(Tainting her innocence)


(Tainting her innocence)

Written by: Authoress Princess


Episode 6

“Someone was saying that he doesn’t love her”Xavier said in a mocking tune as he walked into the room that bella was kept in.

“Xavier, you really need a death wish right?”King growled at xavier, he was begining to find xavier annoying, this wasn’t the first time he was taking a lady to a hospital.

In fact, he had done so to lots of women, he hated anytime someone tries to teach him and explain his own emotions and feelings to him.
And xavier was really pushing his buttons.

One thing he knew well was that he cared for his secretary, bella but it hadn’t graduated to love!!!
But ofcourse this dull and block head in front of him wouldn’t understand that.

“Hmmm”Bella’s soft was heard rang around the room and immediately, she opened her eyes then closed it back before opening it back again.

She let her eyes wander around the room for a moment, she appeared to be calm but suddenly, when her eyes got locked with king’s…..she began to panick.

“Am so sorry sir, i shouldn’t have passed out, please forgive me, i didn’t mean it at all and it wasn’t intentional”Bella blabbed as she felt sweaty all of a sudden, damn, she prayed that he wouldn’t fire her..

King blinked in confusion and a frown formed on his forehead “Am not going to fire you….that is, not now or today!”

Yea, he wouldn’t fire her that day, maybe another time when she messes up, she was lucky enough because when his last secretary came to work two minutes late to the meeting…..he fired her immediately.

“Thank you sir”She said and adverted her gaze to her hand while playing with her fingers.

“You haven’t eaten for how many days now?”King asked staring at his watch.

“3days actually”Bella muttered.
“Is just three days, that isn’t enough to make someone faint or pass out”King muttered arrogantly.

“Alex, that isn’t the proper way to console someone”Xavier said and unconsciously used his hand to slap king’s head..

There was silence, pin drop silence, xavier ran his fingers through his hair frustratedly, he was finished, he didn’t like the silence at all and doesn’t know what king was up to.

Before anyone could blink an eye, king grabbed a knife which was used to cut some slices of apples which was on the table.

He grabbed it and threw it at xavier who wasn’t fast enough to dodge it but the knife ended up pinning him to the wall with the knife buried into his shirt and the wall.

Xavier almost had a heart attack, it just remain an inch for the knife to enter deep into his arm.
“Alex!!, Like what the hell, do you want to ki*ll me!!”Xavier yelled in shock, his heart were pounding deep inside his chest, yes, he knew that if king got angry, he can do some crazy things.

Last time, king threw a scissors at him, now knife, which means one thing, that he isn’t safe anymore.

“Your bickering caused it”King snickered and gave him a sinister smile.

“Don’t ever use that on me again!”Xavier yelled immediately he removed the knife from his shirt, his heart still beating louder than normal.

Bella breathed a sigh of relief, damn, that scared the hell out of her but now she learnt something new, Don’t ever ever get king Donovan angry or you might loose your f**king life.

Xavier quickly sat on a seat next to the bed that Bella was laying.
“Atleast you aren’t dead”King said.

“But I can’t assure you that the knife wouldn’t be buried deep into your heart next day, this would just teach you a lesson to not lecture me on how to console someone”King added icily.

That shocked Xavier but somehow didn’t surprise him.

“Am going to visit Adrianna”Xavier muttered and king glared at him.

“If you dare…..”King paused.

“I would chop of your head with my bare hands okay?”King threatened with a growl which scared the creep of Xavier.

“No buts, I repeat if you come close to her, I would chop of your head”King threatened again and Xavier sighed.

Bella stared at them speechlessly, waoh, who is the girl that could make a whole almighty king Donovan warn a guy to stay away from her, who is she?, His girlfriend?

If the so called Adrianna is his girlfriend then why is Dante still threatening her to make king fall for her.

That wasn’t the case, the problem was that, king Donovan was a person who doesn’t take a single mistake lightly, what will happen to her if he finds out that she was sent to ruin him….. the more she thought of it, the more it scared her.

“Bella!!,bella!!”Xavier half-yelled while waving his hands in front of her face starttling her a little.

“What were you thinking, did you even here what i said?”Xavier asked with a frown and worried expression written all over his face.

“Nothing, am sorry”Bella apologized, she didn’t even know why she apologized really!!

“Hmph, buy yourself some snacks or anything you want to eat….i will be at the office”King muttered and drop a bundle of dollars on the table before walking away.

Bella felt uncomfortably full as a result of the junks she ate some minutes ago, Right now she was inside the elevator leading to the 9th floor which was where king donovan’s office and her’s were .

Immediately she reached the entrance, she began to hear loud groans and m0ans of a woman making her frown, what was that?, was she in pain?

Bella being the curious type, she entered her office to check what was happening through the transparent walls seperating king’s office from hers.

Her eyes widened like a football when she saw what was happening inside there, what was she watching… what the f**k, a life p*rn?

Thankfully it was only the woman who king was f**king that was n*ked, king wasn’t because he was putting on his trouser but she thought men do remove all clothes to have s3x.

He only opened his zip!!

King turned to look at her and immediately their eyes locked, bella flushed in embarassment, she quickly raised up her hands and touched the white curtains and dragged it down.

Damn the manwh*re…king donovan!!
She had never seen such a thing in her 21 years of living….geeez, he is really…really, she didn’t know how to put it in words.



  1. Curiosity they say always kills the cat….
    I know king will not sack u cuz he's emotionally attached to u,he's just failing to admit it.

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