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Flora High – Chapter 3

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🏘️Flora High🏘️

(Highschool love story)



Chapter 3


Imeadiately Roselyn rang the doorbell, a maid ran and opened and opened the door, she stepped in her mom rushed to her,

Roselyn where have you been, she asked rushing her words

Mom calm down, I went to the park with Lissa, and then to our house to study, I replied

House??mom asked, how many times do I have to tell you that the house is not conducive enough, she asked.

Mom you know when we get to Flora High 🏘️,we have to act poor, I asked

Yeah, she said have you eaten

Yes I replied

Go greet your dad hesh by the pool, mom said.

I walked towards the pool, and greeted dad.

Next time don’t keep us worried, dad advised

Okay dad, am off to sleep,I said and pecked him, before dashing to my room.

I have a big day ahead tomorrow, I better sleep early.

I had my bath, wore my nighties before laying on my bed to sleep.


Melissa’s pov

When I returned home, mom and dad where already waiting for me in the living room.

Mom, dad good evening I greeted and sat beside my both parents.

Evening darling,they replied together. I hope you have eaten, mom asked, yes I have.

I bet you have read, dad asked

Yes dad

Don’t stay to long outside at night next time mom advised, okay ma I nodded. You made us worried, mom scolded

Okay mom Ave heard you, I replied. Mom. You know tomorrow is the day we have to start acting poor, I asked.

Yes, but do you really need to do that, you Know we can arrest anyone who wants to bully you, mom said.

No mom everything is not about using power, you know

Yeah you’re right, dad agreed and mom nodded

If you say so, she added.

It’s late, go to bed mom said, they kissed me good night and I headed to my room to get a good sleep.


Melissa’s pov

I woke up early today, so I will be early to go to school, am currently with rose waiting when the exams will start. I must say Flora High is really a big beautiful school.

We where sitting when someone tapped me, hi she said

I turned to see a girl about my age she’s cute thou

Hi, I said, she looks familiar but I can’t fathom where I saw her…..


What do you think about this chapter.

Sorry for not posting since🙏, had some issues with my phone, am really sorry guys, please forgive me, I’ll try to be updating more frequently.

Thanks for your understanding.😘😘😘💜💜💜.

©Mkay cares.


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