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Chapter 2


Aphrodite pov

I slumped into the sofa tiredly… Gosh! today’s a bomb. I drag my feet heavily as I walked to the kitchen to get water, I got the water gulped it down in a second.

“Hey girl…” Nicole called as she entered the kitchen, I didn’t answer but just want to look at her

“Gosh you look horrible” she said as she drank from the cup of pineapple juice in a hand

“And terrible too”I patted my hair gently

“I went job haunting after school” she turned to look at me

“Girl I know you really need a job but that doesn’t mean you should kill yourself too, just take a look at yourself you look like s***”she said and i shuddered

“So who’s going clubbing tonight!”godiva’s voice came from nowhere

“I’m in…”Nicole said without wasting much time to think about it…I remained silent for a while and both girls stared at me hopefully. I gave a thin smile and shook my head signifying that i won’t go, their hopeful looks turned disappointment


“Come on girl today is Friday”Godiva said

“And i have exams in three days” they both rolled their eyes at me

“We also exams too but like they say,all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl”Nicole said

“Also remember all play and no work makes Jane a dull girl or rather a dummy”I said


“Yeah that’s why you need to balance the equation ok…so go in, take your bath, come out for dinner and we’re all going clubbing tonight. My new kid’s taking us to a very famous club ok” Godiva winked at me before pushing me out of the kitchen. I know what she means by new kid, she’s met a new fling. Godiva changes boyfriends like clothes and i wonder how she lives comfortably with that.


“I’m not going…”she interrupted me

“Na…Na…Na no more words from you baby,go get rid of that miserable look”she said, making me to shake my head… she’s said it and that’s final. There’s nothing i can do to change it.

“Fine…”I said and they both giggle… FRIENDS!!!😌



Well let me introduce myself, my name is Aphrodite Madyson, I’m the only daughter of Mr and mrs Madyson Harvey. I’m 19 years old and I am a student of Joyce memorial college. My parents are poor and i got to college on scholarship. I’m in my first year studying business administration and as you all know, I have two friends ; godiva and Nicole they attend same college as me. Godiva is from a wealthy family, some call her spoilt, rude, arrogant ,sassy,slutty and all that but to be honest she’s nice. Nicole is not from a very wealthy family but at least her family can pay her bills. She’s cool and intelligent, they’re both cute and very funny,I love them so very much. Funny enough, we’re studying same course in the same university, we’re same age and live in the same house…cool right?




Godiva has forced me to apply some makeup and honestly speaking, i look like a doll right now.

“Come on girl Dalton’s waiting outside already”Godiva called as she barged into my room

“I’m coming…”I picked up my red purse and rushed out of the house. Dalton drove us to the club in a black Ferrari F60…I have to admit that’s kinda expensive. The place is way bigger than i thought. He drove into the lot and we alighted . That was when i saw different types of cars (obviously expensive once) I’ve never seen since the day i was born parked in the lot, the cars were of different sizes and brands…I suddenly became nervous, it’s obvious this place is filled with posh people.


“This hotel…”

“It’s not an hotel” Nicole cut in

“This club looks bigger than normal ones”I said

“Of course it’s a five star club, what else were you expecting?”she said

“And it’s mainly patronized by rich people,celebrities and even foreigners”Godiva said and i gulped… concerning people,am kind of a sociopath and don’t get along with people that well. I lived all my life in a small cottage with my parents and no one else.


Where tell it to the club a almost stopped working because of the loud music. I’m sure the walls are sound proof because I heard nothing while I was outside. That he took us to the VIP section and we settle down around a table, later on Dalton left us to meet the bartender so he could get us something to drink.

“Wow it’s beautiful, I love the interior “I said looking around

“Me too”Nicole said. Some strippers are performing on stage and some other girls were also flaunting their sweaty bodies and the dance floor.

“Wow! “We had some girl exclaim and will looked towards to direction the others had stopped dancing including the strippers they were all staring at a some guys who just walked in. I couldn’t see their face because they’re far from where I’m sitting and the light in the club didn’t help matters at all.

“Wait let me go take a look”Godiva said as she rushed off leaving i and Nicole

“That guy must be a very important person “Nicole said and i nodded in agreement

Singer diva came back with smiles all over her face… I wonder what’s making her smile like someone who just got a gift from Santa Claus

” well… What’s up with that smile ? “I asked

“Omg! Guess who walked in just now ?”she smiled lunch

“You mean the guy? “Nicole asked and she nodded

“How do we get? We didn’t even see his facials “I said

“that’s why it’s called guessing” she said

“Ok maybe it’s one of those your celebrity crush is “Nicole said and God evil smile broadened. I forgot to say she’s a celebrity freak.

“Your smart… Of course it’s one of them. It’s blade lenkings the top one most handsome guy in the country “she said

“wait! You mean the CEO of blenkings Enterprise?”Nicole asked anxiously

“Yeah baby you got that right “godiva said and I sighed.

“You don’t know him right? “Godiva asked

“Of course I don’t “I scoffed. Yeah that’s me I don’t know any of them… I mean those freaking hot celebrities. I only know about the Kardashians and Justin Bieber and I got to know about that just because I spent one good year with these two pesky friends of mine. The mood in the club has changed all thanks to the guys who came in a while ago. Some girls are dancing to the darkest part of the club where did they sat… Those b****** know how to make themselves known.

Dalton came back with a waiter following behind, the waiter arranged the drinks in front of us and I smiled a thanks to him, he returned the smile and left. I raise my glass to take a sip and spat it out almost immediately. I couldn’t take in more because of the burning sensation it gave as it went down my throat … F***!

“Are you okay” Dalton and the girls asked and i nodded

“Yes I am…”I smiled

“What’s the name of this stuff?”I asked

“It’s penfold’s ampoule”he said

“Alcoholic huh?”I asked

“Yes you don’t take alcohol?”he asked and i nodded

“Alright then let me go get something better for you”he offered but i refused and jumped down from the stool. I think this is an opportunity to be alone


“No i’ll go myself,I also need to use the washroom”I said and scurried away

“I’ll just go dance myself to waste”I heard Godiva said as i left


I got to the counter and hopped on the long stool. The bartender turned to me with a smile

“I need a bottle of water”I told him and he got it for me in a jiffy I said a thanks and gulped it’s content slowly,i let the coldness of the water calm down the burning sensation i had a while ago before releasing a long breath

“Can you please show me the way to the washroom?”I asked and he gladly gave me directions. I left after saying a thanks.


I hurried towards the hallway and wasn’t looking when i bumped into someone. The person’s cologne hit my nose hard,I was forced to look up…my eyes couldn’t stop widening at who i saw…


“Is he a demi-god or what?”I wondered letting my eyes take digest his features. He’s tall and cute with that ebony black hair and a perfect well shaped jawline.His cute eyes won’t go unnoticed and that includes his cherry pink lips…his lips curved into a cute smirk as my eyes trailed down his neck and rested on his chest…f*** he’s so masculine, the tattoos on his arms were really eye catching and hypnotizing,I was tempted to trail my fingers on the tattoos but i had to hold tight…I tried to take my eyes off but to no avail,I kept looking.He’s truly a demi-god.


“When you’re done eye raping me, just let me know… I’m waiting patiently”he smirked and that seem to pull me from my dreams…my face went red in embarrassment.


“Am sorry…”I said with my eyes fixed on my shoes


“Oh you’re done eye raping me? “He raised his brow and smirked again… what’s up with this guy and smirks?


“Well i should be the one saying that…am sorry” he said calmly…f*** that voice is second to none.


“No i should be the one saying sorry,i wasn’t looking”I insisted and he shuddered. His eyes focused on my face and I had enough time to take in his facials… How cute! What is the mother of the soul?

“Since she’s not eye raping me yet”he said and that’s it again, he caught me this time

“Hmmm… I… I… I…I….”I stuttered my cuts in

“I guess you were heading somewhere”he said and I gulped down nothing before nodding like a lizard

“Okay I should get going see you around “he said and winked before leaving… Was that for me? F***! Why did he do that? I turn back but couldn’t find him anywhere… Ok aphrodite you need to go empty your bladder else you pee on yourself.






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