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Personal Taste – Episode 16


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Written By Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 16


“Ahh Brittany moaned in pleasure, hey come back to life, your prince charming will soon be here, yes I can’t wait to have him deep inside me” she said and burst into laughter.

“Am I doing the right thing?” Brittany asked with a smirk.

“Yes, I’m I appreciate handsome guys, since Emma doesn’t appreciate them, this one is mine” Brittany said.

“Hi good evening, I’m Rowen I’m here to see….” Rowen haven’t finished his words before the receptionist cut in.

“Miss Emma Maxwell right?” The receptionist asked and Rowen nod his head.

“Room 101 sir” the receptionist said with a smile.

Rowen nod his head with a smile plastered on his face, before walking away.

He get to the lobby, and started searching for number 101.

He smiled when he saw 101 boldly written on the door he pushed the door open and step inside the room.

“this isn’t Emma cent” he said and put on the light and Brittany quickly buried her face in the pillow.

“Hey I’m sure, you aren’t Emma, who the hèll are you?” Rowen ask and moved closer to the bed.

Brittany summoned courage and stood up from the bed.

She moved closer to Rowen swaging her hips at the process.

“Where’s Emma?” Rowen ask angrily.

“I asked you not to put on the light, why did you do that? You just spoilt my surprise” Brittany asked and moved closer to Rowen.

“What should I do to her?” Rowen thought. “Like what you see?” She asked licking her lips seductively.

“You disgust me!” Rowen said.

“Lies, big fat lie, I’m sexy and attractive and I’m very sure you love me,” she said and gilgled.

She moved closer to Rowen and placed he hand on his chest.

Rowen pushed her away and she fall on the ground and Rowen faced her with a smirk on his face.

“Why did you lied to me?” Rowen ask.

“I lied to you, because I love you, can’t you see my heart is beating for you” Brittany said touching her chest.

“You’re cràzy” Rowen said.

“Yes, only for you” Brittany replied and stood up immediately.

“Don’t try this ever again!” Rowen said and made to walked away. Brittany rushed to him desperately.

“I’m sorry for lieing to you, but you can’t leave me here like, this I’m dieing to have your dîck in my honey pot, please have sèx with me, even though it’s once” Brittany said, begging him with her eyes as if her life depends on it.

“just once and you won’t disturb me again?” Rowen ask and Brittany nod her head happily.

“Okay, come closer” Rowen said moving closer to the door.

Rowen Stepped away from the door and pushed her out of the room.

“Ahh, Rowen I’m naked, open the door” Brittany yelled hitting the door hard.

“No you deserve it, you’re a bîtch, so you don’t need to be ashame” Rowen said and walked to the bed.

“I can’t go back to the house now, Austin will fûcking laugh at me” Rowen said and removed the bed spray he lied down flatly on the bed and bring out his phone.

“Rowen please my clothes” Brittany yelled and Rowen plugged in his earpiece immediately.

“Didn’t I tell you?” Nadia asked from their hidden place.

“But Brittany told me she doesn’t like Rowen what’s all this?” Emma asked.

“That’s human for you, let go back to the house” Nadia said.

“No!” Emma said walking to the door. “Brittany!” Emma called and Brittany stood up immediately.

“Emma what are you doing here?” Brittany asked trying to covered her private part with her hands.

Rowen removed his head phone immediately he heard Emma voice and rushed out of the room.

He smiled at Emma and Brittany bend her head in shame.

Rowen drag Emma to the room and lock the door immediately.

“Give her, her clothes” Emma said and Rowen slam his lips on hers immediately and kissed her gently and Emma found herself responding to the kiss.

Her hand moved to his head, and got stuck there.

“Ahh!” Rowen moaned into her mouth and he opened up for him, he delved in and kisses her passionately.

And he also tightened his grip on her.

Emma broke the kiss immediately she came to her senses. And Rowen hug her immediately.

“Stay still please, I just wanna be like this” Rowen said.

A cleaner walked pass Brittany and Nadia in the lobby and bite back a laugh.

“Hope you’re okay ma?” The cleaner asked. “Did I look like I’m not okay?” Brittany asked angrily and bend down immediately.

And Nadia burst into laughter.

“What’s funny?” Brittany asked glaring danger at her.

“everything is funny, you whóre, I don’t even know why you aren’t ashame of yourself, I don’t blame you, I blame Emma Instead,” Nadia said.

“It’s not your fault, it’s Emma that gave you the opportunity to talk to me anyhow you like” Brittany said.

“Who are you? Oh Nadia! Have you forgotten she’s a shameless whóre?” Nadia asked herself.

“Did I whóre around with your boyfriend, is Rowen your boyfriend?” Brittany asked.

“He’s not my , boyfriend, but we all know that guy is inlove with Emma” Nadia said.

“And so? Emma doesn’t believe in love” Brittany said.

“That doesn’t gi,ve you the right to whore around with him” Nadia said and hissed out “learn how to mind your business!” Brittany said fuming in anger.

“What if I don’t? You’re a bad friend, that was one of the reasons i don’t have friends, females friends are evîl and wîcked” Nadia yelled.

“I’ll beat you if you don’t watch your tongue!” Brittany said angrily.

“Beat who? Me, you dare not!” Nadia’s said angrily.

“don’t worry, I’ll deal with you” Brittany sai,d. “I’m afraid” Nadia said and placed her hand on her chest.

“Hey look at how that cleaner is feeding his eyes with your unclean body” Nadia said and burst into laughter.

“Did you just called my body unclean?” Brittany asked angrily.

“Yes come and do your worst” Nadia replied. “Give her, her clothes please!” Emma said and disengage from the hug.

“I’ll give her, her cloth on, one condition,” Rowen said with a smirk.

“Which is?” Emma asked.

“You’ll sleep with me” Rowen said.

“That’s not a big deal” Emma replied and Rowen smihimselfpily to hiself.

“I’m so glad, you agreed, I’ll give her, her cloth now, but that lady isn’t a good friend, she tricked me, and I thought it was you” Rowen said.

“She has her reason for doing that, I’ll wait till she explained why she lied to me” Emma said and he carried her on his arm suddenly, swirling her.

And she rested her head on his chest.

He dropped her on the bed and pecK her on her forehead, before picking up Brittany cloth.

He opened the door and throwed the cloth out. “here’s your cloth, you slût” Rowen said and Nadia gilgled.

“Hey!” Rowen called Nadia and she smiled at him.

“You can go back to the house, Emma isn’t, coming tonight,” Rowen said and Brittany quickly put on her clothes in shame.

“Alright Mr” Nadia said and left out an evil smirk before facing Brittany.

“You get disgraced and Emma got the dîck, is that not wonderful?” Nadia said and walked out of the hotel and Brittany rushed after her.


He walked back to the room and put off his cloth. “I need to take my bath, I don’t like heat” Rowen said and I swallow hard immediately I saw his chest.

I feel like rubbing my hands through his Abs right now.

He’s manly built. I don’t have strength to think about Brittany right now, I’ll give her what she deserves once I get to the house.

“Did you like what you see?” He ask with a boylish grin.

I don’t even know how I stood up from the bed. I moved closer to him and slam his back in the wall.

I bend down and put off his trouser immediately, followed by his panties, I don’t know what get over me. But I’m loving it.

My mouth left open on his own immediately he dîck sprang out of his panties.

He was so big and long, that I feel like having it in my mouth.

“Oh my goodness!” I said and look at his face. He has this annoying smirk on.

I’ll make sure I make him regret that naughty smirk on his face.

I rubbed the tip of his dîck and he hissed out in pleasure.

“Darling, Mike is here to see you,” Mrs. Maxwell said.

Mr Maxwell smile to hiself before standing up from the chair.

“You look happy what’s thebsecret?” Mrs Maxwell asked.

“Have you forgotten Mike is my private Investigator, I believe he’s here with good news” Mr. Maxwell replied.

“Wow, that’s true” Mrs Maxwell replied happily. “Good evening Mr. Maxwell” he greet with his head bow.

“Go straight to the point, have you gotten her location?” Mr. Maxwell asked.

“Yes Mr. Maxwell, we’ve gotten her location” Mike replied with a smile.

“Good, I trust you that deliver a good Job” Mr. Maxwell replied.


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  1. I love this episode so so much
    Brittany got what she deserves
    Emma, watch your back, Mr Maxwell is coming

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