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Personal Taste – Episode 53


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Written By Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 53


“What did you’ve to say?” Mrs. Maxwell asked and sit down beside her husband.

Leo clear his throat before looking into Emma’s face which made Emma confused more and more. “What’s he doing here?” Emma asked herself before facing him

“What’s your problem? Can’t you just talk? Why looking into my eyes?” Emma asked.

“I’m sorry I can’t just resist you” Leo muttered. “Leo you’re wasting my time” Mrs. Maxwell replied.

“I’m very sorry ma,” Leo said and face Mr. Maxwell.

“Sir you once said I can ask for anything I want right?” Leo asked and Mr. Maxwell nod his head.

“Good I need Emma” Leo said and Emma burst into laughter.

“Are you okay? Did my daughter look like a commodity you can take?” Mrs. Maxwell asked angrily.

“Honey calm down,” Mr. Maxwell replied.

“What did you need Emma for?” Mr. Maxwell asked.

“Why will you be asking him this type of question, you caused all this, you’re the one that gave Leo the chance to talk to you anyhow he likes,” Mrs. Maxwell said angrily.

“Darling, relax let’s hear from him” Mr. Maxwell replied with a smirk.

“I love Emma a lot I want to make her my woman” Leo replied with a smile.

“Make who your woman did you wanna force her?” Mrs Maxwell asked with a scoff.

“Emma, is he your boyfriend you told us about?” Mr. Maxwell asked.

“No Dad, you don’t expect me to date Leo” Emma replied.

“What happened to him? Is he not a human?” Mr. Maxwell asked.

“Maxwell I don’t understand you seriously” Mrs. Maxwell replied.

“Have you told her about it?” Mr. Maxwell asked.

“Yes I told her, but she turned me down, you can help me talk to her, I’m very sure she will listen to you” Leo replied.

“Emma isn’t a kid she knows what she wants, she rejected you because she doesn’t love you if you really love her like you said you will respect her decision, love isn’t by force it’s not a do or die affair,” Mr. Maxwell said and Leo frowns his face.

“But you told me to ask for anything I need you promised to give me have you forgotten sir?” Leo replied. “I haven’t forgotten I still stand on my words but my daughter isn’t a thing she’s excepted, I’ll accept you if she accepts you moreover she has a boyfriend so let her be,” Mr. Maxwell said.

“You really wanna disgrace yourself, Leo, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, love isn’t by force, it’s not by force for me to love you” Emma replied.

“But I love you” Leo replied.

“And I don’t, can’t you get that into your empty skull” Emma yelled.

“You’ve overstayed your welcome, you need to get going now,” Mrs. Maxwell said and Emma’s phone ring out loud.

“Hey babe, come outside the security didn’t wanna open the door for me,” Rowen said from the other end of the call and Emma rushed out with a smile. “Alright I’ll be right there” Emma replied and end the call.

“Open the door for my boyfriend,” Emma said to the security.

The security guy nods his head before rushing to open the car.

Rowen came down from the car and She stared at him in awe, her mouth hanging open, shock written all over her.

She couldn’t bring herself to believe that the man standing before her now, was the same person as the man she had seen a couple of times, as he looks extremely different.

Her eyes roamed his body, taking in the beauty of each part of his body.

His thick black shiny hair glow beneath the light, while clinging onto his head, with some strands resting cutely on his forehead, his pink lips looking alluring and tempting.

Her eyes darted to the expensive looking button down shirt which fitted him perfectly, matching the light color of his flawless and spotless skin, then to the expensive latest Rolex wristwatch around his wrist, his trouser was made from beautiful and expensive silk, his black expensive looking shoes fitted on his feet perfectly.

Emma was unable to move from the spot because she was busy admiring Rowen.

Rowen moved closer to her and wave his head in her face.

“Hey, beautiful” Rowen said with a smile, which made Emma come back to her right senses.

“You look different and beautiful, I don’t even know how to comprehend your look, I’m speechless I can’t believe this is you, I mean my own Rowen” Emma said with a smile.

“It’s me my love” Rowen replied and hug her tightly to himself.

“I missed you” Emma muttered.

“I missed you more my love and I’m very happy to see you again,” Rowen said and Austin clear his throat.

“The hug is getting too much don’t break my love bone, is bone isn’t strong,” Austin said coming down from the car.

“Oh, my Austin is this really you?” Emma asked with her mouth slightly opened.

“Yeah it’s me, did you wish to dump your boyfriend for me?” Austin asked with a smirk and Emma chuckled.

“My boyfriend is more handsome than you’re, so there’s no need to agree, let’s go inside,” Emma said.

“Hope your parents will like me?” Rowen ask. “Who won’t they like a beautiful guy like you, let’s go I’m very sure my parents will like you,” Emma said and dragged Rowen in, Austin also run to catch up with them.

“He’s here” Emma shouted. “We know so stop shouting” Mr. Maxwell replied with an eye roll.

“Are you jèàlóûs of me?” Emma asked.

“Why will I be jèàlóûs of you? I can never be jèàlóûs of you because I’ve my sweet wife here with me” Mr. Maxwell replied.

“Hey what are you still doing here?” Mrs. Maxwell asked Leo and he stood up immediately.

He moved closer to Rowen, he looks at him from his head to toe and left out a smirk.

“We meet again!” Leo said to Rowen and Rowen left out a sweet smile.

Mrs. Maxwell looks at him and also smiles. “His smile is contagious” Mrs. Maxwell whispered to her husband.

“Did you still have something to say?” Rowen whispered back.

“We will see again,” Leo said and walked out. “Good afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell” Rowen greet.

“Hey, are you trying to outsmart me by greeting my in-laws before me?” Austin asked.

“Emma, who’s your boyfriend between the both of them?” Mrs. Maxwell asked.


“Mum he has apologized to me he also loves me, he was just confused about his feelings” Vera replied.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to force yourself on any guy ever again” Mrs. Dan said.

“No Mrs. Dan, she’s not forcing herself on me, I asked her out myself” Stanley replied.

“I thought you have a girlfriend, what happened to that beautiful lady I saw in your house?” Mrs. Dan asked.

“She’s not my girlfriend, she’s just a friend” Stanley replied.

“Are you sure?” Mrs. Dan asked.

“Very sure ma” Stanley replied. “Okay I don’t have a choice since my daughter also loves you, I’ll get going now, you guys should Enjoy, but my eyes are on you, I’m watching you,” Mrs. Dan said and walked out of the house and Stanley left out the breath he has been holding.

“I thought she won’t agree easily,” Stanley said. “I know she will, my mum is a sweet soul,” Vera said.

“I know right? Let’s continue from where we stopped” Steve said with a smirk. “Don’t come closer” Vera said with a smile.

“What if I did?” Stanley asked.

“I’ll kick your balls” Vera replied and Stanley hold his balls with his hand.

“I can’t try it because your balls are ûsèful to me” Vera replied with a smirk.

“Thank goodness you know, let’s go meet my parents tomorrow, I’ll go explain to them later today,” Stanley said.

“Don’t you think it’s too fast?” Vera said. “Nothing is too fast, since they’re bugging me to get married they will be happy, and I’ve known you for years now, there’s nothing to know about you again,” Stanley said. “Hmm” Vera hmm.


“Mum!” Dora called immediately they brought her out of her cell.

“What are you doing with a gun?” Dora’s mother asked immediately.

“It’s for self protection” Vera replied. “Self protection?” Mrs. Clerk asked and burst into laughter.

“Who’s after your life?” Mrs. Clerk asked. “Nobody” Dora replied and look away.

“Nobody is after your life and you’re using a gun for self protection, didn’t I tell you not to come to Paris?” Mrs. Clerk asked.

“I’m sorry I’ve to, I can’t lose Rowen just like that” Dora replied.

“Keep quiet! Shut the gutter you called mouth up” Mrs. Clerk yelled. “But mum..” “Don’t mum me, you can’t lose someone you treat badly, can you see the outcome?” Mrs. Clerk asked.

“Just find a way and get me out of this place,, I’ll surprise you by getting Rowen back” Dora said.

“Just find a way and get me out of this place” Mrs. Clerk Mimicked.

“I’m not getting you out of this place, this is your new home so enjoy,” Mrs. Clerk said and stood up from the chair.

“Don’t tell me you’re leaving mum,” Dora said with a frown.

“What did it look like enjoy yourself here, if the cops decided to release you good for you, but as for me, I’m not ready to spend a dine to get you out of this place, enjoy your new home, toy twin sister also send her regards,” Mrs. Clerk said.

“I hàtè you mum” Dora yelled.

“That’s not a new thing you say that a lot” Mrs. Clerk replied and walked out.



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  1. Dora, just stay there a little longer.
    Leo, you are up to no good, but your plans will not succeed
    Rowen, Emma, Stanley and Vera, wish you all blessed relationship
    I pray Brittany will give Austin chance
    Next please

  2. Please i don't understand what personal taste is doing in married to the overlord.or am i the only one seeing this?…

  3. I think Don K is right and what will Rowan do when he find out about brittiny relationship with him and also her behavior towards him when he think back

  4. Jewel u are not the only one. I also noticed it.
    Leo u are full of evil. Love is not by force ooo… Next episode pls

  5. Very interesting. I love the story, please continue . Can you please drop at least 2 episodes per day. Thanks

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