Tales of the Heart

Tales of the Heart

{Sweet Faith, 19 years to live}

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{ Sweet Faith,
19 years to live❄}


By Chidimma Mirabel


Living in a world where the basic truth is more like a fat lie. How does that sound??

Humans,, with their different logic. Some are money-minded, some are kind, and some are just evil. Well, that’s the bittersweet reality of life.

Well what they don’t know is that this same world is filled with magic! Yeah, you got me right. Magic!!

There are lots more of magical creatures who live together with the human but all these are at the ignorance of the humans.

There exists all sort of creatures ranging from the supernaturals right up to the gods and godess.

These creatures have been living together in harmony and solidarity except the demons and vampires who decided to rule the world with their great powers.

For decades now, the war is still on. It got to the point where the League Of Masters (L.O.M) decided to form a school.

Yes, a school. This school was based on training young and vibrant youths possessing super ability in order to help them perfection their skills so that they can fight against the demons and vampires. They named the school Diamond High.

In order to cover up the real objective of the school, the school was made in such a way that even the human can school there too but the supernatural had a specific time where they gather and train.

What will happen when Kadence will find out their existence?

Kadence is a pretty cute girl of 18 years. Music is the air she breaths in and dance is her life!

Well she’s a human with whom life wasn’t favorable with. Ever since she was young, she’s had an incurable sickness and so was programmed to die when she turns 19. Harsh right?

How will she react when she one day finds out that her bosom friend with whom she grew up with is nothing but an imposter? How will she react??

Also, there’s a demon who invaded the academy. Who’s that?

Will they ever defeat the enemies?

A lot of love story, love triangle going on in this story and I’m sure you won’t wanna miss it for anything in this world.

Grab your popcorns and follow me on this enticing adventure..

Tags; Romance, action, jealousy, supernatural, tragedy and many more!!

© Mïrã


Starts 24-05-22

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  1. Sounds interesting but Shey una no get another school name?? 😂 😂
    I've read numerous stories here with "Diamond High" i guess we have "Diamond High" all over the globe 😂😂😂

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