In Love With Two Brothers

In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 33

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Chapter  33

<Hybrid Musicals>
*Practice 1*
Mia’s POV

“Wow, take a look at this, he look so cute in this tuxedo” A young girl muttered, showing her phone to another contestant, perhaps her friend. She nodded
“Aiden is such a cool guy, but I prefer Axel” She blurted

“Oh…nope, well Axel is cool, but he just too cold; Aiden is the best, sometimes when iu watch his movie, kissing a girl, I do put myself in her position. I felt like I am the one being kissed, oh, his lips are just so cute” She blushed

“I should have joined the movie industry just to see him every day, but the truth is, I’m not goo in acting, only music makes my world go round. Te day I had about him being one of the judges of these contest, I decided to try my luck and apply.

I’m not here for the fame or money I will get, I’m damn rich already, but I only wanna see the face of my crush whenever I’m on stage, and trust me, I will try my best to get his attention before the contest will end” She boated while her friend chuckled

“Your luck” She muttered as they continued their conversation. I tried not to hear more of it, it’s not new that some other girls are here for other reasons aside winning the contest, but what made me mad is how she spoke about my Aiden.

She is such a slut and b**ch for trying to get him, when I am here, huh, I scoff
We are actually in a separate hall; where we are gonna have our first practice. The audition is in three days time, and no doubt, most of us are already prepared.

The songs we are to sing have been sent to us, so as for us to know the lyrics and right now, we are gonna practice with musical instruments, to perfect our hearing skills and how to follow the beat steadily. The song given to me is pretty easy; or let’s says, it’s for a start.

Even without instruments, I will be able to sing it perfectly. I yawn for the last time before one of the boards of directors came in, with perhaps the instrumentalist. They assemble in their right position, as the middle age-man address us.

“Good day everyone” he greeted
“Good day sir” We all replied in unison
“Erm… we are really sorry for keeping you waiting, we were having a brief meeting, so don’t be annoyed. The practice is starting soon, as you will be called one after the other to perform the song given to you, is that clear? He asked

“yes sir” We answered
“Okay…contestant 1, you are up”
The little b**ch talking about Aiden the other time stood up, going to grab the Mic. I rolled my eyes and hissed within, why do I hate her? Not like she hurt me in any way, I thought
“Perhaps because she likes your crush and is bent on getting him” My Subconscious said, as I rolled my eyes the more
“Just f**k off”

<Red Fox Clan>
Brittany POV
It’s been a week now since I got punished by Macho, he didn’t even sent for me for the whole week, but I overheard the clan doctor telling his workers to give me the best treatment and make sure that I am well in no time; order for Macho. Perhaps he still cares about me, or maybe his guilty conscience is pushing him to do it. Well that’s if he has a conscience.

Right now, I’m heading towards the ammunition store; my main reason is to see Scorpion. I got there in no time and met him having a good time with a revolver in his hand. He was learning to perfect his target, which I think is already perfect. He shot the image on the head, which I find interesting. When it comes to handling guns, Scorpion is the best. He taught me well, and I still feel like learning more from him. He noticed my presence and faced me.

A light smile appeared on my face as I made a low greeting, he nodded.
“That was awesome, you are getting better each day” I commented, he shrug
“A man got to practice in order to be perfect, or what do you think” He muttered fixing more bullets into the cartridge

“So why are you here, you should be taking your rest, you are not well recovered”
“I think I’m fine, just some few scratches to clear off” I muttered. Hr nodded, not saying more. I was expecting him to ask me about why I ignored the boss call and endanger myself by undergoing such punishment, but he didn’t.
“Thanks for the other day” I mumbled. He faced me, squinting.

“You should be grateful to God instead. Look here girl, I like you a lot being one of my best trainees then, but I won’t support you in the wrong things you do. I don’t know how your phone got lost, but o want you to be very careful while dealing with the boss. You know what you mean to him; don’t hurt others due to your carelessness, okay?” He advised
“Yes sir” I muttered, still looking at him. He smiled and headed out. I sighed, rubbing my temple.

I think scorpion knows about my relationship with Brad, or perhaps just assuming it. What he said just now is related to it. I need to tell Brad, we have to away from each other for now. I don’t Macho or any other person to know about us. Geez, this is frustrating.
*AAB Entertainment*
<Movie Company>
Zach POV

Each day, I think about Nina I feel my whole world going apart just because I am not with her. I love her do much, and I think I can’t bare it any longer, I need to tell her about my feelings before it’s too late, I thought within.
She will be arriving soon, and will be attended by the costume and makeup artist before the movie shoot will commence. I will need to drag her out of their mist or find an appropriate time to tell her about it.

Few minutes later, she walked in graciously in her expensive styles. She was putting on a bum short with yellow crop top; a pair of designer shoes and a sunglass making her look like the summer queen. She flashed a smile to the other cast and crew, nodding to their greetings as she approach me, but I was lost drooling at her no knowing when she came closer.

“Erm…Zach?” She called in an angelic voice
“Opps…oh..hi Nina” I shuttered, slightly fidgeting. “Geez, get a hold of yourself duded” that was my subconscious self
“Hi…you actually zoned out, were you drooling?” She squinted, childishly. I chuckled loudly

“Cone on girl, a normal guy will drool over a beauty goddess like you. You are just so beautiful Nina” I complemented. She blushed
“Thanks…I need to leave now…” She said, about taking her leave when I called her back
“Yes..” She replied facing me
“Hmm…I actually have……”

“Hey bro..come on, we need to change” Ryan yelled, interrupting me as he rushed in. I rolled my eyes, and cursed him silently. He just spoiled my plan.
“Hi Nina…ready for the shoot” he asked as Nina smiled in return
“Yea…always ready” she muttered, and left afterward

I glared hard at him immediately she left, as he left out an annoying chuckle
“What was that for, you did it purposely right?” I asked, already boiling with anger
“Keep calm bro, I did it to save your a$$ and fragile heart” he scoffs

“What do you f**king mean but that” I growled
“Can’t you see it? Nina loves Aiden and not you. It’s clearly written in her eyes, if you tell her about your feelings, she won’t think twice to turn you down.

And that heartbreak is gonna be severe; so in order to avoid it, just play cool now, and bring Aiden into this. Try using your senses sometimes. When you are done getting worked up, you can come join us…I’m off here” He snapped and left. I reasoned what he said for a while and came to the conclusion that he is right, I need to play this game in a right way, I was just blinded by the love I have for her.

<Hybrid Musicals>
*Triple Boys Lounge*
Ariel’s POV

I was already late for the day’s practice, as I hurriedly leave my suite. That crazy girl, Dorothy didn’t even wake me before leaving, geez, I’m gonna skin her life out when I see her, I gritted.

“Hmm…that’s if you can do that” My subconscious spoke. I rolled my eyes. “Whatever” I scoff

A message came into my phone, as I clicked on it. It was from Aiden, he actually wants me to get something from Axel’s lounge before going for the practice, and he kinda sent it hours ago. Thanks to my sleepy head I didn’t see it in time; but the most confusing fact is that I don’t know Axel’s lounge. The houses here are just too much; if not for the map I would have missed my way.

I ran into a nearby lounge, hoping to get more information on how to get to Axel’s lounge and a fast route to the practice hall. I knocked on the door, and surprisingly a guy opened it. Looking at his physique and handsome look, you will definitely know that he is an idol, but damn, he is not as cute as the twins or even Theo.

He smirked at me, opening the door wider for me to go in. I noticed two other guys in the room, they saw me but pretended not to, as they continued with their video game. I later find out that they are the Triple boys; well it was scripted on one’s shirt.

“Erm…hi…please I kinda miss my way, I need to get to Axel’s lounge now, and I…erm” I stopped when I noticed him scrutinizing my body, not listening to what I was saying

“What a beauty….did you just mention Axel” He asked, coming closer while I shifted backward, glancing at the other duo whose concentration where not on me

“Er…yea…I think I need to go” I shuttered already scared of what he is about doing to me
“No, you won’t” he held my hand. “I am Axel, are you the slut I sent for, if so…then let’s go have our lovely time” he grinned, coming more closer.

I pushed him away with force, trying to leave, but he grabbed me back, pinning me to the wall, as I struggled my way out.
“Get the F**k off her Micheal, what are you doing” A guy yelled from the back, he stood up, coming towards us, as Micheal releases his grip on me.

“What the hell was he trying to do to me” I thought, wincing lightly. The other guy held my hand and led me out, with fear still in my heart. My heartbeat kept pounding had as I gasp for breath.
“Hey, are you ok” The guy asked, I think he is a member of the triple boy’s band

“Oh…I think so” I managed to say
“Ok…I’m really sorry about what he did, he is a bit drunk you know” he chuckled slightly, but replace it with a sorry look.
“I need to go now” I rushed my words and ran away before he could speak. I didn’t bother going to Axel’s lounge any longer, my mind is pretty occupied now; what Michael did right there was crazy.

I went into the practice room and noticed that everyone was present; the director squinted at me as I gave him and apologetic look. I was expecting him to scold me or something but he looked the other way facing the other contestant who was performing.

My eyes caught Mia as I go to take a seat beside her. She gave me this ‘what the f**k’ look, but now is not the time to start explaining. I noticed Dorothy grinning at the person performing, I wish she could look at direction so that I will give her a hard glare, but too bad, she was blushing at the guy singing; perhaps she is crushing on him, I rolled my eyes, as I wait for my turn to be called.
<Triple Boys Suite>

Eugene came in after Ariel left, banging the door as he walk towards where Michael and his colleague sat.
“What was that for guy, do you know who she is” He barked, Michael scoffs

“Perhaps some slut” he snickered
“Shut the f**k off idiot, that girl was one of the contestant, do you know what that mean? Must you have s*x with every girl you see? What you did might ruin your career, you know”
“Get a hold of yourself Eugene, that girl is a commoner, she can do nothing to the great Michael. She won’t say a word, trust me” He bluff, Eugene scoffs
“Really, what if she tells Aiden about it” He muttered, Michael frown

“Aiden? What does she have to do with him?”
“She is his girl if you don’t know, I have seen her with him twice, and seeing their position that day made me think so. And the funniest part is that she lives with him. And you know what it means stepping on the twins’ toes; you won’t wanna get on their bad side. Good luck with your new fight with them if she made to speak about it” he snapped, going into the inner room.

“Don’t cry bro” The other guy muttered, patting his shoulder as he went the same way as Eugene
Michael sat there thinking of what he just heard. He sighs softly, rubbing his jaw, wearing a wicked smirk.
“If truly she is Aiden’s girl, then she will be a good tool for me. Wait for me sexy girl, your worst nightmare is coming” He thought inwardly.
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  1. Ariel be careful as I wouldn't want you to be any tool to be used against the progress of the twins

    Authoress, this story is one of the best story I am reading, and your delay in posting updates is not welcoming at all. Though I understand your situation, but please adjust in order for us not to loose interest as you have said
    Good work 👍 👍, but work on your consistency, thank you,God bless

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