Married to the Overlord

Married to the Overlord – Episode 56

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Written by Muhammed Mulikat Munay




Gabrielle felt like she had been hit by a good truck for her body felt sour.

She wanted to sleep more but then remembered she wasn’t supposed to be sleeping.

“Xavier.” She instinctively whispered and opened her eyes immediately.

“I’m right here love.” She heard that familiar voice she longed for but didn’t bother to look for she felt she was imagining things.

“Great! Now I’m hearing things.” She thought out loud and Xavier chuckled softly.

“You’re not hearing things okay? I’m right here.” And that was when she decided to follow the voice only to find that man she missed badly seating beside her. His face was still covered with bruises but he looked so handsome.

She stood immediately and placed her hand on his face to be sure she wasn’t just her imagination.

“Am I dreaming?” She whispered and Xavier shook his head and placed his palm on hers.

“You’re not.” He smiled at her and Gabby threw herself at him and bawled her eyes out. Xavier could only stroke her hair quietly letting her vent.

He missed her so much.

She pulled away and glared at him.

“How dare you try to make me worry?” She punched him on the shoulder and he groan in Pain, Gabrielle regretted hitting him and looked at him with a guilty expression.

“I’m sorry did I hit you hard?”

“No and I really deserved it for making you worried sick.. I’m sorry.” He hand never left her face and his heart ached at how thin she had become.

“I missed you so much.” He brought his face closer and captured her lips in a slow sensitive and passionate kiss..

Gabby responded immediately as they both poured out her hearts.

She really wished she wasn’t just imagining things, that he was here with her.

She pulled away and touched his face again.

“What if all this is just a dream?” She mumbled as she trailed her thumb his face and Xavier closed his eyes enjoying everything his wife was doing.

“It’s not okay I’m right here now.” He pinched her cheeks earning a glare from her.

“What did you do that for?”

“To remind you that this isn’t a dream.”

“I’m pregnant.” She whispered while stroking his cheek gently but stopped when Xavier suddenly became quiet.


Is he angry?

“I-” her words were interrupted when he pulled her into a tight hug ignoring his wounds.

They stayed that way and Gabrielle could swear she heard sniffles.

Wait was he crying?

“Babe are you okay?” She patted his back gently and Xavier nodded and pulled away.

“I’m just happy.” His hand shook as he placed it on her tummy..

His vision was clouded with tears but didn’t want her to worry so held them back.

He couldn’t believe he was gonna be a father soon.. there’s gonna be a third generation.

“It’s still small so you can’t feel anything yet.” Gabby informed him when she noticed his hand had been on her tummy for long.

“Hm.” He cleared his throat and took his hand away.

He pressed the emergency button to summon the doctor.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“You look so thin, you need to be examined.” As expected of him. His words were never filtered.

“I’m fine okay? You don’t really have call the doctor.” Declined. She knew Xavier was gonna find out she haven’t been sleeping alot and also skipping meals.

She he has himself to blame for that too.

“You’ve been skipping your meals my love, I tell immediately. I promise to take good care of health remember?” He frown and Gabrielle knew he was angry.

“Hey don’t blame it on me okay? You’re the one who didn’t call me or wanted me to find out your accident worrying me in the process.” She defended herself and Xavier could only shake his head.

“I did that because I didn’t want you to worry too much about me .. I didn’t want you to see me covered in blood.” He entwined their fingers and planted a kiss on it.

“You deserve to be beaten.” She glared playfully and that was the sight the doctor and a nurse walked in on.


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