MY HOT SECRETARY – Episode 17 & 18

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<Tainting her innocence>

Written by: Authoress Princess

Episode 17&18


Bella stretched her limp shoulders, damn, she was tired and all she needed was rest but remembering the lady night she slept in this same guest room….

She couldn’t help but chuckle.
It was really scary and also hilarious when king was sleep walking like that.

Her eyes averted towards the wall and wandered around the large blue well designed room, what is she going to be doing in such a massive room?

Bella stood up from the bed and touched the bandage which was perfectly wrapped around her head.

When they came back to king’s mansion, he was the one who changed her bandage in this same room.


“I can walk”Bella yelled while she struggled feeling nervous and embarrassed at the same time, king was carrying her in a bridal style.

“No, you can’t, you just slipped and almost fell down”King muttered and Bella placed her hand under her chin in deep thoughts.

“When did I slip, I didn’t!!”Bella muttered trying to push him away from but he wasn’t bulging at all.

“Whatever”King muttered rolling his eyes, soon, they were inside the guest room that he gave her to be sleeping in.

“Sit here, I will go get a first aid kit”King said and walked towards the wardrobe, he opened it and brought out a white box.

“Let me do it myself, you can go”Bella said trying to grab the box from him but he raised it up above his head and because of how tall he was, she couldn’t reach it, let alone get it.

“Are you going to concur or not?”King asked with a teasing smirk on his face, he was enjoying the fact that she was struggling to reach the first aid box.

“Nope”Bella nodded her head negatively.

“I understand why your hands aren’t reaching mine, now taking a close look at you, your indeed very short…”King muttered and Bella clenched her fist burning in pure rage.

“Who are you calling short huh?”Bella said glaring at him.

“If you don’t let me, I would deduct fifty dollars from your remuneration”King said putting on an expression that says Play time is over

Bella frowned before giving up as well as sitting down on the bed while king opened the First aid kit and brought out a gauze roll.

He placed it on the table and helped Bella remove the bandage slowly but despite how terribly slow he used in removing the bandage, Bella still hissed in pain…

“Am sorry, does it hurt?”King asked immediately it was off, he drew close to her making her eyes go wide like a football.

She watched as his lips got nearer and nearer in a slow pace.
Was he going to kiss her?

Bella felt her heart beating fast, faster than a beating drum until she felt a smooth and relaxing puff of air flying into her injury and making the pain go away.

She looked up only to find out that, king was blowing out air from his mouth to help ease the pain.

“Does it still hurt?”King mumbled.
“Yes”Bella lied making him chuckle as he stretched his hands to get the gauze roll, He Folded the cloth into a triangular shape before placing it on bella’s head, with the tip pointing to the back.

He Wrapped the two ends around the back of her head, cross them back to the front, and tie the ends together.

“Done”King smiled followed by a wink.
“Thanks”Bella said and he nodded but suddenly his phone beeped showing that he got a text.

Before Bella’s eyes could Avert to the text, he had already grabbed the phone.
“Okay, I have some important things to do, I would be leaving now”King muttered and walked away.


And it has passed more than four hours but he wasn’t back yet, maybe he wasn’t joking when he said that he wanted to tend to an important matter.

Bella wore her white flip flops before walking out of her room and closing the door behind her.

She walked towards the large sitting room and sat on the soft comfortable white couch.

“Let’s watch a movie”Bella muttered and took the remote which was next to her and began to scroll down the channels displayed on the television.

“Who the f**k are you!!?”A woman’s voice thundered from behind making the remote which was held by Bella to fall on the floor, thankfully, it didn’t have much of a damage.

Bella quickly turned and her eyes caught sight of a very beautiful woman but one thing is for sure, she didn’t need anyone to tell her that this was king’s mother because of their striking resemblance.

“Hazel???….you…you…”King’s mother trailed off on her speech as she stared at Bella with wide eyes making Bella to frown in confusion.

Okay, what was going on?

“Ma’am, my name is not……”
Before Bella could tell king’s mother that she wasn’t hazel but Bella, His mother had already walked away very fast.

“Hmmmm….just a misunderstanding”Bella muttered with a sigh before picking up the remote to check if it is still functioning but fortunately for her it was and it was just a little scratch..

Xavier opened his eyes with much difficulty as he stretched his weak limbs, wait where was he?, He was laying on a cold floor, very cold floor and before he could process what was going on.

Kelly’s head popped out in front of him.
“I thought you weren’t going to wake up”Kelly’s annoying voice muttered followed by a giggle.

“Where are we?”Xavier stood up while groaning in pain as he used his hand to massage his forehead to ease the headache that came booming into his head.

“At an unknown hall”Kelly said.
“How many hours was I out?”Xavier asked making Kelly burst into laughter while Xavier stared at her confused.

“You fool, you were out for three days, who told you to drink that much, counting how many bottles you took, I think is 13, mine was 6, you wouldn’t have taken that much when you know that you can’t handle it….you know what?, Am mad at you”Kelly half-yelled making Xavier to glare at her.

“Your the one who insisted on us doing a drinking competition you idiot”Xavier yelled glaring at at her harshly.

“I know am the one at fault, I woke up just yesterday and found you [email protected] completely, girls p*nties littered around the floor, you can see for yourself, it wasn’t even an underwear, it was many!”Kelly fired back at him and Xavier kept quiet for a moment before looking at the floor.

Xavier’s eyes widened in shock, he felt his head began to spin but he managed to keep himself in check.

There were indeed up to 6 p*nties on the floor with a couple of [email protected], his shirt and trouser were wripped into shreds.

Infact, he was god damn fully nak3d.
No!!!, This can’t be happening to him.

“But how come I didn’t feel anything”Xavier said.
“You idiot, you were so f**king drink and in another world, how would you feel it!?”Kelly yelled….

“You miss your sister right little boy?”Mr Dante asked but this time little Damien kept quiet.

That was what he got from Mr Dante Everytime he comes to the place he was, the same question, he had answered and answered and answered but same question still came his way Everytime.

“You don’t want to talk?”Mr Dante asked chuckling.

“I hate you devil, your a beast, let me see my sister you Demon!!!”Little Damien yelled and Mr Dante raised up his hand to deal with him but as faith would have have it…the door burst open and one of Mr Dante’s guard ran in panicking.

“What happened?”
“Boss, we. .we… We have been surrounded, our guards were found dead and the group of people who attacked us requested for the little boy”The guy trembled while pointing at Damien, he was bleeding in many directions that he eventually fell there dead.

“What!!”Mr Dante clenched his fist.


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  1. Eiii king,hmmmmm,no comment….
    But why did King's mum freak out when she saw Bella? She even called her Hazel, is there something we need to know????

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