The Lycan's Reincarnated Mate

The Lycan’s Reincarnated Mate – Episode 47

(In Search Of His Mate For 2,000 Years)

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The Lycan’s Reincarnated Mate
(In Search Of His Mate For 2,000 Years)

Written By Uche Lawrence
Chapter 47

A week later,
Luna’s wound healed up. The whole palace were busy preparing the Royal wedding that will be coming up soon.
“How do you want your wedding dress, My Queen?” Ma Rita smiled. She hasn’t been able to go back to the beast kingdom with Irene and Mona. They had to stay till the wedding is done.
“I don’t want something too heavy on me! Just a simple wedding gown is okay.” Luna answered.
“Okay! That will be noted!”
The door opened and Ma Grace rushed in. “My Queen, which of these shoes do you like? The silver one or the gold one?” Ma Grace dropped the two pairs of shoes on the bed and Luna had to stare for few minutes.
It was too pretty that she can’t just choose one.
“I don’t know which one to choose.” She admitted.
“Oh! Since you don’t know. You can take the two!” Ma Grace grinned.
“The two! I’m sure they cost a lot! And what am I going to wear these shoes at the wedding at the same time.”

“Oh! You can wear the silver one at the first service then the reception, you can wear the gold one. How about that?” Ma Grace suggested.
“I agree to that!” Ma Rita joined in the conversation.
“Not bad! I will take the two then. I still need pictures to select my simple wedding dress!”
“I was thinking you would actually prefer a ball gown!” Ma Grace pouted.
“Ah! It’s good. I just need something comfortable and simple. I know it’s a Royal wedding but that’s just how I want it. Something free so I can dance well! ” Luna released a smile.
“I know! Anything looks good on you though! Okay, you can keep the shoes!”
“You already bought it?”
“Oh! Yes! I already bought it before coming to show you! I know what you are now!” The woman laughed.
“I don’t have a choice then. Where’s Irene and Mona? I haven’t seen them for a while today? I hope there’s no problem?”
“Oh! I guess you staying indoor had hinder you from seeing what those two girls are doing. You will see them soon.” Ma Rita shook her head.
“What are they doing that they are so busy at it?” Luna questioned.
“Irene has been going out on many dates with the King’s best friend. Hmm….I think he’s Luciano. And Mona, she took the other King’s best friend, Thanos. ” Ma Rita revealed.
“No wonder they do their work here quickly and rush out. So they’ve been seeing someone without telling me. Or maybe I wasn’t too quick to notice.” Luna sighed. “I want to see the King. Can i?” She turned to Ma Grace.
“Oh yes! He’s in his study. But I don’t know if he’s busy.” The woman replied.
“Still, I want to see him. I miss him. It been two days I saw him last as he’s too busy for me to see him. I should tell him I still want to be his bodyguard so I can get to follow him and see him everywhere!”

The two aged women smiled and followed Luna out of the room.
Luna got to the door and stopped, hearing the King speaking with some man. She was the only one in the corridor as Ma Grace and Ma Rita had already went their separate ways to continue the preparation for the wedding.
Luna could hear them loud and clear from the room.
“So, I want you to keep an eyes on that Terry. He’s the Queen’s enemy. And make sure you try taking that boy from him. The Queen mustn’t know about it now. Do you understand?”
Whatever they were talking wasn’t clear to Luna. Of course, the King hasn’t tell her anything. He has been protecting her behind her back.
“I understand, Your Majesty! I will be leaving.” The man with Wulfgur replied.
Luna went in hiding and peeped to see the man’s face buy she couldn’t see him clearly.
She came out after he was gone and knocked on the door. Another question came while she waited for the King’s answer. Which boy are they trying to take from her enemy?


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