Pinky's Promise

Pinky’s Promise – Episode 23

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Pinky Promise

(Highschool romance-drama)

Written by: Authoress Princess


Episode 23



Samantha breathed in and pat her chest gently calming her raging heartbeat. “You can do this samantha, i know you can”.
She walked into a large hall which was divided into two though it was where the teams were staying.

“Samantha, we’ve been waiting”Jane said and lilly nodded.
“Uh…sorry about that guys”samantha paused.
“Every team needs a uniform so i brought a little something for you guys”samantha added and brought out a big bag, since they are 10 and nina’s team are 10 as well.
She brought out one of the simple designed top and shorts, it had a pink and yellow imprinted words S&B team which left people wandering the meaning of the Letters.

But the S&B team wore it though and they all had boots on,
“Let’s go out there and try our best okay?”samantha muttered and they yelled a “yes” in agreement then they began to head out confidently that they could do it.

Immediately they left, nina and her gangs came out from their hiding place and smirked evilly.
“Did Mr benovet accept our offer?”nina asked and her gangs nodded.
“Then the crown is mine”nina smirked as they walked away.

Samantha walked to the right side of the large net with her teams as each of them were giving a tennis racket.
🎤The winner of the game will be annouced immediately one of the teams get up to 10 goals….good luck🎤

Samantha breathe in and out trying to calm her raising heart beat then she remembered If you ever get nervous, look at me okay?
She turned her face to the VIP seat to see bryan already sitting there with a reasurring smile that made 60% of the nervousness to wash away.
Then the wistle was blowed and the game started….

Nina’s team who was holding the ball first threw the ball and it immediately landed in samantha’s team’s side and none of them could return the ball back to the correct court with the racket and nina’s team immediately got a point.
“D@mn”lilly cursed angrily while nina laughed.
“We can do this okay?, just focus”Samantha muttered as the ball was thrown again and this time samantha jumped up and hit the ball but nina also hit the ball back with her racket stopping it from reaching her net

“She’s tough”jane muttered and samantha rolled her eyes “but am more tougher than her”.
The ball they threw again, lilly and samantha jumped at the same time and they hit the ball with full force and it entered the opponent’s net (nina’s net) and they scored a point.
“Yes!!!”lilly jumped and hit the ball and a girl in nina’s team hit the ball back, it was almost touching the floor but samantha hit it and it entered the opponent’s net.

“Yes!!!”this time jane yelled.
“8 more goals to go, don’t loose focus”samantha muttered and went to the side and the ball was thrown again but as samantha moved back to hit the ball because of how high it was thrown, she felt something went deep into her leg..
“Ahhh”samantha yelled as she fell and the ball entered their net and nina’s team scored a point.
It was a nail that actually entered samantha’s leg, samantha bit her lower lips as the pain drove her wild, blood was gushing out of her leg like a waterfall…lilly and mandy rushed to her but when they saw bryan walking in, they moved back.

“This is a trap to win, they are a lot of nails”Jane pointed at up to 10 nails.
Everyone watched with wide eyes as bryan walked to where samantha is and the game was paused.
“Am sorry,”bryan muttered as he removed the nail while she hissed in pain then he used his white handkerchief and tied the wounds till it wasn’t seen anymore.
“Look”bryan pointed at the right side of the VIP seat, mrs quin and nathan was sitting there cheering her.

“Do you want to dissapoint them?”Bryan muttered and she nodded negatively.
“Good, go out there and do your best, and i believe you will win”Bryan smiled and help her stand up.
“Alberto, remove the nails”Bryan ordered and a man began to remove the nails till there was no nail at all.
“Good luck”bryan smiled and walked away.

“Let’s do this”samantha muttered confidently,she doesn’t know where the confidence came from but she is so damn ready.




Jeremy was on the couch with his leg crossed and a lot of girls surrounded him but the door suddenly bursted open and jeremy’s eyes widened when he saw his mum.
“I tracked your f*cking phone here, your marrying mandy whether you like it or not”Jeremy’s mum yelled.

“The marriage paper was signed when you were little, so you are already married,just to do it in a grand style”Jeremy’s mum dropped the bombshell.


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