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Personal Taste – Episode 54


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Written By Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 54


“I missed my Dad, he’s the only one I have I don’t know why everyone hàtè me, my dad will have bailed me if he’s still alive” Dora yelled.

“Madam it’s time to go back to your cell” the cop that brought her out said.

“Keep quiet, you guys are giving me problem” Dora said and stood up with a frown.

“Hey I’ll make you regret you ever have a hand if you touch me with that filthy hand of yours,” Dora said and walked inside her cell.

“I’m not sure you’ll come outside anytime soon,” the cop said.

“I’ll come for you once I come out tomorrow,” Dora said and the cop burst into laughter.

“I doubt it” the cop replied and made to leave. “Come I need your help please,” Dora said.

“Need my help on what? I don’t have any help I can render to you” the cop replied.

“Please I badly need your help, I’ll pay any amount when I come out just listen to me,” Dora said.

“Are you sure you’re gonna come out alive?” The cop asked.

“My lawyer said there’s nothing he can do about it, Emma is interested in the case and you know how influential she’s,” Bryan said.

“So you mean I’ll go to jail for a crime I didn’t commit?” Steve asked and Bryan chuckled.

“You brought all this upon yourself,” Bryan replied.

“I replied, I regretted ever trying to rape her, but I don’t take drugs the drug isn’t mine” Steve replied.

“I warned you, but you didn’t listen, anyway I’ll try and talk to Miss Maxwell I pray she listens to me,” Bryan said.

“Thanks very much, bro, I really appreciate you” Steve replied.

“Don’t thank me yet, I don’t know if she’s gonna listen to me, anyway how’s your health?” Bryan asked.

“It’s fine, but I’m going through a lot of pain” Steve replied.

“This will teach you how to respect the decision, I pray Miss Maxwell believes you and help you out, she and Rowen are our only hope and I’m very sure Rowen Won’t like to help you,” Bryan said.

“He has a good heart he will” Steve replied. “How did you know he has a good heart?” Bryan.

“I browse about him and I found out he owns many orphanage homes” Steve replied. “When did you do that?” Bryan asked.

“Yesterday, I browse it when you left” Steve replied.

“Look how gentle you’re because you’ve landed yourself into trouble,” Bryan said. “I’m sorry,” Steve said.


Brittany P.O.V

Mrs. Hunt has been taking me around the house since morning and tired is an understatement, I can feel it in her words that she’s always lonely.

Yeah, I pity her because she only gave birth to that big head.

“I’m glad I’ve you now,” Mrs. Hunt said with a smile.

“Same here ma, you’re a nice person” I replied.

“Ma,” she said and does some thinking. She smacks my àss and glares playfully at me.

“How many times did you want me to correct you?” She asked with a frown.

“I’m very sorry mum” I replied and she nod her head.

How she’s free with me within a period of time is very surprising to me.

No doubt she has a good heart, I thought she will be like the stepmoms I used to read about in novels, she’s not close to them.

“Rowen will be very jèàlóûs when he comes back because I’ve found myself a best friend” mum said with a smile.

“You seem, happy mum,” I said. “Yeah I’m happy I’ve always wished to have a female child I thought God is being wîckèd I never knew he doesn’t want stress for me, someone else trains my daughter and she’s now back to me is that not wonderful,” she said happily.

“It’s really wonderful mum” I replied.

I can see how desperate I’m when I think about my past, I would have betrayed my best friend just because of a guy if I didn’t come to my senses and the guy end up being my big brother, I don’t even know how to face him when he comes back.

“What are you thinking about? Are you thinking about how big this house is? Don’t worry you haven’t seen anything your father has many properties, it’s step by step I’ll show you all” she said with a smile.

“Thanks, mum I’m not ready to know all, my foster dad left some things behind for me and I’m okay with them” I replied to her.

“You can never be okay with it, you’re Brittany Hunt. Hunt is a big name so you and your brother need to represent us we” she said.

“Alright, mum” I replied.

“What’s your educational background?” Mum asked. “I’m a graduate mum” I replied.

“Very good, let’s go inside my granddaughter will be very hungry by now,” she said and we both walked inside.

“Mrs. Hunt” Mr. Hunt called with a smile.

Did I just call him Mr. Hunt? Anyway, it’s step by step I’m not used to it.

“Don’t fûcking call me I’ve not forgiven you” mum said and dragged me to the kitchen.

“I’m sorry my love” I heard him say and mum giggled.

“I’ll make him suffer, look there are many things I need to teach you before you get married because I don’t want you to end up like me,” mum said.

“Alright mum I’ll like to learn from you” I replied. “Did you have a boyfriend?” She suddenly asks.

“No ma” I replied and look away immediately. “Why now? Don’t worry I’ll hook you up with Austin he’s a very good guy” mum said with a smile.

“I don’t do hook up” I replied. “Keep quiet,” she said and pick a kitchen spoon before smacking it on my head.

“I’ll hook you up with Austin and that’s final, don’t agree with me again,” she said.

“Okay mum” I replied with a frown..

“Good girl smile for mum” she replied and I hit my leg on the ground.


“I am her boyfriend” Austin replied with a smile. “He’s not my boyfriend don’t mind him mum” Emma replied.

“Why are you denying me?” Austin asked and burst into tears “lover boy is crying” Mrs. Maxwell said and burst into laughter.

“Austin be serious for once in your life” Rowen whispered.

“Fine I surrender, he’s her boyfriend and I’m acting boyfriend,” Austin said.

“You guys are welcome,” Mr. Maxwell said with a smile.

“Thanks very much, sir” Rowen replied with a smile.

“Come and have your seat,” Mrs. Maxwell said and Emma sat down. “I’ll be right back,” Mrs. Maxwell said and drag Emma out with her ear and Austin burst into laughter.

“What’s funny?” Rowen ask.

“Can’t you see how your mother in law to be drag Emma’s ear?” Austin asked.

“Austin respects yourself,” Rowen said. “Okay sir” Austin replied.

“Mum, why did you drag me with my ear?” Emma asked with a frown.

“Won’t you entertain our guest?” Mrs. Maxwell asked and Emma hissed out loud.


“Was that the reason why you drag me with my ear? Mrs. Maxwell, you’re biting more than you can chew” I said with a smile.

“Hey, are you talking to me?” Mrs. Maxwell asked looking around and Emma scoff loud.

“is there any Mrs. Maxwell with us apart from you? It’s obvious I’m talking to you” Emma replied.

“Clap for yourself,” Mrs. Maxwell said and Emma clap her palm together. “I’ll so deal with you when your boyfriend leaves” She replied, I wanna see her try. “I’m going with my boyfriend” I replied and stick out my tongue at her.

“To be sincere your boyfriend is very handsome, he reminds me of someone,” Mum said. “Of who?” Emma asked.

“Don’t worry we will visit the person together tomorrow” Mrs. Maxwell replied with a smile.

She walked to the oven and brought out a cake.

Wait when did she prepare this? “You’re surprised right?” She asked with a smirk.

“Why will I be surprised?” I pretended.

“Stop pretending I know that look, I bake the cake before any of you wake up,” she replied smiling sheepishly.

“Wow you tried, so you don’t sleep?” I asked. “Why will I when I’m expecting a big visitor” Mrs. Maxwell replied.

“That reminds me I haven’t seen Brittany didn’t she come back with Dad? I didn’t even ask how it goes I’m a bad friend” I said dramatically.

“Thank goodness you know, you’re a bad friend” mum replied and my phone rang out loud.

“Talking about the dèvil,” I said and show mum my phone.

“Hey baby, where are you?” I asked with a smile. “I’m not happy with you aren’t you supposed to call me?” Brittany asked, I can feel it she’s angry.

“I’m sorry it was mum’s fault, we came late from the Mall” I replied.


“Alright, so is Rowen there? Did Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell like him?” Brittany asked.

“Sure they did” I replied with a smile. “Well don’t tell him I’m his sister yet, I need to surprise him” Brittany replied, I can feel it they accepted her already.

. Mrs. Hunt is really nice then.

“They accepted you right?” I asked.

“Sure they did, Mrs. Hunt wanna kill me, she has been showing me around since teaching me how to cook different meals,” Brittany said.

“I’m very happy for you, congratulations girlfriend” I replied.

“Thanks, babe, when are you coming here? Because I’m not sure Mrs. Hunt will release me anytime soon” she said, I look around and I can’t find mum in the kitchen again.

When did she leave here that I don’t know? “Soon I’m thinking of coming with Rowen, but I’m not sure if mum will agree because she told me we are going to her friend’s house tomorrow” I replied.

“Alright you’ll come after tomorrow then” Brittany replied.

“Sure I’ll nothing can stop me, my regards to your new parents I need to go attend to my visitors” I replied and end the call.

I walked inside the Living room Rowen and Austin has a frown on their faces and dad has a smirk on his face.

What’s happening here?



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  1. Interesting
    I won't be surprised if the person they're going to visit turns out to be Rowen's parents

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