(Tainting her innocence)


(Tainting her innocence)

Written by: Authoress #princess


Episode 4

Bella played with the pen they gave her nervously, damn!, She was scared and nervous at the same time.

She was asked to sort and correct a pile of files and right now, she felt really tired but of course she needed to continue working to avoid being tagged a lazy secretary in just her first day of work.

“Why don’t you use the laptop or computer to do so?”Xavier had once said but she stubbornly persisted to use her hands.

“No bell, you have to do this for your brother okay?”Bella said to herself again,the more she said that continuously, the more she continued doing her work despite the tiredness and fatigue.

Bella yawned loudly while stretching her arms wide before looking up towards the door when she heard the sound of it creaking open.

“Oh no!”Bella groaned inwardly and clenched her hands behind her, Xavier was getting more piles of files for her and she was beginning to think that king was doing it on purpose and wanted to make her life difficult.

“Am sorry dear, you must be tired, I don’t know what got the f**k into him, he really wants to make your life difficult….I can’t even stop him”Xavier used his hands to hit his head in annoyance after dropping the pile of file.

“Is okay, I am used to it”Bella faked a smile, hell no!, That was a big lie, she wasn’t used to any sh!t at all.

In fact, this was the first time she was doing something like that and it infuriated her.

“I apologize again, by 12:00PM you can have a break, eat and continue later”Xavier said with a kind smile and Bella was forced to smile again before he walked away.

Immediately he walked away, bella dropped her head to the table and mumured curses to king in frustration.

“Come on….11:59…move”Bella muttered while staring at her watch impatiently but immediately it reached 12:00PM,bella stood up and threw her pen up and did a very short happy dance which was spoilt as a result of her pen falling down and hitting her hard on her head.

Bella smiled and opened the door and before she could walk out of the office, her eyes adverted into a strong pair of muscles…..she looked up and it was king donovan.

“and where do you think your going huh?”King fired immediately she looked up at him.

“I…i,”She stammered and trailed off on her speech while playing with her fingers feasibly.

“Sir Xavier said that I can take a break at exact 12:00PM, so I want to have my lunch”She said and licked her once dried lips

Bella watched as king’s expression changed, it softened for a moment before a very huge frown formed on his face and his gaze hardened.

“No lunch for you!!, Complete the job I have you before leaving…or consider yourself fired!!”King said expressionlessly and her bright brown big eyes widened in shock.

Was she going to survive this?
For f**k sake, how was she going to survive!!?

“Okay sir”she faked a smile before Walking back into the office and closing the door with her foot.

“Come on bell, you can do this, I know you can!!”Bella raised up her hand and exposed her arm before muttering “FIGHTING!!!”

“Fighting……for…for little brother”Bella thought inwardly and grabbed a jug of water before pouring some into a glass cup and gulping it in a goal.

Bella sat back on the chair and continued her work.

MEANWHILE at king’s office~

“Your being too harsh on her and it isn’t fair at all!, You weren’t harsh to your previous secretaries then why her?”Xavier said massaging his forehead with his fingers.

“She is exhausted!!!”Xavier said but was ignored again, so he eventually gave up and sat on the chair opposite to king .

“She is a witch!”King blurted out and Xavier frowned clearly confused and suprised at the same time.

“A witch?, how did you know that king Alex Donovan”Xavier said with an eye roll clearly displeased, yes, king hates her but it doesn’t mean he should use that title to describe her…like WTF?

“I don’t need to explain anything to you!”King said grumpily as he signed the files one by one after reading them.

“Then why……..”Xavier was interrupted as the door burst open and was closed back then a man walked in, he was clearly at his 40’s but ladies who saw him would think that he was at his early 30’s or latest 29.
Because of his flexible model like body.

“Hello step father?”King stopped what he was doing and adverted his gaze to the man with a very fake smile, a wicked smile.

“Alex, who the f*k did you think you are huh?!, how dare you!!” The man thundered and immediately he did that, king raised up his hand, a sign for him to shut the f*k up.

“Dante Simon, As I can remember this is my office old man, the next time you barge into my office like that again, you would hate me more than you do right now trust me”King said and they glared daggers at each other.

It seems like Xavier doesn’t like Dante Simon at all because he followed king and glared harshly at him.

“And trust me too king Donovan, I would teach you a very big lesson that you wouldn’t be able to show your ego again”Dante said and turned to leave when the door opened and Bella walked in.

She held half of the piles of files in her hands as she walked into his office and bowed a little before giving it to Xavier.

“Your not done with all”King said displeased.
“Am almost done, it remains just a few of them”Bella said and bowed a little.

“Is this one of your little chicks?”Dante asked and that was when Bella turned to look at him, she felt her skeleton jump out of her skin, her heart began to beat faster than normal. was Mr Dante.
The man that took her brother and forced her into all of these…but…but what was he doing here?

“It is such a pity that am not interested in unattractive girls”King muttered with a smug look on his face.

Dante adverted his gaze back to her and a wicked smirk formed on his face, that smirk!!, She knew what it mean!

Her brother!, Was he going to hurt her brother!!, king Donovan f**k you!!
She just needed to make him fall for her as fast as possible.

Or…or her brother might not leave!
This heartless monster might ki*ll him, she didn’t even know the condition her brother was in right now!!, was he okay?, was he eating?

Oh….she felt like going mad out of frustration.

Bella quickly snapped out of her thoughts and ran out of the office, immediately she was inside her office, she knelt in front of her glass desk and let the tears rush down her eyes.

She felt broken, her only source of happiness, her only reason to live and strive hard was not with her but with a heartless man that might ki*ll him in a second.

For f**k sake, Damien was 9!!!
He wasn’t strong enough, he always have an asthma attack 4× per day.

After some minutes of shedding uncontrollable tears, she managed to get a hold of herself and resumed her work.

Finally Bella was done with her work, she quickly packed the files and ran towards king’s office to see him already walking out of the door while xavier was locking his office.

“Sir, sir, am done with…the…”Bella trailed off when he grabbed the files and walked towards the waist bin and dumped it there causing her mouth to drop.

That was her f**king hardwork, how could he just dump it after everything.

“Those were 2013 papers, we don’t need those again!”King muttered and walked pass her with Xavier beside him leaving her standing there in shock.

Immediately he was out of sight, she clenched her fist and buried her face into her palms.

She felt so tired and her hands hurt badly, she didn’t use a laptop or something but her hands and this was the only thing that king Donovan could tell her!!?
That it was a 2013 project??

Bella sighed tiredly and grabbed her bag before running out of the company.

Bella huffed and puffed tiredly, she felt that she was going to pass out anytime soon, she had been walking home for up to thirty minutes now and her legs hurt badly.

She stopped walking when her legs began to tremble badly, she was a thirsty and hungry at the same time…. damn king Donovan!

Suddenly the sound of a car horn drew her attention and she turned to see a very nice black SUV which stopped beside her.

When the tinted glass window was rolled down, king’s good looking face came to view.

“Get in”King muttered and having no choice, she walked in and sat on the back seat before closing the door then the car zoomed off.

Bella felt that she was just too dirty for a nice SUV like this, so spotless and beautiful, this was one of the things she wished to buy when she got a hell lot of money.

“Please stop at Mayra street, number 15″Bella said.

When she thought she was going to enjoy the cool comfy seats and cool air conditioner inside the SUV, she heard king’s gruffed voice “Stop”

And the car pulled to a halt immediately.
“Get out quickly”He added and Bella frowned before looking at the view outside the window, she wasn’t even close to her house.

“Which of my order did you not understand?!”King asked and Bella quickly came down from the car and she watched as it zoomed off pouring few amount of mud on her skirt.

“Oh…..king Donovan, I will ki*ll you!!!!”Bella yelled in anger before continuing her journey in foot.

After some hours, king was on the bed striping a girl off her clothes, he was already on his boxers and bare chested with his six packs and muscles bulging.

While the girl had her p**ties and her brä on, when he made to remove her brä, he began to cough.
He coughed hard but thankfully it wasn’t a dry which could be very enough to make him spit out blood.

“Leave”He growled and the girl quickly wore her clothes and walked out of the room while he walked into his bathroom still coughing.

MEANWHILE in Bell’s room~

“King Donovan, you bas***d, die….die….die”Bella yelled holding her pillow and squeezing it with all her might, imagining it to be king Donovan.

“You must die, you dead corpse, wicked guy!”Bella cursed and that was how she rained curses on him all throughout the night.



  1. So Dante is a step father to Donovan? But why is he bent on bringing de young man down?
    I really feel pity for Bella😢

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