MY HOT SECRETARY – Episode 29 & 30

Tainting Her Innocence 

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<Tainting her innocence 

Written by: Authoress #princess

Episode 29 and 30


The Darth vader’s family was the second most richest family in the country and because of that, Malcom, got intoxicated by the power and wealth that he started treating people like dirts, maltreating and enslaving people.

King’s parents warned him to change and he promised to do so but unknown to them, he stared doing some dirty business which involved killing, adopting the innocence e.t.c.

Malcom Darth Vader r*ped the mother of the siblings, Lisa who he r*ped every day for more than three years and that was how she birthed the 4 siblings (hazel,Erica, Rowan, Liam) until she finally died while giving birth to liam.

And because of the death of Lisa, mandy, Lisa’s only friend who was the wife of Mr Gerald (that old man who planned on making the Darth vader’s siblings to go against each other) sneaked into his house and tried to ki*ll him but he found out about her plot on time….

And shot her dead but that wasn’t enough for him, he tortured and killed her first twin daughters.

At that time, Rowan who was the first born boy was 16, Erica was 15, hazel was also 15 and Liam was half months old.

So, they weren’t aware of what was happening and even if they saw with their two innocent eyes when their father was killing like a mad man, they didn’t understand….

Until after 4 years, he was caught by the police and executed immediately, And at the day of his execution, he begged for his children to be taken care of but immediately he died, they never heard of the poor children again.

King who was 18 years old cried and did all he could to find 15 years old hazel but all their search proofed furtile.

And they eventually gave up but up till now, no one knew how they got sperated and also how they lost their memories….

King clenched his fist angrily, how dare that old b*stard, how does the Darth Vader siblings have to do with his late wife Mandy huh?

Because as he could remember clearly, their ages never exceeded 19, how could they understand what was going on at that moment?, He was beginning to think that this Mr Gerald has mental problem.

All he could do was to thank dark inside of his heart, he really helped him a lot since they were little, even till now.

“I guess I will have to leave right now but the thing we need to worry about is the fact that we haven’t gathered all the evidence, only part of it”Xavier muttered placing his fingers under his chin in deep thoughts.

“You don’t have to worry about that, I would do everything in my power to find little Liam and also find out how everything turned out to be like this!”King muttered and Xavier smiled before winking.

“That’s the spirit!”Xavier muttered and walked out of the room.

King sighed as he walked back towards the sitting room and immediately he was close enough to the fire place, he sat in front of it and stared at the fire as it made the mansion a little warmer, he watched the fire boredly, he doesn’t know how to find out the truth about what happened years ago.

But after much thinking,he found out something…., If Bella could remember what happened when she was little and regain her memory…..
Then there is a higher possibility that he would be able to get the iditot who caused all these ruckus.

But the question was, how??!
How was he going to regain her memory?!
He knew that it would be a very hard test to carry out but he needed to try…

As he was still in deep thoughts, Bella who was staring at him from behind, came in front of him and sat down next to him.

King frowned when he saw that
“Shouldn’t you be sleeping??”King asked as she rested her head on his right shoulder.

“I couldn’t sleep”Bella muttered, her eyes scanning the chimney.

“Why….??”King asked trailing off on his own sentence.
“You had a… nightmare?”King added and she nodded before muttering a “yes”.

Before king could open his mouth to ask her about the nightmare, she started explaining though.

“I had a nightmare when and where I saw myself getting shot on the head and being pushed off a high cliff, it was really…….”Bella wasn’t able to finish her words in which she was about to add “terrifying”, king grabbed her by the arm pulling her closer to him as he shook her.

“Did you look kinda small when you were pushed off the cliff and shot??”King asked staring at her.

“No, I don’t look small rather I looked 16 or 17 years old when that happened but after that, I couldn’t remember the reason why I was shot and pushed off the cliff…..

“Does that mean that Bella didn’t loose her memory when she was little but when she was 16 or 17 years old, but the other Darth Vader siblings, how did they lost their memory too?”King thought Inwardly, he had never been frustrated like this in his entire life.

“I can’t sleep alone so I would just stay with you here”Bella muttered and was about to lay next to him but king wasn’t buying that, he grabbed her by the arm and before she could ask what was the matter, he had already carried her in a bridal style.

“Hey!, I told you that I can’t sleep alone!!”Bella yelled and made to bite his pinky finger.

“Calm down you vampire, you wouldn’t sleep alone today because…..I would be sleeping with you”King muttered as a smirk formed on his face.

“No, I can sleep by myself”Bella muttered folding her hands under her chest.

“Oh?, Really?, Someone was saying some seconds ago that she couldn’t sleep alone, but since that is what you want, then is alright”king mumbled and opened the door to her room before placing her on top of her bed gently.

King muttered a goodnight at her before walking out of the room, he stood outside her room waiting for her to run out of the room and beg him to come and sleep with her.

But soon, three minutes passed, then ten, then fifteen minutes passed and having no choice left, he walked back to his room and laid on his own bed without uttering a single word, all he could do was to stare at the empty space.

Maybe, she wasn’t scared….
As he was thinking about that, the door opening and closing in a fast speed could be heard and before he could blink, Bella walked in and closed the door before walking deeper into the room.

She entered under his bedsheets and popped out her head from the sheets and immediately she did that, their position was in a way that their noses were an inch from touching.

“Now taking a close look at you, you look……..

“Handsome right??”King muttered proudly with a smirk on his face.

“Hmph!, I wanted to say that you look exactly like your mother while taking a close look at you”Bella muttered and he scoffed

“Nope, I don’t look like her at all”King muttered and suddenly a smile formed on his face.

“But can…..
“Sleep”King interrupted her as he wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her more closer then Bella have up and placed her head on his chest.

Then they drifted to dream land…



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  1. I can now boldly say dat King is in luv with Bella(Hazel) but come to think of it,were they in luv before during de Darth Vader's days???

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