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Tainting Her Innocence 

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<Tainting her innocence 

Written by: Authoress #princess

Episode 27 and 28


Inside dark’s SAFEHOUSE, dark’s body had been taken, the investigators and police with king were seen roaming around the safehouse, probably looking for clues on what Happened to dark.

Clues on how dark was killed or according to the police, why dark committed suicide.

Unknown to them, at the wall, was a kinda blurry bloody written sentences which no one thought of checking including king himself.

The investigators were trying to check the security footage from some hours back only to find out that the security footage was destroyed completely as a result of the large fire.

After 4 hours of unlimited search, they eventually gave up for that day and promised to come tomorrow to continue their search.

As everyone left, Xavier walked in to see king on the floor staring at the ceiling which was dark and looked like it was about to fall.

Xavier clenched his fists staring around the safehouse, this was their (king, dark and xavier’s) hideout since they were little.
Inside this little well cleaned small house.

Dark had already suffered a lot since he was little then why?!, Why would God had to take him now?!
Just why?!

Xavier had the same expression as king as he walked around the half shattered hideout, Xavier had cried immediately he watched what happened on the TV as news but now he could cry no more, so all he could do was to walk around the hideout.

Cherishing their memories….
Then something knocked into Xavier’s brain, wait, wasn’t there an underground house in this particular hideout.

It had been long since he last visited here, so he couldn’t remember the code to open the under ground house, but he was hundred percent sure that despite the fact that a bomb exploded in this building, it couldn’t affect the underground house.

Turning back to tell king about it, his head ended up connecting with a hard wall making him fall flat on his butt.

“Ouch…”He groaned in pain, geez, he almost forgot that there was a wall there, looking towards the wall, his eyes widened when he saw some wordings written on it.


Xavier’s eyes widened, was there some things that dark wanted them to see at the underground house?.

Immediately, he stood up and walked back to where king was.
“Alex!, Alex!, Do you know the code to the underground house?!”Xavier asked shaking kind a little.

“Hmm?”King muttered with a frown on his face.

“I think dark wanted us to see something in the underground house, can you tell me the code first!!, We will talk about how I know later!!”Xavier half-yelled and king nodded

“35479”king answered and Xavier ran towards the machine which was next to a wall which didn’t have that much of a damage while king followed behind.

After inputting the code, a cartoonish noise was heard as the underground door began to open slowly.
Soon when it was finally opened, king and Xavier went down there with the aid of a ladder and when they were finally down, it was so dark that one couldn’t even see his very own hands.

King clapped his palms together up to 6 times in a different rhyme and immediately he did that, all the bulbs began to light up the entire place.

King took his first step and immediately he did that, his foot ended up kicking a mini cube box.

“Huh?, What was that?”Xavier asked as king picked up the box while they stared at it, then staring at each other for a moment before king proceeded to open the box.

And then and there, laid a black flashdrive.
“This is…….”Xavier didn’t get to finish his statement or take a second look at it before king closed the box and began to climb out of the underground house while xavier followed behind.

“Maybe, this recorded how he died and who killed him!”King muttered and walked out of the building in a whole while xavier followed as usual…..

King had already arrived late as a result of the traffic jam that had delayed them from arriving as early as possible, it was 10:47PM and everyone was asleep including Bella…..

She laid on the parlor’s couch, she had been waiting for King’s arrival since the minute he left but mistakenly fell asleep on the couch.

King sighed and pulled her into his arms shocking poor Xavier.

“Wait a minute King Alexander donovan, I thought you said you weren’t in love with her, you even tried to ki*ll me, saying that you were so sure that you weren’t in love with her but…but, what are you doing now?”Xavier asked but king ignored him as he entered her room and dropped her on top of the bed.

He was about to leave when he heard his name rolling out from her mouth, he turned and watched as she hugged her pillow mumuring his name again “king?!”

Then a smile formed on her face.

“Hmmm….it seems like she really is dreaming a very beautiful dream and in that dream you were the one that made that dream a beautiful one”Xavier muttered with a chuckle.

“Okay, no time to waist, we need to get my laptop as fast as possible”King muttered and walked out of the room making Xavier to frown.

“Is anytime I talk about something like this that you would either ignore me or change the topic…..hmph!!”Xavier muttered stumping his foot on the floor like a childish girl before running after him.

Note :A lot of secrets would be exposed now, I have one thing to request from you guys, read these cintents slowly for better understanding~Thanks.

King watched as his laptop started loading from, 1% till the last 100% and immediately it was done.

It exposed a video, a man sat on a long golden couch with his leg crossed and his fingers were gripping tight a glass of red wine.

“Boss, we managed to change the location of Liam Darth Vader as per your instructions”Mr Dante could be seen speaking this very own words to the man who sat on the couch.

“King is really smart…just like his father, tracking you just to get that little asthmatic kiddo”The man chuckled lowly.

“Have you found the remaining two girl siblings (hazel and Erica)??”The man asked, his smile getting wiped off his lips and turning into an angry glare which was directed at Me Dante who kept his head bowed in fear.

“N… sir but am still trying to do so boss”Mr dante muttered in fear.

“Do,you can’t catch some little cheesy female buns, is that what your trying to tell me huh?”The man asked and Mr dante nodded negatively as he doesn’t want to loose his life.

“Rowan took an oath to serve us till death, now is the time for him to show us his loyalty…..”The man trailed off and whispered something into Mr Dante’s ears and Mr dante nodded before walking away.

“Hmph!, Who does the Darth Vader family think they are playing with huh?, Me??”The man asked himself and bursted into a crazy round of laughter.

“But father, if I may ask, why do you hate the darth Vader’s family so much and want to break them?”A girl said walking in, she had straight blonde hair and looked kinda young, 17 or 18 years old.

“They made us like this, malcom, the father of those [email protected] (hazel, Rowan e.t.c) killed your mother and two elder sisters and tortured me for more than 2 years, I wouldn’t let them off just like that….they all just die!”The man yelled, his eyes turning red out of anger like that of a devil.

The girl who just walked in fell silent and just watched as her father’s body shook in great anger.

“And I have a perfect plan to deal with them all, I would make the four siblings to be at war with themselves and I will start with Rowan”The man said and burst into laughter, his hands going to his eyes as he laughed like a maniac.

As king and Xavier watched this video in silence, the video suddenly backed out, maybe that was the time that dark was suddenly attacked.

The Darth vader’s family was the second most richest family in the country and because of that, Malcom, got intoxicated by the power and wealth that he started treating people like dirts, maltreating and enslaving people.

King’s parents warned him to change and he promised to do so but unknown to them, he stared doing some dirty business which involved killing, adopting the innocence e.t.c.

Malcom Darth Vader r*ped the mother of the siblings, Lisa who he r*ped every day for more than three years and that was how she birthed the 4 siblings……


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