The Lycan's Reincarnated Mate

The Lycan’s Reincarnated Mate – Episode 39

(In Search Of His Mate For 2,000 Years)

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The Lycan’s Reincarnated Mate
(In Search Of His Mate For 2,000 Years)

Written By Uche Lawrence
Chapter 39

“The beast kingdom again.”
“Oh my! The beast kingdom again!” Luna gasped.
Wulfgur stood up straight immediately and marched out of the throne room. “They will never get away with this.” He roared.

Luna came down too and followed the King.
“Isn’t that the King’s bodyguard before?” One of the ministers pointed at Luna.
“Yes, I think so. She has been dressing like a man all this while. But it’s good the king found her so soon and she’s his mate.” Another minister chipped in.

“But why’s the hunters always attacking the beast kingdom?”
“I don’t know. We should leave now.”
The ministers dismissed themselves.
“Your Majesty, you will have to slow down, you might hurt yourself.” Luna tried to calm Wulfgur down but he ignored it.

Suddenly, he stopped. “Get the armies ready. We are going to the beast kingdom. And Luna,…” He turned to her. “Stay here. I want you to stay here for me, okay? You don’t have to follow me everywhere.” King Wulfgur said with serious.
Luna wanted to protest but he turned away without hearing from her.
Luna gave up and watched him enter the car with the armies both in front and behind him. They moved out of her sight before she turned back and walked into the palace.


On her way to her room, Luna met the guard who announced about the hunters few minutes ago.
“Can….can I talk to you?” Luna stopped him.
The guard stopped and stepped back. “Yes, you can.” He replied.
Luna could swear that he saw him smirk in the throne room after he announced that big news. Did he know anything about this?

She wondered if he was also among the hunters and would like trap the king on his way. Perhaps, it might be a trap and the hunters are expecting to see the king fall in it.
“How did you get to know that the hunters are attacking the other kingdom?” Luna questioned.


“Are you the same Lun or you’re his sister?” The guard answered back with another question.
Oh my!
“I asked first. You should answer me first.” She told him.
“Well, someone from the kingdom called the army and told us what’s happening.” He finally responded. “You should answer my own now.” He looked up at her.
“You don’t have the right to know. I don’t trust you. Not at all.” Luna rolled his eyes at him.
“I know who you are. Lun, the King’s bodyguard in disguise now Luna, the King’s mate.” He smirked.
How did he know so much about her? Was he eavesdropping every conversation that had to do with her?
“What are you looking for? I know you’re not just an ordinary guard. Are one of them? Did you deceive the King?!” Luna glared at him.

“No, I actually didn’t deceive him. It was true. You can confirm. And do you really want to know something?”
This time, the guard as a serious look, and Luna knew something was wrong already.
“The attack was actually to set a trap on the King. The real attack will be here. You should get ready for the crystal kingdom to be hunted. ” The guard laughed and walked away from Luna.


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