(Tainting her innocence)


(Tainting her innocence)

Written by: Authoress Princess


Episode 12

Now enjoy……..

After Bella changed her clothes, she grabbed the black high heels she wore before putting on the flat ones which she normally carries to work.

“I will be taking my leave sir”Bella muttered and walked out of the door before closing it with a loud bang, immediately she was out of the room, she squatted on the floor and rest her head on the door.

A frustrated and tired sigh escaped her lips as she hugged her knees, what has she done?, What was she f**king thinking!

And now she was so damn embarrassed but what she could thank her stars was the fact that he didn’t fire her even though he wanted to.

“Hey, what are you sitting on the floor for?”Xavier’s cheerful voice was heard around the hallway.

“Nothing, nothing…. nothing at all”Bella muttered using her palms to dust her skirt immediately she stood up.

Xavier wanted to ask her again but seeing that she would never speak why she looked so distant a while ago, he decided to keep quiet for the mean time.

“Okay”Xavier muttered.

“Xavier, where the f**k are you, why were you walking so fast!!?”A lady’s voice was heard, through her tune, one could tell that she was very angry and annoyed at the same time but that wasn’t the case.

She felt like she have heard this kind of tune before, not a lady like voice but Bella didn’t wanted to sound ridiculous but…

this lady’s voice sounded like king’s voice except from the fact that king’s voice is kinda manly and s3xy.

Bella blinked back to reality immediately she saw a very beautiful lady, she had white hair which flowed down her shoulders, her lips as red as blood, her beautiful black eyes shimmering angrily, she was obviously glaring at Xavier who had his arms up in a I SURRENDER manner.

As Bella stared at the hot lady in front of her, she found herself getting jealous, she had everything a man would want unlike her, plain and clumsy.

Bella thought that she wouldn’t be surprised if king fell in love with her or sleep with her because pairing them up, they really fit each other as a couple and just by thinking about it, Bella felt her heart getting squeezed by an invisible hand.

It was gripping it so tightly that she almost couldn’t breathe.

“Bella!!?, Earth to Bella!!!?”Xavier yelled snapping his fingers in front of her face, startling and bringing her back to earth.

“H…huh??, Yes?, What??!”Bella said immediately and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“So I’ve been talking to myself all these while, I have been trying to introduce you to someone very very special that you will really like and want to meet….”Xavier trailed off and cleared his throat.

“Meet Arianna Donovan, your boss younger sister, Arianna, meet Bella Diana Tyson, Alexander’s secretary….”Xavier said with a kind smile.

“Hi, nice to meet you, I have heard a lot about you”Bella smiled, what just happened Inside her?, Immediately she heard that Arianna was king’s younger sister, she breathed a sigh of relief inwardly…like WTF!!

Bella smiled at her but Arianna only hissed at her before walking away…..waoh Bella Diana Tyson, your really good at drawing enemies like a magnet.

First it was Mr Dante,
Then it was king but now a little gentle,
Then Shasha and now king’s sister Arianna.

Bella didn’t care about the others who hated her but seeing Arianna hating her at their first meeting wasn’t a good sign at all, she watched as Xavier chased after her and when he managed to catch up with her, he whispered some wordings into her ears.

Making Bella so curious, what did Xavier tell her?, As she was still pondering about it, Arianna turned to look at her then a smile appeared on her face making Bella to crease her eyebrows in confusion.

Wait, didn’t she hate her at first sight then why is she suddenly smiling at her?, That made her to get more curious about what Xavier whispered to Arianna.

“Hi, am Arianna, sorry for being rude some seconds ago, I didn’t mean to do that, I thought you were some wh*re my brother brought to sleep around with again “Arianna rushed her words but when she found out that Bella was staring at her surprisingly, she smiled nervously.

“Sure, I understand”Bella said returning her smile but suddenly a running feminine figure bumped into her and she ended up collapsing to the floor with the girl beside her.

“Ohhhh”Bella groaned in pain as she used her finger tips to massage her forehead, damn, she was beginning to have a headache.

“Oh my God, am so sorry, so sorry, I guess I wasn’t watching, I was just… looking for Xavier!!?”The girl with pink hair which was obviously a dye because the effects were wearing off already, her big brown eyes and fair skin.

She was beautiful but this time, Bella could raise up her head in pride and say that she was 100% more beautiful than her.

“Is okay, I think he is in the finance department”Bella muttered and she smiled.

“Thanks, uhmmm…my name is Kelly and you can call me Elly or Kell, hope we could be friends?”Kelly said with flushed face and bright smile which probably reached her eyes.

“My name is Bella, just like you, you can call me Ella or bell”Bella muttered and pointed at the door Xavier took to the finance department.

“You need to catch up with him right?, See you next time”Bella said and she nodded before waving at Bella and running off like a kid after her candy making Bella chuckle.

Bella smiled, it seems like Kelly really liked Xavier with the way she flushed anytime she called his name, she doesn’t know why but she felt like they would be the most craziest couple….hahaha.
Look at Bella already pairing them together.

“Hey”Bella felt a palm tapping her from behind startling her a little.
“Yes, how may I help you?”Bella asked with a smile, it was a cute guy with round glasses who tapped her, he had his face down as he played with his fingers nervously.

“Awwn so cute!!!”Bella screamed inside her mind.

“My… name is Chris and I was wondering if…if you can go have lunch with me, actually there is still some time for our leisure to be over, is okay if your busy…”Chris trailed off when he found out that he was talking too much.

“I will love to have lunch with you……
“But she has work to do with me”King’s stern voice thundered from behind making all the hair on poor Chris body to stand out of fear.

After saying that, king grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to his body before raising his eyebrows at chris, his dark aura emerging.

“Any objections?!”King asked and Chris nodded negatively before running off like he had never ran before, like as if his pants were suddenly on fire.


“Hey!!, Hey Xavier!!, Hottie wait up!”Kelly’s voice echoed around the empty hallway, she could tell that everyone was busy so no one could be found around the hallway for fear of loosing their jobs.

Immediately Kelly was close enough to him, she grabbed the hand of his shirt but something tragic had to happen because immediately she grabbed onto the shirt, Xavier took a step forward and rip!

Came the sound of a shirt tearing.
They both widened their eyes as they stared at his shirt, Xavier felt himself getting angry but quickly took a breathe in and out calming himself.

“Lady, Do you know that I can and would sue you for Molestation?”Xavier said with a frown on his face.

“What!!!,not Molestation!, I never did that, it was an accident!”Kelly yelled



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