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(Dangerous romance) rated πŸ”ž



By: Victoria








Chapter 3️⃣




I looked at the annoying figure in front of me… gosh! She’s the most annoying thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life


“So what’s the meaning of this?” I asked and she kept trembling


“Would you speak up and stop shaking like the stupid fool that you are” I demand angrily making her to flinch in fear. She starting crying almost immediately


“Would you stop shedding crocodile tears and tell me why you try to seduce Denzel?” I asked and she looked up at me

“I…I…I…am so sorry sir”she stuttered


“You’re f****** stupid if you want to be a prostitute why don’t you send your resignation letter and going to the street huh? Why try seduce my friend? “I asked angrily


“Go out there, pick all that belongs to you and move” I said and she knelt down


“Sir am begging you, don’t do this” she pleaded


“Are you f****** deaf? I said get your shi*tty stuff and yourself out of this place…i mean out of my company!”I yelled, she hurriedly got up and ran out


“Senseless b******” I muttered trying to calm myself down. I Denzel outside this premises god God the b**** was tryna f*** him right in her office and i walked in… how disgusting!. I passed to call through to my manager telling him to place a vacancy, I need to replace her as soon as possible.




Aphrodite pov


I quickly packed my hair in a tight bun and made out of the room. I met Nicole in the living room

“Hey baby girl,you’re off for job hunting?”I nodded before hurrying out of the house





I successfully submitted my documents to two different companies wish I had earlier went to in search of a job… I’m hoping for them to call me back. I came out of the company’s building and almost immediately, I got a call… It’s Dora


“Hello “dora’s voice came

“Hello… “I answered,dora is my coursemate and also a friend but will not too close

“Have you gotten the job? “She ask ed


“No girl I’m still looking” I said

“Okay… I just saw it online that there’s a vacancy in BlenKings Enterprise”she said and my eyes widened

“Wow…really? “I asked surprised

“Yeah… Why don’t you check it out? “She asked and I know did as if she could see me

“Yes I’m going right now… Bye and thanks “I said


“yeah you’re welcome “she said and hanged up


I quickly got into a cab to take me to blenkings when we got there less than 30 minutes. I showed my ID to the security officers at the gate and they allowed me in. On getting in I went over to the lady behind the decks and informed her of why I’m here


“Oh… I’ll call the manager and tell him “the lady said and I nodded. She made the call and motioned me to follow her. We hunted elevator streets to the second floor and she lead me to the manager’s office before leaving

“Good afternoon sir “I greeted on entering the office

“afternoon…so you’re Aphrodite Madyson?”ask and I nodded


“Take your seat “he said

“Thanks sir… “I said and he nodded


“You’re still in college?” He asked

“Yes sir”

“Good…”he nodded as he went through the documents i gave him


“Without any doubt, you’re the right person for this job, your results are excellent… I love it ,keep it up ok”he said handing over the documents to me


“Yes sir”


“You’re employed”he said in my eyes widened in surprise

“O to the M to the G”I said excitedly and he just gave me a look


“Oops! I’m sorry I got carried away… So when should I start work?”I asked


“You’ll be coming to work after your classes ok “he said and I smiled a thanks


“Thank you sir “I said happily

“It’s okay, when you come just go straight to the first floor it’s only your office and that of the CEO that are there ok “he said and I nodded





I just finished breaking the good news so the girls and they wore surprised faces… I’m so excited

“Gosh! Tell me again”Godiva blinked as she swallowed hard

“Am now working at BlenKings” I said again and they jumped in excitement


“So you’re now working in blade Lenkings company? “Nicole asked and i stopped to think… blade lenkings is the owner of that company?


“Oh… I knew nothing about that “I said and godiva hit me hard on my arm

“are you silly? Come on we gotta celebrate this “she said and rushed to the er she came back with a bottle of non-alcoholic wine and three glasses she poured wine in the glasses and passed them to us


“A toast to our friend’s new job at BlenKings”godiva said and we did the glint hitting of glass


“Make sure to seduce him when you get the chance “Godiva said and I choked on my drink


“You’re crazy “I said not after battling with her for 3 minutes


“Is right “Nicole supported and they both be good, I rolled my eyes at them… Friends!!!



To be continued.





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