Married to the Overlord

Married to the Overlord – Episode 25

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“Yes and the mysterious lady is my wife.” He declared and they all gasp in surprise.p

Gabrielle really wish the earth would open and swallow her . Ever since as a daughter of an elite she never once liked being the center of attention, she hated the press for how good they were at manipulating any story they wanted .

Lord Williams held Gabby’s hand snapping her outta her thoughts as she smiled at him and yhe rest of the occupants of the room.

“Hello everyone my name is Gabrielle Ray.” She gave a polite smile creating an impression in the eyes of the reporters.

“I’m proud to announce that she would be joining us here at Xavier’s Enterprises for good. Any more questions?” He turned to Gabrielle and smiled at her but Gabby knew those smiles are actually fake.

They kept throwing questions and Lord Williams didn’t seem to care about them anymore.

“And she Also be part of the board of directors for she owns the second largest shares in the company.thst would be all for the day.” He added everyone was beyond shocked.

He stood up with Gabby’s hand in his and they walked outta the board room together.

“Are you crazy? What did you do that for?” Gabrielle exploded the moment they arrived at his office.

Lord Williams ignored her questions and sat down unhurriedly on the executive chair in his office made of glass.

“What would you like to take? Tea or coffee?” Lord Williams asked and Gabby was boiling with anger.

“That’s not the answer to my question.” Gabrielle said with folded arms .

“Stop frowning you look like my grandma.” He teased and Gabby picked up a stationary on the coffee table and threw it at Williams but caught it effortlessly.

“Sit down.” He commanded and immediately seat down at the sound of his frosty voice.

A knock landed of the door and he muttered a come in.

George walked inside holding a few documents.

“This is George my secretary I believe you’ve already met , he’s gonna teach you everything you need to know about the company.”

“Why do I need to learn about your company? It’s not like I’m gonna work here.” She smirked.

“Yes you’re, you’re gonna be working as my personal assistant.” He declared and Gabby’s eyes opened widely in surprise.

“But I don’t wanna work for a grumpy man like you.” Gabby said with a raised chin and George almost burst out laughing.

“I guess this is my queue to excuse myself, if you need anything I’ll be in my office ma’am.” George bow slightly at the lady boss and Left the office immediately.

Williams stood up and walked towards her with cold eyes piercing holes through her skin.

“Say that again.” He said in between gritted teeth and Gabrielle felt the hairs on her back rise up.

“I said you’re grumpy.” She mumbled fearlessly but later regretted it when lord Williams got hold of her claimed her lips in a rough domineering kiss.

She felt pain from her scalp as he gripped her hair pretty tightly.

“Am still grumpy?” His voice commanded authority and Gabby couldn’t say no anymore.

“It hurts.” She whimpers and he let go of her hair .

“You need to be taught a lesson.” He groaned and picked her up and walked towards his hidden rest room in his office.

Gabrielle was feeling dizzy after his little drama in his office.

He placed her on the bed and captured her lips in a domineering kiss Gabrielle couldn’t keep up with.

Slowly he began unbuttoning her shirt and took off her bra before planting kisses on her neck down to her cleavage.

He cupped her ti*ts while sucking and licking giving them equal judgement.

Gabby was literally trying to suppress a moan but lost the last bit of rationality he rubbed her wet kitty through the fabric of her pants.

“Look at you all wet for me my love.” He smirked and furthermore teased her by planting kisses everywhere but her ti*ts.

Gabby was burning with desires and needed him to touch her down there.

“I no you want it, you have to beg for it.”


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