Married to the Overlord

Married to the Overlord – Episode 54

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Written by Muhammed Mulikat Munay




“Where’s he?” Gabby ran into the hospital barefoot.

When secretary George called her she didn’t wait to hear the details and ran downstairs without informing her mom and drove herself down the hospital.

“Where’s my husband!” Gabby screamed pass the receptionist and ran into the elevator to the top floor.

The elevator opened up on the VVIP floor and she found Secretary George pacing back and forth with a distressed look on his face.

“Where is he? Where’s my husband!!” She ran towards George and grabbed him by his collar.

“Calm down please.” George tried so hard to obey his boss’s request of not informing the madam of his accident but he just couldn’t knowing the young miss would be worried sick.

“You’re telling me to calm down? How can I relax when my husband is in danger!!” Hot tears rolled down her cheeks as She hit George on the chest repeatedly.

He let her do that if that’s gonna make her feel better.

“He’s in there.” George pointed at the ward behind her and she let go of him and ran into the ward without waiting to hear more.

Inside the ward was Xavier with a thick bandage around his head and his left arm seem to be broken as he layed there peacefully.

Gabrielle almost broke down in tears at the sight of her husband.

His face looked lifeless and was covered with bruises and his lips were pale with a tiny cut on it.

She slowly dragged her cold feet to his side and took his hand in her shaky ones.

“How dare you try to hide this from me huh? Do you wanna worry me to death?” Gabrielle smiled amidst tears.

The only sound she could hear was the beeping sound of the machine in his ward.

Gabrielle knew Xavier to be the strongest person she has ever met and seeing him sleeping like this broke her heart into tiny pieces.

“I know you’re strong my love I don’t believe anything they’re saying I know you’re gonna come back to me.. baby I don’t think I can hold on without you.” Gabrielle brought his hand to her lips and planted a kiss on his while her tears kept flowing, staining his palm in the process.

Her hands were shaking and she couldn’t pull herself together no matter how much she wanted to.

“Can you please open your eyes and tease me like you use to.. I miss you so much.” Gabrielle’s shoulder shook as she stroke his face with her thumb.

Just when she thought she was gonna be happy with him and this happened.

Secretary George stayed beside the door while listening to the young miss cry.

His heart broke as he listened to her talk to the boss.

They had finished the business on the other side and the master was eager to come back to his wife so they left the moment he finished everything.

They had just left the airport when a trailer collided with their car.

He was lucky to have sustained a few injury and a broken shoulder but the master wasn’t lucky enough.

Once they arrived at the hospital he opened his eyes and told Secretary George not to inform his wife about this and not long after telling him this he slipped into coma with no hopes of waking up soon.


It’s been a week since the accident and he couldn’t keep quiet anymore knowing fully well the young miss was gonna be worried sick so he made up his mind to disobey his boss and inform the young miss.

The door to the ward opened and Gabby stepped out with dropped shoulders.

“Tell me everything.” Her voice was void of any emotion making him shiver slightly.

He had no choice to but explain everything to her details by details.

“Did you have the truck driver investigated?” Gabby was sure it wasn’t a coincidence for the timing of the accident was too perfect.

“Yes I did and it confirmed that it was drunk driving. I also suppressed all the news about the incident so no one knows about it.”


“I don’t believe it’s drunk driving.”



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  1. God pls don't let her turn cold hearted like her husband. Don't let her mum's fear become reality buh if she needs to become cold hearted to win her dad then so shall it be

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