Personal Taste – Episode 6

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Written By Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 6


Location: Chicago Time:- 10: 00 am



He froze on his spot, as he was welcomed with the most angelic voice and beautiful creature, standing before him.
He gulped down the lump in his throat, as he stared at her thick black lengthy hair, which was cascading down her shoulders, down to her bare neck, with the most beautiful and glowing skin, looking all flawless and spotless, he trailed down to her elegant shoulders, and damn, he couldn’t stop himself from drooling.

Finally, she lifted her head too, and he lost it, staring at her pair of brown eyes, her pointed nose, which his fingers itched to poke, her lips, which any man would ki*ll to have a taste of, and slowly, adrenaline rushed through his body, as he felt his heart, thumping violently against his ribcage like it’ll pop out anytime soon.

Is this what they call love at first sight or is he just mesmerized by her beauty?.

“Gosh, how can she be beautiful and perfect at the same time? And her body shape is a thing of wonder, but I was much more captivated by her facial features.

Who’s this angel? But why’s she behaving like a bîtch!” Rowen thought. He stopped her with his hand immediately in regin his senses.

“Don’t you like it?” Emma asked with a frown. “You don’t even know me,” Rowen said calmly looking into her eyes.

“That doesn’t matter, I can pay you any amount you want just to have you tonight” Emma replied smiling at him and Rowen was surprised.

“What the heck is happening to me, why’s my heart beating fast, my heart isn’t supposed to beat for someone like this, she’s a bîtch,” Rowen said to himself and made to walk away and Emma hug him to herself.

“Miss let me go when I’m still nice,” Rowen said calmly.

“I won’t let you go until you give me what I want, I want to have a taste of you,” Emma said.

“I’m not interested just let me go please” Rowen pleaded and Emma slam her lips on him. Surprisingly rowen kissed her back.

He pushed her gently from himself when he come back to his senses.

“Miss I’m not interested in this!” Rowen said. “Fine can I have your number?” Emma asked.

“Sure you can, and by the way you’re beautiful,” Rowen said. “I won’t thank you, because your compliment isn’t real,” Emma said and Rowen’s heart beat fast.

“Why did you say that?” Rowen ask. “You won’t resist me if I’m beautiful as you claim,” Emma said and Rowen breathe out.

“Honestly I don’t know why a beautiful girl like you will choose to be a prostitute,” Rowen said.

“What did you just call me a prostitute?” Emma asked angrily.

“sh*t, what have I done!” Rowen asks himself. “Yes I’m a prostitute but all men are scum!” Emma said angrily and walked inside the club.

“How can I insult her, I like her no doubt!” Rowen said and roughed his hair angrily before walking back to the club.

“hey where did you go to? I’ve searched everywhere for you, I was about to start searching under the chairs” Austin said and Rowen hissed out loud before plugging his headphone.

“Rowen, aren’t you the one I’m talking to?” Austin asked.

Rowen brought out bubble gum in his pocket and throw it in his mouth.

“Hey Rowen answer my question!” Austin said. “I’m very sure you aren’t radio because it’s only radio that talks without response” Rowen replied blowing his bubble gum.

“Where did you go to?” Austin asked again with a smirk.

“I’m very sure, that brain of yours isn’t for fashion,” Rowen said.

“I hate you,” Austin said and sat grumpily on the chair.

“Same here bro, I hate you more” Rowen replied looking for Emma with his eyes.


That guy fûcking called me a prostitute. Like what the hèck! Who the hell! Did he think he’s? I’m frustrated right now.

“Babe, what sup with this look?” Brittany asked with a frown and Nadia also nod her head in support.

I’m not in the mood to reply to their questions. I picked the bottle of wine on the table and gulp everything down at a goal.

I picked Nadia’s own and also gulp it down. I worked to the bar and came back with extra bottles of wine.

“You look sad, who made you angry?” Brittany asked.

I ignored her question and pump the cover open before gulping everything down. I stoop up from the chair and walk the pole.

I wanna show everyone in this club that I’m a prostitute.

“Attention everyone!” I shouted and they focus their attention on me. Some were busy staring at my àss, but I don’t care, after all, I’m a prostitute.

I don’t even know what made him attracted to me.


I watched her walk to the poll, and I was wondering what she was up to.

I guess she’s drunk because she was busy drinking since she came inside angrily.

Did I hurt her with my words? God knows I wasn’t planning to insult her. I only asked. Question.

She was standing staring at everyone and I felt my heartbeat.

It was beating freaky loudly and suddenly inside my Tommy.

I don’t understand this feeling, but it seemed I was floating somehow.

She bend down slowly and she started dancing shaking her bûtt to the music.

“Gosh! That lady dances so well, I love her” Austin said licking his lips.

“Rowen, don’t you see that pretty Angel?” I asked and I concentrate on the beauty dancing in my front.

I became jèàlóûs and I wish I can stop her from dancing. A lady walked to the pole and tried to stop her.

She pushed her with her hand and the lady fell. Some minutes later.

The angel fall on the floor and started speaking gibberish.

I guess she’s a bad drinker. Her friend tried to lift her but she was as too heavy for her because she end up falling with her.

I stood up from the chair and I felt my leg moving towards the poll.

I wasn’t the one in control of myself. I felt like something was pulling me to her like magic.

“Where are you going to?” Austin’s asked.

I ignored his question and walked to the poll. “Don’t worry, I’ll carry her” I said to her friend and she smiled at me showing off her teeth.

“I’m a bîtch and prostitute, Brittany let me show the world what I got,” she said and burst into laughter.

I guess her friend’s name is Brittany. “Nadia helps me with her bags, I’m very tired, I don’t think I can drive, can you drive?” Brittany asked.

“No, I can’t!” The other lady replied.

“Don’t worry, I’ll drive your car” I replied. “Thanks very much, Mr,” Brittany said smiling at me.

.”Hey man, I don’t know what suddenly gets over you, where are you going to?” Austin asked.

“You aren’t blind are you?” I replied and get inside the car.


“What has gotten over Rowen? I hope it’s not what I’m thinking, if it’s what I’m thinking it can’t work, yes it can’t work” Austin’s said and climb on Rowen’s back angrily before trailing after them.

“Thanks very much, Mr!” Brittany said smiling sheepishly at him and Rowen nod his head.

“I’ll get going now” Rowen replied.

Brittany moved closer to him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Can I’ve your number?” she said smiling seductively at him.




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