Personal Taste – Episode 8


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Written By Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 8


“Emma I don’t understand what you’re trying to say” She replied with a frown.

“Brittany I’m not a f00l and I’ve known you since we are young, so talk to me did you like him?” I asked again because I don’t want a situation where me and my friend will be fighting because of a guy.

The guy I don’t even love, a total stranger. “Emma, I don’t think he’s a good person, he told me he wanna be my friend, that was the reason why I address him as my friend in the first place” Brittany replied with a smile.

“Anyway if you say so, I need to go to one of my restaurants today, I need to check them out, I don’t like sitting in the house doing nothing,” I said walking to my room.

“But you’ve some mails you haven’t attended to,” Brittany said, yeah she’s right.

“Thanks, I’ve forgotten, I’ll do that when I come back from the restaurant” I replied and walked inside my room.

“Welcome Miss Maxwell” Nadia greet with a smile.

“Thanks, baby” I replied and Brittany scoff out. “Don’t tell me you’re jèàlóûs of Nadia” I said.

“I can never be jealous of her” she replied with an eye roll.

“I’ve prepared your bath,” Nadia said smiling. “Who sent you?” Brittany asked angrily.

“Calm down babe, there’s nothing wrong in what she did, so cool your temper” I replied.

“She’s trying to be nice” Brittany replied and look away.

“She’s not trying to be nice, she’s nice, Nadia is a good girl and you know that” I replied and faced Nadia with a smile.

“Thanks so much, Nadia, to you I’m Emma, I’m not other than you, so stop making me look old,” I said and she nod her head.

“Why will you tell her to address you with your name, she’s your staff,” Brittany said.

“You’re also my staff then, I didn’t consider any of you as staff, you guys are my friends, I love her as a friend, and as for you, you’re my sister,” I said with a smile.

“So you’re telling me, I’m your sister because of this girl?” Brittany asked.

Seriously I don’t know what’s wrong with Brittany today, did she wake up at the wrong side of the bed?.

“Babe you’re more than a friend to me, you’re a sister” I replied and my phone rang out loud.

“Why’s Mr. Maxwell calling me,” I said out loud before picking my call and Brittany burst into laughter.

I’ll so deal with her when I’m done with Dad. “Hello, Mr. Maxwell!” I said.

“Miss Maxwell, where the fûck did you go to?” He yelled from the other end of the call..

“Calm down man, I went somewhere cool” I replied with an evil smirk.

“Somewhere cool Emma, when are you coming back?” He asked.

“I’m not coming back now, I’ll come back when I feel like coming” I replied.

“Emma I’ll find you wherever you’re!” He said and I burst into laughter.

“Mr. Maxwell I’m very sure you have forgotten who you’re talking with, I’m Emma Maxwell, I’m not a bas***d, as far as I’m still Emma Maxwell, you can’t find me man” I replied laughing.

“I’ll find you, Emma, you must get married next month,” he said and I burst into laughter.

I can imagine him fuming in anger right now. “I’ll like you to try Mr. Maxwell, nice talking with you, send my regards to Mrs. Maxwell, tell her I’ll call her when I’m less busy, and I’m ending the call right now.

Don’t call me back, because I won’t pick it up. Bye, Mr. Maxwell makes sure you take good care of yourself, I love you” I said and end the call.

“You’re very funny,” Nadia said with a smile. “Dad is more funnier than I’m” I replied. rushing inside the bathroom.

Mum and Dad, don’t know I have properties in Paris, though my parents are rich, I didn’t depend on them.

I worked hard to become who I’m today and I’m very sure my parents are super proud of me, but they won’t say it.

I don’t like it when ladies are lazy and depend on their parents or spouse I love Handwrorking ladies, and that was one of the reasons I love Nadia.

Walking inside the jacuzzi. I sat Inside the jacuzzi and what happened yesterday night rushed inside my head.

He’s handsome, but he was very harsh yesterday.

But come to think of it, he is right.

The only difference between me and a prostitute is that I don’t charge.

Yeah, I paid guys for their service instead.

Did I even care? No, I don’t, I’m a happy prostitute. And I must have him by all means.

I came out of the bathroom and met Nadia arranging my clothes in the wardrobe.

“Emma, I don’t think I can go with you,” Brittany said.

“Why?” I asked. “I’m not feeling good” she replied and I smile out.

I know she’s lying but I don’t wanna push it. “Alright, Nadia will go with me, Nadia go take your bath,” I said and Nadia leave the cloth immediately and rushed to the bathroom.

Five minutes later she’s out, I haven’t even put on my clothes.

“Did you forget something?” I asked.

“No, I’m done” she replied smiling.

“I’m not sure you take your bath!” I replied putting on my pant.

“I did!” She replied with a smile, Brittany keep chewing her gum loudly while pressing her phone.

I’ll come back for her, I don’t have her time right now.

“Did you like the dress?” Nadia asked.

“Sure I did, I love the cooperate wear.

I put on the suit trouser and a shirt leaving the first two buttons open showing off my cleavage a little.

I love it like this. I walked to the dressing table and comb my hair.

I don’t feel like packing it so I make it fall on my shoulder.

“Are you done?” I asked Nadia putting on my shoe.

“Yes I’m done” she replied and I picked up my handbag.

“Brittany take care of yourself, don’t feel bored because we won’t come back late,” I said and she nod her head.

“Nadia I’ve forgotten the car key inside, go get it for me,” I said and she rushed inside.

I brought out my phone and search the guy’s number on WhatsApp.

Oh, I forgot to ask for his name. I saved his number with Mr club before checking his picture out on WhatsApp.

“I’m back!” Nadia’s said with a smile.

“Can you drive?” I asked and she nod her head in reply. “Good” I replied and sat in the back seat.



“Mr. Hunt, where are you coming from? And why did you come late?” Austin asked with a smile.

“I told you time without number, to stop calling me Hunt” Rowen replied and pushed him off his way.

“Hey, why are you just coming?” The manager asked.

“Fûck off dude” Rowen replied and made to leave but the manager drag him back.

“The last time I checked I’m still your boss,” the manager said and Rowen looked at his hand on his shirt, and Austin removed the manager’s hand immediately.

“I’m sorry, I’ve to do this sir,” Austin said and the manager nodded his head.

“And the last time I checked I don’t have any work to do till 10:00 am, I’m not the only chef in this place, so fûck off,” Rowen said and walked to the kitchen.

“Did he have mental?” The manager asked. “No sir, situation made him like that, I’m very sorry on his behalf sir, but please I’ll beg you not to touch him again if you don’t want to lose your front teeth,” Austin said and walked away.

The manager touches his teeth and shakes his head before walking to his office.

“Mr. Hunt, where did you go to?” Austin asked. “I went to your mother’s kitchen to steal meat” Rowen replied chewing from his bubble gum and he’s so cute while doing that.

“I wish I’m a gay, or girl, you’re too handsome to resist,” Austin said.

“Your problem not mine!” Rowen replied. “You’re so mean!” Austin said and Rowen chew his gum loud.

“Hey I’ll be right back, I wanna go get something in the next street,” Austin said and ran out



“Let me help you with your bag ma,” Nadia’s said. How many times will I tell this guy that she’s like a friend to me? “Nadia!” I called.

“Miss Maxwell” she replied.

“How many times will I tell you to address me like your friend?” I asked and came down from the car.

“I’m sorry Emma,” she said and I smile at her. “Don’t make that mistake again” I said and she smiled at me.

Like a flash, someone pushed me away and rushed inside the restaurant, my restaurant.

“Who’s this mannerless human?” I asked before rushing inside the restaurant.

I must teach her a lesson she will never forget.



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