(Dangerous romance) rated ?

Written by- Victoria


Meet our top profiled businessman BLADE LENKINGS. He’s the richest and most popular businessman in America as a whole aside from being wealthy, he’s also ranking top 1 most handsome man in America. His money coupled with his looks made him the crush of every lady around but as they say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”… To the outside world, he’s a handsome/rich young man but inside, he’s completely different. His moves are killers, his games are deadly and his life is a dangerous one the public wouldn’t want to know about… What do you think he is? Let’s find out in this thrilling book ROSES AND GUNS ??


Tags… billionaire, love, s3x, guns, dark secrets, mafiaso

Setting… California and Italy


Main casts

Aphrodite Madyson

Blade lenkings

Vladislav Dominic


Sub casts

Godiva Shawn

Denzel Mario

Dexter Dixon… more casts would be revealed as we go on.


Get your popcorns ready guys ???.




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