(Tainting her innocence)

Written by: Authoress Princess


Episode 8

Now enjoy……..

Bella opened her eyes only to find everywhere blurry, she blinked her eyes a couple of times to adjust to the dimness of the room.

When she felt that her vision was clear enough, she looked around, the room had only one bulb on which could not be enough to light up the whole room because the room was too large and wide to be true,

The room was dim Coupled with the fact that the beautiful well designed wall was painted black, the king sized bed she was laying on was wide as well not to talk of the interior designs used to beautify this particular room.

Every each and corner of this room was well designed and furnished, but with this color black, it seems like a guy was living here but…..a frown formed on her face, here wasn’t just an ordinary guy’s room.

And as she could remember she was pushed into the pool by shasha, maybe she was saved by the guy…..she needed to tell him thank you…

With those thoughts in her mind, she stood up from the large bed but a large photo frame hung on the far end of the wall stopped her.

Like WTF…..was that king donovan?
Wait, now everything began to sink in, why everywhere and everything here was just made of either gold, silver or diamond.

It was king donovan’s room!!!
She was in king donovan’s f**king room!!!
He was the one that saved her?

Some minutes ago she wanted to thank the one who saved her but right now it looked like her legs were glued to the floor, she squeezed her hands nervously.

Should she apologize to him now?
But what if he blowed up.

Immediately the door was clicked open and king walked in.
“Good…good day sir”Bella stuttered nervously while playing with her fingers.

“And are you the one that saved me?? “Bella asked, she knew she was asking a ridiculous question right now but she wanted to hear it from his mouth.

“What if i did and what if i didn’t”King said walking towards his table which was made of diamond.

Well, what was she expecting, for almighty king donovan to do?, To accept that he was really the one that saved her from drowning?, It felt like she was asking a huge favour from him.

“Thanks”Bella beamed.
“You don’t need to thank me and by the ways, I heard about your performance, you did a great job!”King said patting her head before walking towards his wardrobe and her eyes glittered and lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Really?”Her eyes shining happily like a kid who just got her first birthday present, no, she just got her first praise from almighty king Donovan, that was something that anyone would rejoice about..



Bella struggled trying to swim towards the surface but it felt like she was too heavy because she continued to sink downwards.

She eventually gave up and sniffed in the water making her go unconscious.

King who just got back from the hospital entered the company with bodyguards at his back, he gave his phone to one of his his bodyguard and turned….

His eyes widened when he saw Bella being pushed into the pool by someone, it was a lady, a blonde one at that and he could not see her face because her back was turned to him.

Before king could run towards the scene, the criminal ran away, king stared at one of his guards giving them an eye contact or sign to follow the lady who pushed bella.

The guard ran after the blonde lady without questions while king removed his suit and dived into the water without delay.
He looked around searching for Bella then when his hands managed to touch her.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her before swimming upwards and out of the pool with her limp body on his arms.

King stared at her for a moment, he thought of performing a mouth to mouth respiration but quickly thought against it.
He doesn’t want to take advantage of her, he would rather take her to his doctor.

With the thought in his mind, he carried her to the car.

“And where do you think your going?”King asked when Bella stood up and reached her hands to the door knob.

“Home….am going home, thanks again for your help”Bella said with a smile, she was feeling uncomfortable inside his room, with the expensive designs made of gold or diamond, she felt like she would get them all dirty.

“You can’t go home now because is late, 11:00PM, Something bad might happen to you if you leave by this time”King said staring at his watch.

Wait……was he caring for her?
But talking about caring, is he trying to make her sleep with him by using this reasons narrowly.

“Don’t worry, there are lots of guestroom and if I were to f**k someone, it wouldn’t be a girl as plain as you”King said nochantly and Bella stared at him with her mouth agape.

Like did he just body shame her?
Like he was body-shaming her, her fine long slender natural leg, unlike some of his wh*res, they could only get those slender legs from a surgery but he was body shaming hers?

Damn….that really got her but she managed to calm herself and smiled a sinister smile.

“Can you show me the guest room please?”Bella asked and he sighed before walking away while she followed behind.



Bella stood up in the middle of the night, she was wearing a new brand blue pyjamas which the maids bought for her, she walked out of her room.

“My lady??”

Bella turned and an “oh” formed on her face when she saw Nisha, the maid who bought a pyjamas for her.

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping, is mid night”Bella muttered.

“Am not feeling sleepy at all, can I help you with anything miss?”Nisha asked with a kind smile which made Bella think that everyone around king is so kind except from that b*tch Shasha.

“Can you show me the kitchen, I want to take a can of water please?”Bella said and Nisha gave her a sign to follow her which Bella did.

When they reached the kitchen,again, her mouth was left agape by the wide space and beauty of the kitchen, Bella thanked Nisha before opening the fridge.

She grabbed a very cold bottle of water and turned to leave but almost jump when she saw king in front of her.

“Good morning sir”Bella greeted in shock, how did he walk in without her notice.

“Sir???”Bella called with a frown on her face, something was off about her bossy boss today.

She watched as he pushed her out of his way and grabbed a bottle of water before gulping all in one minute, he grabbed another and gulped again and also another.

“Sir, you will have stomach pain”Bella said and that was when it knocked on her head and it began to make sense, wait…..

Was king Donovan, almighty king Donovan sleep walking?
Like WTF?

She watched as he dropped the can and Walked out of the kitchen like a ghost.
Anyone will get scared because of the way he was walking, like someone who was possesed by a demon.



  1. Almighty king
    Sleep walking 😂😂😂🤣🤣
    Bella we do him some thing
    Can't wait for the next episode

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