Married to the Overlord

Married to the Overlord – Episode 55

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Written by Muhammed Mulikat Munay



“That’s what I thought too.. ” he heaved a sigh.


Gabby walked back into the ward again and stood beside her husband quietly.

She took his hand and placed it on her tummy with a sad smile on her face.

“Do you feel it? You’re gonna be a father soon, so you have to get outta this stupid bed and take good care of me else I’m gonna get rid of this baby.” She didn’t mean to but she really needed him to wake up.

“That’s right my love I’m pregnant with our baby and I really can’t do this alone. So please come take us shopping okay?” She chuckled softly and placed his hand on her tummy for awhile before letting go and stepping out but unbeknownst to her Xavier’s fingers moved.


“You don’t have to worry about it I’ve got my men working hard on it and we’ll find the one who dared scheme against Lord Xavier.” He assured her but Gabrielle wasn’t listening anymore for she was feeling dizzy and numb at the moment.

Her feet have been on the cold floor for long that she couldn’t feel it any longer.

She tried to keep her eyes open but her vision slowly became blurred.

When George noticed she wasn’t listening he immediately felt something was wrong, and that was when he saw her feet but it was too late.

She passed out immediately.

“Ma’am!” He shook her but got no response and her body was awfully cold.

He carried her immediately to ward right next to the boss and immediately called the doctor and came rushing to her.



Xavier’s eyes fluttered open as he tried to breath but couldn’t it took him long enough to steady his breath and tried to get off the bed but couldn’t.

“Oh my goodness! You’re awake!” Dr Frank rushed towards the man struggling to get outta the bed even though he was barely injured.

“Where’s my wife?” Was the first thing he said his voice was hoarse and deeper than usual.

“You can’t get outta bed yet.. your wife is fine.” Dr Frank tried to assure him but he seem to forget who Lord Xavier was.

” Where’s she?” He hurrily took off the av off his hand even though he was in pain he needed to see his wife.

How could he not remember everything she’d said while he was laying in there.

He finally took off all the wires off his body he tried to walk ignoring the annoying doctor beside him and almost fell.

He held onto the bed to support himself but still couldn’t walk. The pain was too much but he was willing for his wife.

“You have been Comatose for two weeks your legs would feel weak for sometime, so please can you relax let me help you? I promise to take you to your wife once I’ve confirmed that you’re fine.” Dr Frank tried to persuade him and in the end Xavier gave up for he couldn’t walk.

Dr Frank got back Into bed with the help of a nurse and he began examining him for any more problems fortunately there was none aside from his broken arm he was okay.

All Xavier could think of was Gabrielle and didn’t care much about his health.

“You’re awake boss!” George almost became emotional when he saw the boss seating at the edge of the bed.

“Hm… Where’s she?” He asked again..

George couldn’t hide the fact that she passed out and immediately told the boss she passed out.

“Get me a wheelchair and take me to her.” He deep voice was far more scarier than his usual voice.

George Took Dr Frank along and got a wheelchair for the boss before taking him to the room next to his where his wife was laying down unconscious.

He eyes never left the sleeping beauty and his heart couldn’t help but ache from seeing how thin she’d become.

“Leave us.” He spoke and everyone left them to their selves.

He stood up this time slowly and sat down on the bedside and stroke her hair gently with a smile plastered on his face.

“Don’t worry love I’m gonna take you shopping myself.”



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  1. This so emotional I almost cry,am so happy for them now they can be truly happy , hope so though.pls notify me when you post.

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