(Tainting her innocence)


(Tainting her innocence)

Written by: Authoress Princess


Episode 7

Bella buried her face into her palms, her face were damn red, almost as red as tomatoes.

She took a breathe in and used her right hand to pat her chest calming herself and thankfully, it did work.
She quickly sat on her chair and began to surf through his schedule.

He has a meeting by 11:00AM that morning and the time was?, She looked at the wall clock and it showed 09:10AM thankfully…maybe by that time, king would be done with whatever he was doing inside.

Though she didn’t wanted to see something like this, but why did she feel that king would not let it slide, ofcourse, he is a ruthless devil.

She stood up and opened the door before walking out, she needed to take an important file from king but she didn’t know whether she should just walk in, knock or just turn back and go to her office.

The problem is that, she needed to prepare the files into the computer before 11:00AM, Xavier promised to teach her how to use a computer thankfully, if not, she didn’t know what she was going to say to king when he found out that the documents hasn’t been transferred into the computer.

Bella sighed shaking her head, she raised up her hand with the intentions of knocking on the door when suddenly the door was clicked open and the blonde lady came out.

She wasn’t sweating like how she was when bella saw that impure act, seems like she took a shower but that wasn’t Bella’s problem at the moment so who cares.

Since the blonde lady was out which means that king is done too, she should go and get the documents now… she raised up her hand to the door knob….

“Hey skimpy b**ch!, How dare you ignore me”The blonde lady yelled glaring hard at Bella making Bella frown.

What did she do to this blonde lady right now to receive this uncomplimentary words.

“Sorry miss, good morning, how may I help you?”Bella said playing with her fingers nervously, since the blonde lady was king’s girlfriend, is better not to make her angry.

“Yes I want you to help me with something and do you know who that is?”The blonde lady said and Bella nodded negatively.

“Stay away from my boyfriend!, You get it?, Stop using your fr*aking innocent face to deceive people!!…..

“But miss, I have never…..”Bella interrupted her but ended up getting interrupted too.

“Oh?, Please?, Don’t speak trash in front of me!, I just have this last statement to say to you!, If you don’t stay away from my boyfriend, you would see the other side of me”She yelled and immediately Xavier walked in.

“Shasha, your still here?”Xavier said with a frown on his face.

“So what?, I mean what did you expect?, That I would be gone before you walk in”Shasha scoffed.

“Well, that is what am about to do right now”Shasha added sarcastically and cat-walked away.

“Did she threaten or bully you”Xavier asked Bella with a kind smile and she smiled back before shaking her head side to side.

“Am okay”She said and her cheeks reddened.

If that Dante could have told her to make Xavier fall for her, it would be more easy but king was really a hard nut to crack, she doesn’t think she would be able to do that..

king, Xavier had a very cheerful nature, unlike the grumpy, rude and psychopath king Alex Donovan.

Bella walked into the office to find it empty and dark, she ignored the creepy feeling which was surging through her body and grabbed the documents which was on top of the table.

“What the f**k!, Can’t you knock?!”King’s angry voice was heard around the dark room, she quickly adverted her gaze to the floor.

“Am sorry sir,I didn’t mean it, it wasn’t on purpose…”Bella trailed off and bit her lower lip, it was only this guy, he was the only one that would make her so nervous.

She just felt like choking and then die.

But she wasn’t even seeing his face since the office was so dark and why would he turn off the light at this time of the day, did he think that he was in his room or something?

“Sir, you have a meeting with knights milling company by 11:00AM”Bella muttered

“Okay, I have a very important place to go to right now, you should take care of it”King said and Bella’s eyes widened.

“But shouldn’t you be there, I mean, your the C.E.O”Bella said, she knows how to explain the project and finalize the deal but what if she messed up.

“When a C.E.O isn’t around, his assistant or secretary goes in place of him”King said shrugging his shoulder.

“but it isn’t a business meeting, more like a business party”Bella said, well, she lied though but her lie still didn’t make him to change his mind.

“Bella, your going in place of me but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go, in fact, am leaving now and in the next 1 hour, I will come back”King said.

“Okay sir”Bella said as she used her hands to tap the wall while walking, silently searching for the switch, when she tapped the switch and the light was turned on.

She looked around and her jaws dropped, now she regretted putting on the lights, so that was the reason why she was hearing metal getting contact with another metal.

“But at least Mr Man get a little sense of dignity”Bella thought inwardly, thankfully, he was only putting on his belt, nothing else was exposed.

“Aren’t you going to leave!”King muttered irritated and she walked away before closing the door with a bang.

King Donovan was surely driving her crazy, if not for the fact, that he was so handsome, she would have ruined and smashed his face till he was unrecognizable.

“I got the documents”Bella beamed when she saw Xavier while waving the documents in front of him.

“Okay, I would teach you how to use a computer step by step okay?, So it did be more easy for you”Xavier said with his usual smile.

“Okay, let’s go”Xavier said, his ears suddenly turning red and when Bella saw that, she chuckled “okay”

As they were about to enter inside her office, king who was just coming out from his office, glared at them and walked away…seems like he was angry.

“What’s wrong with him?”Bella asked with a frown on her face.

“I am not sure”Xavier muttered and Bella took a breathe in.

“Are you scared that you might mess up, you know?, In the business party?”Xavier muttered and Bella frowned.

“Am nervous and is because of that crazy friend of yours, he is in sane, how could he tell me to do that?”Bella yelled, ofcourse, she knew that she was insulting king Donovan in front of his only friend but she knew Xavier even in the little time they spent together at work.

He wasn’t a talker, he wouldn’t tell king for sure.

“He isn’t crazy or in sane really!, He went to do something really important, his sister Arianna has heart disease, she fainted a day before yesterday and he is going to the hospital right now to meet her”Xavier explained and Bella’s eyes widened.

“Oh!”Bella muttered feeling guilty.
“Let’s began”

★★fastforward to 11:00AM★★


Bella groaned frustratedly, these people from Knight’s milling company was really getting on her nerves, really?

At the end, they said they wanted the meeting to be conducted in another place, not just any place, in their company.
It was really annoying.

Because king wasn’t around, they think they could do anything they feel like.
She managed to calm down and they had to move to their company which wasn’t that far from king’s company.

When they reached, they moved to a hall which had more than 6 seats and a long rectangular table, enough for all of them to place their hands on.

Then Bella listened attentively as they explained the deal, it wasn’t bad, it was great because king’s company will earn a lot from it.

Bella didn’t go to school atleast she was thankful to God for giving her some little amount of knowledge.

After some adjustments, she signed the deal….

“How was the meeting?”Xavier asked through the phone, well, he gave her a phone to use and communicate with him when they were done with the meeting.

“It went smoothly”Bella said.

She couldn’t help but remember something, this was a company but why was there a swimming pool? Or is there always a swimming pool in companies these days…

Bella waved the thought of her brain and ended the call, she stood in front of the swimming pool staring at it strangely, this was totally weird and new to her.

She have always heard about companies having pools but she’ve never seen one before, maybe why king doesn’t have one is because he doesn’t want workers to get lazy….

She shaked her head and turned to leave but immediately she did so, she saw Shasha and before she could process what was happening, she was pushed into the swimming pool.

Bella stretched her hands and pulled Shasha along with her into the pool but surprisingly Shasha knew how to swim, so she swam out with ease and smirked at the drowning bella.



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