Roses and Guns – Chapter 1

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(Dangerous romance) rated 🔞

Written by-Victoria


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Chapter 1


Narrator pov

The lights came on revealing a beautiful sitting room, it’s beautiful white and gold decoration is simply outstanding and breathtaking.It’s walls were made of transparent glasses and pure white walls.

Sitting on a sofa was a young man probably in his early twenties.He had a cigarette in his hand which he drew from at intervals, his eyes were closed and his head sway backwards each time he breathes out the smoke from the cigarette.

The ringing of his phone jolted him from from his peaceful mood,he sat up to answer the call

“Hello boss” a voice came

“Yeah what is it?” he asked

“It’s Watson… he’s been caught coming out of vladislav’s car” the voice said

“Oh… so has he been questioned?” he asked

“Yes and he revealed that vladislav paid him to leak out some of our important info to him” the voice said

“Really? And did the motherfu*ker agree?” he asked calmly


“Fu*k so where’s he right now?” he asked balling his fist

“We’re at the warehouse,the abandoned one”the voice said

” Ok i would be there soon” he said and dropped the cancer stick on the ashtray. He ended the call and angrily left the living room, he climbed up the shiny silver stairs and finally came to a long beautiful hallway. He stopped by the second door which was made of pure gold and entered into the room.

It was a beautiful room with blue and gold decor. A king sized bed was at the middle end of the room and a flat screen tv was horizontally opposite the bed. The room has two glass doors which led to the balcony and indoor swimming pool.

He walked up to his closet, opened it and pulled out a black leather overcoat, he went back to his dressing table, collected his car key and walked out of the room with the coat still in his hand. He got to the sixth room, opened it and moved to a switch which was at the far end of the room. He pressed on the switch and the walls divided into two, he entered into the room which hid behind the walls and put on the lights tho they were deem colored lights but he could still see what was inside. He went to the center table and collected an assault riff,he ran his fingers down the shiny metal and smiled in satisfaction as he pulled the hammer.

” Let’s go finish that brat… cause if there’s one thing i hate most, it’s ungrateful betrayers”he said aloud as he walked out of the room…



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