(Tainting her innocence)


(Tainting her innocence)

Written by: Authoress #princess


Episode 3


“Alex!!,Alex!!”A guy yelled walking into king’s room and it appeared like king was about to take some nap.

“Xavier!!, Stop yelling my name like that and how many times do i have to tell you to stop calling me that!!!”King half-yelled and shot him a harsh glare, a glare that could take someone on their knees but xavier looked unbothered.

“Calling you king is absurd and by the ways?, i am your best friend not some outsider”Xavier rolled his eyes and sat on a chair which was big enough that people could mistake it to be a throne.

“Aha!, lest i forget, i got great news for you!!”Xavier muttered snapping his right fingers together.

“Now what?”King said clearly pissed, he was really trying to hold his anger because if he don’t, he might ended up pouncing on xavier and beating him to a pup.

“I have found a suitable secretary for you since you fired your previous secretaries, hope the girl wouldn’t have the same fate “Xavier blabbed and king sat up.

“What did you just say?, a female?”King asked and xavier nodded.

“I told you to get a male secretary because i need someone that wouldn’t try to s3duce me during work time!! “King said clearly displeased and xavier scoffed.

“You claimed that they s3duced you and pretend like you don’t like that but every seconds, minute and hours i pass your office when the soundproof is switched off……”Xavier trailed off and shudder in disgust when he imagined the m*ns of those b*ches.

“Anyways, you wouldn’t stop until that thing in-between your leg malfunction”Xavier muttered and shivered again, not because of those b**ches but because of the dark glare king was shooting at him.

“I would leave now”Xavier chuckled nervously and dashed out if the door as fast as he could.

“Whatever!”King rolled his eyebrows, the secretary that is chosen….who knows?, Maybe another b**ch.


The next day at exactly 06:00AM in the morning, king was already up and had done his personal things, right now he was at the dining eating breakfast.

Not actually breakfast..

He just sipped his hot coffee with a blank expression on his face, king wasn’t those cold hearted CEO that is usually read in stories.

He was a manwh*re, he was sure about that, he don’t talk too much but he isn’t cold hearted!!
King drank half of his coffee and grabbed his suit jacket which was neatly hanged on the dining chair then he began to walk out of the mansion, Arianna had already left to school so except from the maids and guards….the mansion was empty.

“Good morning sir”The driver greeted immediately he was out of the mansion.

“Hmm”King hummed and walked towards the driver’s seat which made the driver confused.
“I will drive today, hand over the keys”King muttered and the driver gave him the keys without hesitation to avoid hearing king’s number one usual two word “Your fired!”

King ignited the engine and drove out of the mansion.


When he had reached the company, Everyone greeted him as usual but he ignored them and walked into his office grumpily making people to ask theirselves….what crawled into his pants today?

“What’s up with you?!”Xavier asked immediately his office was unlocked by his thumb print and they walked in.

“If that girl you brought as my secretary is f**king late even if it is just for a second, she should consider herself fired!!”King said and sat on his chair.

“Oh?, So that’s why your grumpy today?”Xavier said but all he got back was silence.
“I don’t like coming before my assistant, secretary or any of my employees, how dare that b**ch make me wait for so long, send an email to her, that she is fir……”King’s words got caught in his throat because the door was clicked open immediately and a lady walked in.

After closing the door gently, she turned and it was none other than Bella, she had a red shirt on and a black pencil skirt stopping at her knee, she looked very nervous as she clenched her fingers around the file she was holding.

“Good morning sir”She greeted both of them with a smile on her face before bowing slightly.

Xavier couldn’t help but do a little calculation inside his brain.

No cl*avages exposed✔️

Skirt decent and not short✔️

Looks = 99.9%

Xavier winked at king with a big smile on his face which indicated “I got the best right?”

But a frown formed on his face when he saw that king wasn’t smiling at all but instead he was frowning and that scared the hell out of him, it was always hard getting a representable secretary everytime king fires one now with that look king had on his face, one could tell it isn’t friendly at all.

“Your late”King muttered adverting his eyes back to the file he was once reading.

“Am sorry sir, please forgive me”Bella said bowing her head as her eyes lingered around the floor.

Then there was silence, a silence that if a pin was dropped to the floor, the sound can be heard but that wasn’t a comfortable silence for bella and xavier at all.

“Alex, aren’t you saying anything?”Xavier asked, he wanted to be sure whether bella was fired or not so that he could look for another d*mned secretary.

“Showing her where her office is located at is now my job right?”King asked icily but the tune king used on him wasn’t the case.

The case was bella was thirty minutes late but he didn’t fire her like he did to other girls who came much more earlier than her.

Another thing was that he didn’t arrange for an interview, king was a careful guy, he doesn’t like making mistakes neither does he like when people make mistakes so after answering the questionnaire, he arranges for an interview too….

“Alex!!,Alex!!, are you in your rightful senses, aren’t you going to fire her or….or like arrange for an interview “Xavier half-yelled pinching his cheeks to check whether he was asleep and dreaming too.

King raised an eyebrow at him harshly,making xavier to move back then he turned towards bella and smiled at her kindly.

“Please follow me miss bella”Xavier smiled.

“Okay”Bella chuckled remembering their little bickering, she followed him out of the office with a 2nd door.

“Taadahh, here is your office, close to the boss office enough right?”Xavier said immediately they entered a large office which was beautifully equipped and furnished.

It was beautiful but what added to its beauty was that it had transparent walls which made her eyes have access to king’s office.

As she was thinking about this, her eyes were focused on king derrick , thankfully, she could see his good looking face from her office.

He looked really focused while doing his work making him look more hotter than usual.

It felt like he felt her burning stares because he quickly turned and looked at her causing her to flush in embarassment as she quickly lowered her face to the floor while playing with her fingers.

“Wait….king…alex, did you just smile!!?”Xavier yelled from inside king’s office, his eyes were almost bulging out and his mouth was agape as he stared at king.

Though it was just for a split second but xavier saw it…..he saw it!!

“You shouldn’t talk nonsense!!”King grabbed his laptop and threw it at xavier but he managed to dodge it making the poor laptop to fall on the floor and the screen shattering into pieces.

“Get me another laptop!!!”King ordered and xavier giggled before running out of his room.



  1. Sooner or later King and Bella will fall for each other in no time and those perpetrating evil will fall to there own dug pit.

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