(Tainting her innocence)


(Tainting her innocence)

Written by: Authoress #princess


Episode 9

Now enjoy……..

Bella quickly ran after him as he climbed up the stairs, no, what shocked her wasn’t the fact that he was sleep walking, what shocked her was the fact that he didn’t trip while climbing the stairs or something.

Which means that he had been doing that a lot of times, her eyes widened when she saw him walking into the guest room that she was sleeping at.

“Sir, sir!!”Bella yelled blocking his way immediately he was in front of the door but what he did was to push her to the floor and she fell like a weak feather.

King ignored her and Walked passed her into the room and when he was close enough to the bed, he laid on the bed and closed his eyes drifting to sleep.

Bella who was still on the floor was completely speechless, this guy was surely insane and she dare not lay on the same bed with him.

Having no choice, she laid on the floor and closed her eyes drifting to sleep as well.

she blinked her eyes open when she felt comfortably warm and secured, it was so warm and that was the first time she felt this way.

She remembered laying down on the cold floor, how did it become like this?

Her jaws dropped when she saw king laying beside her on the floor and not only that, he was so impossibly and dangerously close to her with his strong arms wrapped around her waist.

How did he reach her?
He left the bed and laid next to her.

Thinking about that got her very mad with anger, she left the bed for him to sleep comfortably as she don’t want him to wake up and yell at her or fire her but she never thought of him leaving the bed.

If she had known, she would have laid on the bed and pushed him to the floor.

Bella shaked her head and because of that little movement of hers, king’s sleep got disrupted.

Immediately he saw Bella laying next to him on the floor, He frowned and sh00t her a very long and wicked glare which scared the sh*t out of her.

“You…what are you doing in my room?, And why am I laying on the floor?”King asked and quickly unwrapped his arms around her waist.

“I didn’t do anything, you were the one that walked in here by yourself, I even tried to stop you but you weren’t listening to me”Bella said immediately.

“This isn’t your room, is the guest room”Bella said and he glared at her.

“Listen, all the rooms in this Mansion is mine, I choose to sleep wherever I want to sleep and you can’t do anything about it”king said arrogantly before standing up.

“Sir and by the ways, you were sleeping walking all through the night, I even thought you were possessed by a demon with the way you walked”Bella said, she suddenly felt like causing trouble.

“I was not sleep walking!!”King yelled clearly annoyed and displeased at the same time.

“Your really denying it right now?, Your denying it right?, You kissed me unconsciously before walking into this same room, you took my first kiss forcefully, I need something in return”Bella said smirking inwardly, king didn’t actually kiss her, she just felt like playing a little fun.

“Oh??”King muttered and Drew closer to her and before she could blink, he placed his lips on her shocking her completely, he wrapped his arms around her waist and deepened the kiss.

But what brought her back to earth was when she felt his tongue….what!!!, She quickly pushed him away.

“You don’t have to mention thank you, I know how you feel already”King said and Bella burned inwardly.

“Why did you peck me!!, Are you crazy?!, You’ve finally taken it for real!!”Bella yelled and king frowned while raising an eyebrow.

“Normally any woman that I kissed either when am drugged, drunk or sleep walking asks for another kiss and I give it to them to show how much I am sorry”King said and flipped his hair backwards before walking away.

Bella clenched her fist and gritted her teeth in anger, king Donovan!!, How dare you!, She wanted to punch him by all means but she managed to hold herself and walk out of the room angrily.

She just don’t want him to fire her, she just needed to calm down, even if it is for nothing else but for her brother.


Damien was seen laying on the bed with his legs and hands tied to the headboard, his eyes were wandering around the ceiling in deep thoughts.

Was his sister okay?
Was she worried for him?, Oh no, he doesn’t like his big sis worrying for him, he didn’t,he knew that one day he would die anytime soon.

Though he tried to die many times in the few days he was locked up by not using his inhaler anytime he had an attack but it felt like he was being watched and the next thing that happens would be the strange old man (Dante) walking in to use the inhaler on Damien.

He hated the fact that he couldn’t see his sister, he doesn’t like this darkness at all, why was the world so unfair?

Dante didn’t let him starve for even up to three hours, in fact he was fed good, nutritious and expensive rich dishes.

Immediately the door was clicked open and Dante walked in and switched on the light.

Damien cringed and trembled when he saw the string 💉 that Dante was holding, it had a greenish bluey liquid inside it which scared the creep out of poor Damien.

“Poor little boy, are you scared?, Don’t worry, it wouldn’t hurt and it wouldn’t ki*ll you too”Dante paused and smirked.

“A deal is a deal, I made a deal with your sister, take care of you and keep you alive and she would work for me, so, little boy your saved”Dante said and began to walk towards Damien while Damien tried to stand up but the chain wouldn’t let him.

This can’t be happening to him!

And then he felt it again, the difficulty in breathing, the attack….he was having it again.

He nuzzled his nose on the bed trying to catch even if it is a single breathe, he quickly struggled trying to get his inhaler which was on top of the table and very far from his reach.

Dante sighed glaring at Damien before grabbing the inhaler which was on top of the table and threw it at him, immediately, he quickly pressed it on his nose.

He quickly breathed in and out before his steady breathing’s were heard.
“Hmph, useless, Only God knows why your sister is keeping a thing as useless as you”Dante said.

“Am leaving, you know asthmatic patients are cursed,”Dante added and walked away.



  1. Looks like Donovan is failing to admit that he's got feelings for Bella, hmmmmm time will soon tell…..
    I still don't understand why Dante is so bent on bringing Donovan down,is there something we don't know?

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