<Tainting her innocence>

Written by: Authoress Princess

Episode 14


There was silence, a complicated and awkward silence, king watched her as she averted her gaze to no where else but the beautifully tiled floor.

Then like a speed of light, king’s expression hardened “You don’t want to tell me huh?”

“I don’t know what your talking about!”Bella defended immediately and confidently but to her shock, king placed his hand on his forehead and broke into a hard but enchanting laughter.

But she knew one thing for sure, that laughter was of one emotion, hurt…..but why would almighty king Alexander Donovan be hurt, naah, that’s not possible.

“Ofcourse you wouldn’t know what am talking about…”King said when he stopped laughing, his hands got buried deep into his hair “Why would you know huh?”

Bella didn’t know why he was asking this but she didn’t need anyone to tell her that, king was suspecting her and she didn’t want that, if king suspected her and Mr Dante finds out.

Her brother might pay the price….

“Mr Donovan, is anything the matter?”Bella put on her best acting innocent smile, normally or naturally she have an innocent smile but in this case, she added more into it making her shine brightly like the sun.

“Let’s just leave!”King said and began to walk away, she quickly stood up to follow him but he ended up throwing his black jacket at her.

“Hold it”
Then he walked away angrily, huh?…
Bella quickly ran after him.

“I…I…I want to go home…”little Damien’s voice could be heard from inside a dark basement, his legs and hands were tied and a food which looked so damn disgusting was placed in front of him as he trembled.

His face were buried in the middle of his leg with his hands hugging his bent leg.

“Oh?, You want to go home huh?, You mean to heaven?”Mr Dante muttered and chuckled.

“If you want that, I can help you because your sister doesn’t need you anymore because if she really did, she wouldn’t have disobeyed me”Mr Dante added and sent a harsh glare at little Damien who shivered in fear uncontrollably.

“So, if you know what’s good for you, eat this food”Mr Dante said and Damien’s gaze averted to the food, just by looking at it, anyone could puke out whatever the person ate.

“I..I don’t want to eat this food”Damien said.

“Little boy, don’t you know that play time is over, the deal I and your sister had was, I would make sure you eat, sleep and live comfortably while she work for me but just a simple assignment I assigned to her previously, she disobeyed me, so I have no other option than to teach you a lesson for your dear sister’s mistake”Mr Dante said and touch his curly dark hair.

“You know what?, Your really a cute boy and I didn’t wanted to do this to you but I had no choice”Mr Dante said, for some moment, he looked sad but quickly switched back to his devil like side.

“Take this, if your crazy attack starts again, use this”Mr Dante said and threw his inhaler at him before he walked out of the door, closing it in a loud bang which startled him and made he jump a little.

It was dark…..
His heart was hammering inside his chest, sometimes he felt like giving up, he felt like banging his head on the wall and ending this miserable life but….

But anytime he remembers that his sister was out there, fighting to get him out of this horrible place, it have him hope, hope…to move on, hope that he would get out of this place very soon.

All he had to do is wait…
Wait for his elder sister.

But suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps drawing closer making his heart to accelerate and beat more than normal….no!, He needed to calm down so that he could leave.

“Don’t panick dammy, Don’t panick!”Damien muttered inside of him as he pat his chest trying to calm his racing heartbeat.

He wasn’t doing this for himself, he needed to pull through for his sister and that was what he is going to do!


Immediately bella reached the front of her door, she frowned in confusion, wait a minute, why..why was her belongings in front of the house.

Though she knew that this was going to happen but she didn’t let it bother her that much because she thought that the house owner will be a little patient till they pay her for that month but no…..he didn’t!

Bella tried to unlock the door with the key she had in her hand but to her shock and astonishment, the keyhole of the door has been changed to one which could be unlocked with another key.

Bella stood there waiting for Gideon (the house owner) and fortunately for her, it didn’t take long, he was back, walking towards her direction, but…he wasn’t alone, he was with a guy.

“Sir, I just got a job, please give me more chance….”Bella pleaded and grabbed his hand immediately he was close enough but Gideon only smirked and pulled his hand away from her grip.

“I don’t need your money again, and by the ways, someone else wants to pay a large amount of money, more than what you can get even in your next life”Gideon said and the both of them tired to walk away but Bella blocked his path again.

“If you stop me again, I would arrest you for having access into a house that you didn’t pay for, not even once”Gideon said and she quickly matched back in shock.

“Hmph!!”Gideon huffed and walked passed her.

Bella stared at the two luggages in front of her, the small green one which was written Ben 10 was Damien’s.

Just by looking at the only thing and the memories Damien left behind, she felt tears clouding her eyes slowly, her little boy.

Now she didn’t know whether Mr Dante adopting Damien was a good thing or a bad thing because if Damien was still here, he would have been under the rain or sun just like her lonesome self right now, searching for shelter.

And that wasn’t what she wanted, neither did she want Damien to get kidnapped, now she was beginning to blame her I’ll faith or maybe, she was cursed from the start.

Bella grabbed the luggages and walked away, all she has to do is to find that damned Dante and tell him to help her because that was what he supposed to do anyways, as a thank you for helping him half way.

“Where do you think your going Alexander Donovan!!!”A middle aged beautiful woman yelled walking after king who was walking towards his car angrily.

“Mum, you must have forgotten that is your husband’s name your yelling like that”King muttered arrogantly before entering the car and locking the door with a bang.

“I don’t f**king care to know Alexander, But what I know is that you would and must marry Jeannette!!”King’s mother yelled immediately she stopped walking towards him but just stood there staring at his car which has already zoomed out of the gate with clenched fists.

She stumped her foot on the floor numerous of times before walking inside the mansion in anger.

“Follow him quickly before he does something crazy”She ordered two guards who were standing there and they quickly walked towards the garage.

They entered a car and sped off after him.

King drove out of the mansion, he was very furious and all he could do was send his anger to the poor steering wheel as he clenched his fists around it so hard that his knuckles turned white.

There was nowhere he was marrying that b*ch called Jeanette, he only f*ked her once and he wasn’t going to do so again or marry her, never!.

Just thinking about, being tied to one woman forever, irritated the guts out of him, he drove faster than normal violating every traffic rules but f**k!, He doesn’t care.

But suddenly a loud bang! Was heard and that was when it occurred to him that he just hit a lady with his car.

“Sh*t!”He cursed and unlocked the car door before closing it and walking towards the front of the car where the girl was laying in an unconscious state.

She had with her two luggages and was laying flat on her belly with her hair scattered at its sides covering her face.

“Sir Alexander”One of the guard ran towards the accident and bowed at Alex who glared at the girl on the floor.

“Take her to the hospital”King muttered uninterested.
“If she dies, inform my private investigator to find out about her family and pay them a ransom”King added and watched as the guard carried the bleeding unconscious girl in a bridal style.

King’s eyes widened immediately he saw her face.
“Bella!??”King’s eyes widened in shock, he quickly turned to the guard and glared at him.

“Give her to me….now!”King yelled and the guard quickly gave her to king who carried her in a bridal style.

King’s gaze averted towards the guards arms, the same arms he used to hold Bella!.

“Immediately you enter the mansion, take a bath which would last more than three hours!, In fact, I don’t want to perceive her scent around you”King muttered before walking towards his car leaving the guards flabagasted.



  1. King slow your roll man, he only carried her, and now you want him to take a three hour bath….. Nice one authoress

  2. 😅😅😅😅😅….. King is funny,three hours bath for wetin.
    Stay alive, Bella for Damien sake

  3. King is already inlove with little bella…so jealous why should he take a bath that would last for at least 3hrs?

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