Pinky's Promise

Pinky’s Promise – Episode 31

(Highschool romance-drama)

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Pinky Promise 

(Highschool romance-drama)

Written by: Authoress #princess

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Episode 31


It is now a few weeks for the students of twinkling high to graduate and they are so damn excited about it, as a matter of fact, no one is more excited about it than Samantha, she couldn’t wait to leave high school and start a new life with the man she loves.

Samantha and Bryan was seen sitting beside Jeremy, Adrien and Andy with some detectives. They were discussing about something really important.

“There was a lot of cases of death in these past few weeks, and the murderer who has been killing people goes for a particular set of people”The female detective said clearing her throat.

“The murdered kills set of people with red hair and fair skin, we have never seen anyone killed that has another color except from red”The male detective said and everyone stared at Bryan.
“What??”Bryan scoffed, he was the one there with red hair and fair skin.
“Don’t tell me Bryan is going to leave us soon, when I thought I have suddenly have a brother…he wants to leave us…noooo”Andy said as he wipes imaginary tears while the detectives stared at him surprisingly.
“Dectectives, just ignore him…by the ways, thanks for your time”Bryan said and shook hands with them as they walked away.

“But Bryan this is really risky, I don’t think you should be walking out without bodyguards”Adrien said and they nodded
“Nothing is going to happen to me”Bryan said with an eye roll.
“The person that might be doing all these, might either be obsessed or wants to take revenge from you so he/she kills people with red hair to control his anger”Jeremy said and shrugged.”Just saying though”

“He is right,” Samantha said and placed her fingers under her chin like she is thinking “but who could it be?”



Nina could be seen walking in with a black long materia tied around her neck, it was sweeping the ground and it has another corner used to cover her face.
Her hands,legs and face was smashed with blood, her eyes cold and evil glint could be seen deep inside those black eyeballs.
She also held a big black bag, she opened the bag half way exposing it’s contents, there was a lot of head, people’s head…and they all had red hair.

She brought out a lighter and threw it into the bag and it caught fire also burning the heads together with the bag…yes, that’s the only way to get rid of the obsession.
But it doesn’t mean it is over, she will deal with Samantha and Bryan together.



“Bryan, I think I drank too much”Samantha groaned as Bryan who was also drunk but still helped her inside.

Before Samantha could open her mouth to talk, Bryan had already pinned her to the wall.
He stare deep into her eyes it was like he could see her soul he could practically read everything about her, his eyes moved from her eyes down to her lips in a very fast move, never have she ever seen such a fast movement his hands on her waist as he drags her impossibly closer to him, his Cologne hitting her hard, she can never forget the smell of his Cologne…. a mixture of mint and coconut he has always been a lover of mint.(🥰)
“Mantha” he whispered her name out, she could barely make out what he said apart from her name.
his lips came crashing on hers, his tongue teasing her teeth asking for entrance which she gladly open up………


Samantha woke up to see herself on the bed next to Bryan, wait as she could remember they were in the bar talking with detectives then when they left, she began to drink and after that…it was empty.
She came out of the bed and stood up only to see herself naked.
“Ahhhhh”she yelled and used the blanket to cover herself, no, there is no how they did something last night because as she could remember, she didn’t feel any pain when she stood up…no pinch of bloodstains on the blankets.

Thank God, for some moments…she thought that….
Whatever, her stomach began to make funny noises and she pat it but suddenly she began to think .

What if they did it and she got pregnant.

her flat tummy would turn big and she would eat anytime the baby is hungry until she gets fat.

“No stop imaginating such…Samantha”Samantha muttered shaking her head and snapping out of the imagination.
“Mantha!”Bryan touched her arms and she stared at him.
“Oh, your awake”Samantha smiled.

“Are you okay?, You keep bitting your nails and you look like you were scared of something, did you have a nightmare?”Bryan asked and Samantha nodded negatively…
Samantha wrapped the blanket securely around her body and entered the bathroom with her uniform.

Some minutes later

At twinkling high school

After the comments and Bryan entered his personal class, A car drove in and the students wowed but not as big and luxurious as Bryan’s own but it was the second after Bryan’s own car for sure.

Then a guy came out of the car, he had dyed blue hair and handsome but ofcourse Bryan beat him that’s why not much people noticed him.

👄Who is that?

👄A new student, I always yearned for Bryan but since he is already taking {sobs}, I will go for this one.

👄 Handsome

👄He is cute.

Samantha couldn’t help but scoff, Korean h0rny b*tches.. she ignored them and walked to her class then to her seat before sitting down.

“Why do I feel that today is going to be the beginning of trouble with this guy around and the worst part, is he is in my class, the teacher told him to seat on Lilly’s seat….wow”Samantha thought sarcastically.

“Samantha David”The guy called and Samantha glared at him, she hates if someone close to her call her Samantha David openly….she might punch the person out of anger.

“How the f*ck did you know my name?”Samantha asked
“It is written in your book”He pointed at her book and she nodded, for some moments she thought he was a wizard.

“Am Carlo James but you can call me Carl”Carlo introduced and Samantha nodded.
“Perhaps you already know my name”Samantha said

Samantha couldn’t help but notice the way his ears would go red anytime he looks away from her…is he shy or blushing?.

“Who cares, I don’t want to have friends till I graduate”Samantha thought as the teacher started teaching.


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  1. This looks like another trouble
    But why did Nina's obsession for Bryan now turned her to muderer ?
    She is really really sick

  2. I can't relly fathom wat's going on around here..
    y did nina's obsession turn her into a murderer
    and who the h€ll is carlos?

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