(Tainting her innocence)


(Tainting her innocence)

Written by: Authoress #princess


Episode 13

Immediately the Chris guy ran out, Bella frowned, what did this king want again huh?, Does he want her to pass out again out of hunger or something similar because she was damn hungry now.

“Sir, why did you chase him away, he was about to take me out for lunch”Bella said with a pout, she was clearly displeased.

“Put on your shoes and follow me quickly”King muttered arrogantly before walking away.

Bella clenched her fist, how much she wanted to punch him! Because he chased the cute shy guy away and now he was acting all high and mighty….hmph!

She quickly placed the flat shoes which she didn’t notice that she hadn’t put on, she wore it and ran after him…

“And by the ways, it isn’t my fault!!, With how rich you are, how could you buy such low quality T-shirts!”Kelly yelled and Xavier glared at her.

“Just because your Arianna’s best friend, doesn’t mean I would let you go just like that for what you just did!!?…”Xavier trailed off when an idea knocked into his brain.

Wait, why didn’t he think about this before?

“Since my T-SHIRT is of low quality, yours might be of high quality right!?”Xavier asked and before Kelly could blink, he tore her skimpy white shirt she was wearing with his bare hands exposing her not that small b**bs.

“You……how dare you!, You p3rvert!, Devil!”Kelly cursed him but he only rolled his eyes balls.

“Yes, I can see now, yours is really of high quality”Xavier muttered, wait, he was really mocking her?!
How dare heñ?, She couldn’t believe that she fell for this jerk!!…he was unbelievable!!

Kelly quickly used her hands to cover her chest making Xavier to chuckle.

“You don’t need to cover, is not like there is something there anyways, are you even a lady?, if not for the fact that you have a soft face and skimpy body, I did have think that your a guy but seariously, your…….”Xavier trailed off as he pointed directly at her chest.

“Is just too flat, no need to cover it up”Xavier mocked before walking away leaving Kelly so f**king embarrassed, so embarrassed that she wanted to cry or punch someone.

But again, it wasn’t his fault.
He isn’t the first guy to say that to her anyways, but his words felt like a sharp knife tearing deep into her heart. Before she ignored the guys who said that to her but here she is crying.

Yes, she was really in tears.
Kelly quickly wiped her tears with her palms and ran after him again.



Bella ate her food in silence, damn, the silence was killing, she wanted to choke up on her food, not because of the silence but because of the way he was staring at her like she was some kind of meal he wanted to swallow whole.

That made crazy shivers run down her spine and then she choked on her food and started coughing hard, she coughed and coughed.

“Here, have some water”King muttered as he gave her a glass of water, she gulped it slowly, then when she was done, she placed the glass of water on top of the table.

“Xavier Silverado, you never learn, do you!?”King said, his voice terribly icy and cold as his hands got wrapped around a knife which was on top of the table.

They were in a VIP room and Xavier was behind a couch, spying at them with Kelly who was Arianna’s best friend.

Xavier quickly stood up knowing fully well that with that tune king just used on him right now, he was a goner!
And as he thought it, immediately Xavier stood up, a knife was thrown towards his direction and nailed half of both his hair and Kelly’s hair deep into the wall.

“Wow, what a romantic accident”Bella thought inwardly with a smile, if it was before, she could have gasped in fear praying silently for the knife not to chop him off or something but now she understood…..

King was only trying to install fear into Xavier, he was missing his Target on purpose, because king wasn’t someone who misses his Target.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh”Kelly’s scream echoed around the room, she was still screaming with all her might until another knife was thrown towards her direction pinning the hem of her gown to the wall, an inch away from her leg.

She quickly kept quiet, scared that king Donovan would throw another knife towards her again.

“King!!, Did I offend the heavens, what sin did I commit that I have to receive this kind of Friend!”Xavier half-yelled as they both shivered in fear.

“Xavier, I have warned you that you should stop following me secretly, I can see that you don’t have work to do!?”King muttered darkly as he placed his slender fingers under his chin.

“You two are working overtime for the whole week…..any objections?”King muttered raising an eyebrow.

The air had suddenly turned right and stuffy, in fact, Kelly was sweating profusely, damn, this guy’s aura was very dangerous and menacing.

“No objections, how can there be!?, If I don’t work overtime I would rather sell my kidneys”Kelly said, what the hell, she doesn’t care, even if it is for her to say such a thing so that she could get out of there then it wasn’t a problem.

King quickly averted his gaze towards Xavier making him flinch a little.

“If I don’t work overtime, I would rather eat my intestines”Xavier muttered, ewww….so much from a best friend!!

Xavier brought his trembling hand towards the knife and pulled it out till it finally released their hairs while Kelly removed the second knife from the hem of her gown.

“Bye”Kelly muttered and she was out, faster than a speed of light.
Xavier waved at them and he was out of the door too, closing the door with a bang!

Bella placed her palms to cover her lips before producing a soft but enchanting laughter.

“Those two”
Her laughs were produced as muffles.

But suddenly she turned to look at the icy cold mountain beside her to see him staring at her, oops, did he see her laughing?
Ofcourse he did and that was the first time she laughed so freely in front of him, for Bella it was damn creepy.

“Am full”Bella muttered and used the tissue to wipe her lips.
“Give me a minute”King muttered and walked out of the door to God knows where.

Bella sighed as she waited patiently for him but her peaceful moment was cut short when the door opened and Mr Dante walked in with a small box in his hands.

Just by seeing him, arose great fear from the pit of her stomach, wait….what was going on?, How did he enter the VIP room king arranged for them.

“Hello little Bella”Mr Dante smirked as he sat on the seat king was sitting just some minutes ago.

“H…h…hel….lo”Bella stuttered as she began to tremble in both fear and shock, she watched as he dropped the small box on top of the table in front of her.

Bella didn’t know why but she felt that, the item that was inside that little box wouldn’t be anything good.
Not at all and she trusted her instincts more than anyone or anything else.

“Why don’t you check what is in there?”Mr Dante said in a kinda tainting tune enjoying the fear he saw in her eyes, yes, that was what he liked…..when people feared him.

Bella opened the box with shaky hands to see a small envelope, a string, the syringe had a very black thick liquid substance inside.
She creased her eyebrows in confusion but still summoned courage and opened the envelope, she brought out the first picture and immediately she saw this picture, she gasped in shock.

It was a picture of her brother laying on the cold floor, his lips were slightly green and his forehead was creased, more like he was in pain.

“Dante, you animal!, What did you do to him!?, What did you do to Damien!?, Please Dante, he is still a little kid”Bella yelled as she let her weak and shaky knees get connected to the floor, tears rolled down her eyes to her cheek like a fountain.

“He isn’t dead though, he is half-dead, I only injected this syringe to him, it only makes people to go into a deep coma but might graduate to death itself in a week to come, if you want your brother alive, fasten the plan”Dante said grabbing her chin harshly, how dare this b**ch.

She couldn’t even do a simple assignment!
He instructed her to s3duce him but she instead acted and increased his suspicions .

“Is up to you, to save you little brother”Dante muttered throwing the picture of Damien’s unconscious state at her before walking away with the other items.

Bella sniffed in her tears, immediately she heard the sound of stumping foots drawing closer, she wiped her tears and sat on the seat opposite to king’s own.

King walked in immediately, seems like he was on the phone.

“Search for him and get him out of there as soon as possible…”

“You don’t have to worry about the remuneration, it would be quite generous…….

King ended the call and deeped his phone inside his pocket before walking towards Bella, he placed his hands on top of the chair head before leaning towards her.

“Why are you crying?”



  1. This is really getting out of hands and something needs to be done ASAP….
    Bella for de last time,pls muster courage n open up to king,trust me,he will be of great help!!!

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