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MY HOT SECRETARY – Episode 25 & 26

Tainting Her Innocence

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<Tainting Her Innocence

Written by: Authoress #princess

Episode 25 and 26



Dark sat on a grey couch with a cup of coffee on his hands as he operated on the computer so fast, more like a computer wizard.

He cursed immediately his computer tripped off again, damn, when he was almost at the verge of getting the evidence, damn it, who sneaked into his safehouse and played with his gadgets.

Switching it on and trying to hack into the security footage of the suspected person’s home and thankfully or fortunately for him, it was hacked successfully.

He watched closely as a lot of things happened in front of his very own eyes, great, he was going to tell king about this, he saved everything that happened into a flash drive before putting it into his trouser pocket.

After doing that, he turned to leave when suddenly and unknown to him, a man who was standing behind him raised up his foot and hit it hard on dark’s back causing him to fall down hitting his head hard on the glass table in front of him.

Blood rolled down dark’s forehead in a fast pace, No one else knew about his safehouse then how did someone managed to enter in and attack him except someone hacked the security system.

Dark turned towards the person, but as a result of the clothes, he was putting on and the black lace material used to cover his mouth and nose, he couldn’t detect who the person was.

A gun was pulled out from the intruder’s pocket and dark being alarmed, he dodged the moving bullet as fast as he could and it hit the glass wardrobe which was beside him making it to produce a little hole in the middle.

“Who are you?”Dark asked pulling out his gun and pointing at the intruder.

And just like that, a gun fight ensued between them, in just some minutes, dark’s SAFEHOUSE had turned into a mess.

“Well… let’s just say, I am your worst nightmare”He muttered as a smirk formed on his face which was covered with black silk material.

The intruder threw a glass cup at dark who was late enough to dulge it and it ended up hitting his forehead directly, blood spilled down from there as he groaned in pain, his palm moving to his forehead and in just some seconds, his palm were filled with blood which dripped to the floor.

The intruder seeing that he was a little distracted, he ran towards dark and pushed him towards the floor while dark struggled under him.

“Say your last prayer”The intruder smirked and raised up dark’s head before banging it hard on the tiled floor and at this rate, dark began to feel his vision getting blurry.

Dark laid there paralyzed and unmoving…
This was it, when he was just found out everything and was about to inform king, this had to happen.

“Y…your ma…king a bad mistake…”Dark struggled to say but as he opened his mouth to say more, a small oval shaped cold steel was placed it into his mouth and he was forced to gulp it.

Then the intruder stood up and flinged something in front of him, which was a small back button.

Dark didn’t need anyone to tell him that what he just swallowed was a bomb.

“If my fingers just tap this little button, boom!, In the next ten minutes, your body would explode and scatter into pieces”He said and laughed evilly before tapping the button immediately.

Then the countdown started by making beep sound…beep…beep…beep.

“Bye bye”He waved at dark and immediately he did that, he jumped out of the window leaving dark on the cold floor bleeding.

Dark clenched his fist feeling pain, hard pain which almost crushed his whole body but no….he wasn’t going to let king suffer like this, he can’t just die with the evidence in his hand.

With that thoughts in his mind, he grabbed the small table which was next to him and struggled, trying to stand up but fortunately, he stood up and walked towards a corner and tapped a code and immediately…..

One of the rectangular tiled floor opened, exposing an under ground house.

Dark grabbed the flash drive from his pocket and placed it carefully into a box before letting it fall into the underground house and after that, it closed automatically.

Then he grabbed a knife before stabbing his laps up to three times while yelling in pain and agony.
When blood flowed towards the floor like a fountain, he used his blood and wrote the word….

“the underground house”

After that, he slumped to the floor and watched as seconds and minutes ticked by until boom!, His stomach was burst and ripped open with force, also destroying and burning flammable things…….

King frowned as he dialed dark’s number again but it wasn’t reachable, this wasn’t the dark he knew, dark doesn’t take more than thirty seconds to answer his call.

In fact, immediately he calls or send dark a message, he would answer or reply immediately.

And the worst part was the fact that, he couldn’t remove the nagging feeling that something was definitely wrong.

King managed to ignore the nagging feeling that was burning deep inside his chest as he poured a glass of red wine for himself..
Maybe, taking the glass of red wine could calm him a little bit the reverse was the case here.

King stood up and walked out of his room, looking kinda disheveled, his hair messy and wet from sweats, his shirt first three buttons were opened and his trouser was in check.

And ofcourse those crazy maids started swooning and whispering about his handsomeness and perfect figure, if it was on a normal day, he could have just fired them immediately but he wasn’t in the mood for that…

But wait a little…
Where is that his little White rabbit?
He hasn’t seen her since she left his room in the morning.

“Where is haz….I mean, where is Bella?”King asked a maid who was just passing by.

“Miss Bella is in the sitting room watching some news sir”The maid muttered with a bow as her cheeks reddened like a riped tomato.

King nodded his head and followed the stairs towards the sitting room to see Bella staring at the television with full attention, she had a small frown on her face.

“Which news are you watching that is making you so upset??”King asked immediately he was in front of her, his eyes pinned on her but she didn’t reply, her gaze were still pinned on the television.

King having no option, turned to look at the news which were broadcasting live on Tv, but suddenly his eyes widened when he read the caption.


And then there was pictures, pictures of dark’s SAFEHOUSE came into view, that was dark safehouse, the house which both of them do play in since they were little.

Then the camera zoomed at the dark…very dark, almost skeletone body on the floor, blood everywhere!

King’s eyes widened as he felt the whole world began to crash in front of him, that was dark….it was dark!

King felt tears roll down his eyelids to his cheeks, he couldn’t remember the last time, he weeped, in fact, he wasn’t sure whether he had cried before.

Dark didn’t deserve that…
He didn’t need anyone to tell him that dark was killed because he had already found the evidence..

Why was this happening?

Then king remembered all their moments, since they became friends, he could still remember the time that he almost had an accident when he was just 9 but dark pushed him and got the hit for him.

He could still remember the answer dark gave him when he scolded dark for doing such a thing when they were in the hospital.

“Alex, I can die for you to be happy because since I found you and mother (king’s mother), you two became my happiness”Dark said it with a wide smile that day but all King could do was to glare at him and warm him not to do such thing in the future again.

Just by looking at the kind of death and the damage bestowed unto dark, if it was someone else, their eyes would have burned.

King grabbed his car key immediately and rushed towards the door, he opened the door and rushed out with a heavy heart.


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  1. Do who cud be behind dis?
    Is dis de work of Dante or an insider we have no idea of?
    Hmmmmm R.I.P Dark!!!

  2. R.I.P Dark
    I believe the person behind Dark's death the same person Dante is working for. And the person had something to do with Bella's family

  3. This episode is a tragic one ….. I am sure either mr dante or one of his workers is behind this, i just pray that everything will come back to normal. (but what if king mother is behind this,think about it …….1. King mother want king to marry shasha 2. When king saw bella she called her name in shock and then ran away 3. They kill dark when they realised that he has found the evidience 4. On the day that bella enter a club mr dante almost say every thing about bella he also said that her brother have a dieases) so how come mr dante know every thing about bella. Maybe this is what happen maybe all of the siblings lost their brain exept from bella brother (sorry i did not remember his name), maybe mr dante and king mother plan the work together so the siblings lost there brain but mr dante and king mother plans did not work on bella brother so maybe they gave bella brother a drug so from that time he always get sick. So i think king mother did not like bella but she like shasha, so she want king to marry

  4. What a gruesome death for Dark!!!
    Dante is actually my first suspect… All in the name of getting revenge for something or properties

  5. I feel like crying right now😭
    What a gruesome way to die.
    Dark rest in peace. Your killer would be caught and brought to book.

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