of the room heading outside.

Immediately they stepped outside Liam amd Kadence froze when they saw all the supernatural standing there, looking at Liam with murderous looks.

“Liam how could you?!” Sophia said, feeling betrayed. Connor hugged her looking at Liam with a hurt look on his face.

“What’s happening here” Liam frowned…

Principal Michael and Travis came front together with the royal guards.

“Apprehend him. He’s the spy” Principal Michael said with anger evident in his voice.

Liam froze, they find out!! The guards began approaching Liam with their weapons in their hands…

Kadence came and stood in front of Liam.

“No, nobody touches him!” Kadence said stubbornly.

“Kadence are you crazy. He’s a demon, he’s dangerous and he’s a traitor” Nora said.

Kadence looked at them obviously angry…

“And so? You guys are really heartless just like the vampire and demon that you hate so much. For f*ck sake if Liam was bad will you all still be alive? He would have killed you all before you knew it but no. Why don’t we try and make peace with the demons and vampire, that’s the only way your kinds will survive” Kadence said.

A guard suddenly shot a poisonous arrow towards Kadence and Liam. It almost took Kadence but Liam caught it mid air.

“Nobody touches even a single strand of Kadence’s hair” Liam said and broke the arrow till it turned dust.

“Attack!!” Principal Michael said.

The guards and some supernatural rushed to attack Liam. The black tattoo was already appearing in his arm as his eyes began flickering in color.

Before the supernatural could reach were they were, a strong wind blew them off as a vampire landed in between them.

Araz looked up and then turned to Michael’s direction.

“I told you not to do anything stüpid right?” Araz said.

She turned and faced Liam and Kadence.

“The demons are on their way here. I suggest you run away before it’s too late” Araz said.

Liam’s heart skipped a beat. The war he’s been trying to avoid is catching up with him…

Kadence held his hand.

“Wherever you go I’ll follow you” She said.

Liam looked at her for a short while and squeezed her hand gently.

“Thanks Araz” Liam said looking at Araz.

She bowed slightly…

“Your wish is my command your highness” She said.

Liam nodded and looked at Kadence. She nodded signalling that she’s ready.

“He’s trying to escape. Do not let that happen!?” Michael said and the supernatural charged at them but it was too late for Kadence and Liam already vanished away.

Emma on the other hand was standing at a corner observing what was happening. Normally she should be freaked out because Kadence followed Liam who’s the demon but she’s calm.

“So my suspicions were right. Liam is the spy” Emma smirked…

“Bro…” Gideon said worriedly…

Kaitlyn was still shocked. So it’s Liam the one who made several attempts to kill her…

The supernatural began fighting Araz who knocked them down but didn’t kill them.

Reina who was observing everything hissed angrily.

“Sh*t” She cursed and vanished away…


Liam appeared with Kadence at the little flower house he bought Kadence the other day.

Worry marred Kadence’s face which Liam didn’t fail to notice. He held her hand and kissed it.

“Don’t worry, we shall be okay. I’ll do my very best to protect you” Liam whispered to her…


“Can’t believe we lost him!!” Michael ranted when Araz left.

“So Liam is really the demon” Sophia said unbelievably…

A strong wind began blowing here and there lifting up the sand in the process. The weather suddenly became dull like it was nightfall.

“What’s happening?!” Gideon asked blocking his face from the wind.

Suddenly a figure appeared in front of them. Black smoke was emanating from it.

The figure looked up and Michael couldn’t help but freeze.

“Where’s my son and show me who Is that forsaken girl who made my son a weakling” King Rhys said, staring boringly at them…


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