(Tainting her innocence )

Written by: Authoress Princess


Episode 10


Bella stretched her arms, finally it was morning, she brushed her teeth and took her bath in the guest bathroom, the maids got her a new yellow sunny long gown which fitted her perfectly.

It wasn’t about the fitting, what made her smile was the fact that for the first time in her entire 24 years of living, she wore something so classy.

But suddenly her mind snapped back to the horrifying and terrifying dream she had last night, because of the nightmare, she vowed that if she managed to bump into Mr Dante today, she must ask of her brother.

Even if it was just a video of her brother looking healthy and strong then that is enough for her, enough to move Forward in making King like her.

And situation she was in right now was a tough situation, she going to do this! But the problem was how?.

She said as she ate her food in the dining table, she hadn’t seen King since morning and she was beginning to panic that he had gone to work without her and was going to fire her but thankfully the maids told her that he left for his daily morning exercise and would be back soon.

when she was still in deep thoughts the telephone which was on top of the table of the table in sitting room begin to ring.

“Nai…..”she trailed off as she pondered whether to answer the call or leave it but after much thoughts about it she answered the call.

“Hello little Bella”
Immediately Bella Heard this, shivers ran down her spine, shivers of fear!, It was Mr Dante!
If it who was the former Bella she did have smiled and said speaking of the devil but now it wasn’t the time for that!!, she wasn’t that former Bella, No she could never be when her brother wasn’t with her she could never be happy without her little brother.

“Why aren’t you answering me?, Are you scared huh darling?, Are you?”Mr Dante mocked with his high hoarsed voice.

Old cago!

“Don’t you think we need to have a little chit chat today huh?”Mr Dante’s loud and irritating voice to the ears boomed from the speakers again.

“Yes, we need to, I don’t know the state my little brother is on right now and I……

“And that’s why I said that we need to have a little chit chat, don’t make me repeat myself again, I need you to come to the same restaurant we met the second time, at exactly 09:00AM, don’t miss even a minute or second”Mr Dante said and Bella’s eyes as adverted to the golden wall clock hung on the wall.

It was already 08:43AM, he was surely doing this on purpose, he was looking for a way to take advantage of the situation but….. she wouldn’t let that, never!!!

She stopped eating immediately and wore her shirt for the sonata did door without the stopping to listen to why the maids were calling her.

When she managed to arrive at the restaurant, she was so damn f****ng late, 09:03AM.

It wasn’t her fault actually, she had to reach the restaurant on foot, it wasn’t that easy and was the longest journey and battle of her entire life.

She huffed and puffed tiredly while holding into her knee, she felt like she was about to faint as a result of the pain in her chest at that moment.

“Your four minutes late”Mr Dante muttered walking in with two bodyguards trailing and following behind him.

If it was possible for her to wipe away a word from someone’s mouth, she could have wiped away that thing he just said now and break his dirty teeths into pieces.

“Mr Dante, how is my brother, I need to see him”Bella said rushing over or towards him but she dared not touch him.

“He is fine, very very fine, at least he is much fatter than how skinny he was when I took him but I wouldn’t assure you that he will remain like that because he might actually……”Mr Dante paused before drawing out a chair and sitting on it then he dropped his legs on top of the table, crossing his legs on top of each other.

But no one talked to him because ofcourse, he was a member of the donovan’s family, the most feared family in America.
So, they dared not do anything about it or else they don’t value their life anymore.

“Because he might actually, no, I might actually make his mouth unusable, that is he would never be able to use any part of his body again and that…….

“Please, don’t do this, I am doing as you said, just give me more time, I am trying my very best, please spare Damien, spare him!”Bella said as tears began to flow down her eyes like a fountain but what could she do other than crying, the more she thought about it, the more it painted her.

“No, the problem is that….you aren’t doing anything, I have my eyes everywhere little Bella, don’t think that you could fool me with the word “your doing your very best”Mr Dante muttered glaring harshly at her as he lit up his cigarette.

“But…but but I don’t know what to do to make him fall for me, king is so cold hearted and stone hearted at the same time, maybe am not just the one that is up to his taste, he said it the other time, I am unattractive!!!!”Bella half-yelled, she was going crazy and she felt like she would explode anytime soon.

King wasn’t someone they could get easily, she knew that if someone like king told her that she was ugly then she really is.

“Little Bella, how old are you?”Mr Dante asked with a sudden smirk on his face which scared the living day out of her.

“I…I…I am 24 years old”Bella stuttered, inside of her, a world war 3 was about to start!

Why was he asking for her age?

“Have you ever heard of s3duction?”Mr Dante asked with a smirk but his face fell when she nodded negatively, she must be kidding him!, Was she in the 19th or 18 century.
She was 24 and don’t know what is s3duction!

Though he wasn’t happy at this but really, that was the kind of girl he’ve been searching for to tame that wild beast called king, he knew that king would like girls who are innocent and blah…blah….blah….

“You know what?, See what you will do….


“Xavier, where the f**k has that secretary of mine been since morning, first, she left my mansion without informing me then now, she is very late”King’s angry voice boomed from his office and that was when she checked her time.

Who did she offend this morning?

She quickly walked into the office and immediately she was in, she bowed her head in fear “Sir, I can explain, I left to……

“You don’t need to tell me where you went to?, Just move your a$$ to your office”King said making her frown, wouldn’t he shout at her today or make a fuss or atleast, threaten to fire her.

He suddenly became unusually calm after seeing her, someone that was shouting some seconds ago.

“What??!”He yelled grumpily.

Bella hissed inwardly, here, she was thinking that he had changed a little but he was still the Mr baddy shoes grumpy pants.

Bella quickly walked back to her office, since she came back from the restaurant, her heart has been beating faster than normal.

“48 minutes more..oh no!, I can’t…..I just can’t!”Bella said eyeing the white nylon she was holding, she opened it and brought out a net black short gown. In fact, it exposed everything and she didn’t like it one bit but what could she do?

She and her little brother was a victim here……dragged into this!
She had no choice.

Bella turned towards the wall to see king Donovan through the transparent wall, he had a deep frown on his face as he operated his laptop. Xavier once told her that king was a workaholic but also a s3x fr3ak, hmmm….he seems like one.

King Donovan was a very hot well built guy but kinda rude and grumpy, such a pity that, she would have to make this hot guy fall for her.

It wouldn’t be bad buy what pained her was the fact that she would break his heart and leave him heart broken!!

Mr Dante was really smart, he knew that king had never fallen in love and if he ever did, he would never let the girl leave him, as a first time lover, it would really shatter king into pieces if dante’s plan worked.

The more she looked at his gorgeous face, the more she felt bad, she didn’t wanted to do this, she wanted to run to him and tell him everything but Dante is watching her, he might ki*ll her brother anytime he wants.

She quickly snapped out of her daze and looked away, she needed to calm down and master her stupid act of s3duction taught by a woman that Dante sent to teach Bella.



  1. I don't know if it will be a gud idea for Bella to open up to Donovan about Dante's intentions, may be dat cud save her from all those stress and blackmail…

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