(Tainting her innocence)

Written by: Authoress #princess


Episode 2

Bella let her knees sink to the hard wooden ground as tears rolled down her eyelids to her cheeks.


This can’t be happening to her, this can’t be happening!, Her brother was just 9 years old and was asthmatic!
Anything could trigger his health.

She needed to find the guy and accept his offer as soon as possible even if it was something she never expected herself to do, she had to, so that her brother can live.

Bella grabbed the paper and read the address again before running out of the house as fast as she could, bumping into people and almost getting hit by a car but at that moment, she didn’t care.

Her brother was more important, important than her life itself, if it is to die for her brother, she would do so happily.

Bella couldn’t help but think, wherever he was kept, was he in good health?, Did his attack start again?

Ohhh, she felt like she would go crazy or burst anytime soon.

“Hey!, Watch it!”A man in his early 40’s yelled and hissed in pain when Bella bumped into him and his hot chocolate spilled on his neck making his skin to go all red.

“Am sorry sir!, Am sorry”Bella said and ran off, though the burnt she got from the coffee were too much but ofcourse she didn’t dare stop.

Finally, she stopped at the restaurant where the scary man said they should meet, she walked into the restaurant and looked around,searching for him with her eyes but when she didn’t see him, her heart began to this loudly inside her chest.

Maybe he had come early, but when he didn’t see her, he got angry and left, that was the first thought that crossed her head but she shaked it off her head, she was trying to think positive.

Yea!, She needed to calm down, Damien would surely be okay….he must be!
Bella was already sitting on a chair with her hands locked together nervously, it didn’t take long before the waitress walked towards her.

“Good day miss, welcome to Donovan’s popular restaurant, what would you like to order?”The girl said with a bright smile while scanning her white shirt which had turned brown as a result of the hot chocolate which poured on her chest not too long ago.

“I won’t order yet, am waiting for someone”Bella said meekly while tightening her grip around the hem of her skirt, but immediately the door opened and the man walked in, fear gripped her, she looked like a nervous criminal who was caught mudering someone.

The waitress nodded and left to another table.

“Your really worried about your brother that you had to run a long distance towards here huh??”He said with a smirk as he dragged out a chair and sat next to her.

“Mr, what have i ever done?,we’ve never met before then why are you doing this?”Bella said bitting her lower lips, she felt miserable, depressed.

“Firstly, my name is dante, secondly, i just found out something very interesting about the poor little boy.”Dante smirked and bella felt her heart swell inside of her, she knew what he was going to say, she knew it all.

“He had an attack but be rest assured that he is okay now but i can’t assure you that he will be alright next time the attack starts again”Dante said and smirked enjoying the look on her face, his plan was going smoothly and he knew that she can’t refuse him now because he had her brother and she would do anything for him.

“Okay, i will do as you say but he shouldn’t starve and should eat three times a day please”Bella pleaded and he smiled.

“He wouldn’t starve that is if you do as i say but if you don’t……”Dante left his words unfinished and bella knew what he meant very well despite the fact that he didn’t complete his statement.

“I will do as you say!!!”Bella said and he opened his suitcase and brought out a laptop, he tapped on the keyboard furiously for some minutes before facing the screen towards her.

“Apply for the position”Dante muttered and bella stared at the laptop for a while, what was she going to do?

She didn’t know how to operate a laptop because she was too poor to buy one and she didn’t go to school either.

“I don’t think you want your brother alive, don’t waste my f**king time, apply for the job!!!”Dante half-yelled and she trembled a little while playing with her fingers in both fear and nervousness.

“I…i can’t use a laptop!!, i don’t know how to….to..”Bella trailed off staring at the keyboard with a sense of unfamiliarity.

“Can you read?”Dante asked and she nodded repeatedly.

“Use words”Dante replied and she nodded before muttering a “yes”

“Forget it, i will apply myself but i have one thing to tell you little bella, spoil my plans and i will not only ki*ll your brother but i will……ruin you”He said raising his eyebrow dangerously and bella shivered in fear before diverting her head to her laps trying to avoid eye contact with him.

“But secretaries of different companies do use laptop for important transactions, wouldn’t he get suspicious that i have ulterior motives when he sees that i can’t use a laptop or computer”Bella said and a smirk formed on dante’s lips.

“He wouldn’t fire you if he found out that you can’t use a laptop rather he would teach you how to…….”He trailed off when his phone began to ring.

He reached for it in his pocket and answered it.

“Hello “He said and bella listened attentively to what he was saying despite the fact that she couldn’t hear what the other party was saying.

“Yes, am with her and she accepted the deal”

Bella’s eyes widened immediately she heard that, which means that it wasn’t only him that had this plan, he was with someone!!

“Okay boss”

Immediately he ended the call, he passed her a sly smirk before resuming to what he was doing with his laptop….then when he was done, he stood up.

“When your picked, i will inform you”He said and walked out of the restaurant.


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