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Early the next morning, Lord Williams had already gotten outta the bed and gotten ready for the day usual while Gabrielle was still cuddled up in bed.

He smirked and took out a feather from the bedside drawer. He moved closer to her quietly and began tickling her feet.

She tried to move her feet away but he held them in place.

“Stop doing that Penelope.” She mumbled in her sleep and Williams could only shake his head.

‘you haven’t changed Abit .’, he thought and finally She couldn’t take the teasing anymore and decided to shrug off the attacker but unfortunately Williams knew what she was gonna do and pulled her legs first resulting to her falling hard on her butt.

“Ouch!”she screamed angrily and rubbed her hurting butt.

“What the heck man!” She glared at the cold man seating elegantly on the bed staring at her.

He showed no sign of sympathy or remorse he just kept a blank face while staring internally at her.

“You’re gonna be late dearest.” Was the only thing he said and stood up unhurriedly and left her seating there.

‘ugh! I hate him!’ she cursed inwardly and finally got off the floor while rubbing her butt and walked towards the bathroom.

Why did he want her to come with him anyway? She shrugged and began takiandloff her clothes.

Well it’s a good thing he was taking her outside the four corners of the mansion.

She almost screamed out in horror when she saw all the love bites he had inflicted on her pale porcelain skin.

“That imbecile!!” She cursed out loud and angrily turned on the shower and tried scrub it off but it only got worst.

“Screw this!” She gave up and took a quick shower.


She came downstairs clad in a formal two piece suit which Gabby could tell it was a limited edition, she knew not to ask who got it delivered to her room.

“About time.” She heard the devil’s and rolled her eyes.

He was presently at the dinning having breakfast which consist of pancakes, eggs and broccoli cheese casserole.

He patted the chair beside him but Gabby decided to ignore him and sat on a chair across him. He looked directly at neckline but noticed she buttoned up to cover the hickeys left by him.

“What?” She raised an eyebrow but only smirked mockingly and continued to eat his breakfast.

Gabrielle also mimicked him and dug into her breakfast too.

He looked at her and shook his head.

“We leave in 5.” He spoke calmly and Gabby was busy thinking of ways to get back at him.

“What? No I haven’t even eaten my breakfast.” She protested but he paid less attention to her.

“That’s you problem.” His lips curved slightly as he ate his breakfast unhurriedly , Gabby couldn’t lie he looked more like Royalty.

“Huff! You’re such a turn off.” She mumbled and stuffed pancakes into her mouth like a hungry buffalo.

Unknownest to them the servants were actually watching the two couples bantering about nothing.

“They look so stunning together. Young master has found his match.” The chef told Godvric the butler who seem to be grinning from ear to ear.

“I’m pretty sure we’re gonna have little Xavier running around the place soon.” The butler winked at them and they immediately understood what he meant.


“I can’t wait to for the house to be filled with kids again. Young master has been through Alot , just seeing him being open with someone makes me happy.” The Gardener added and they all giggled.


After breakfast they both left the villa and Gabrielle became nervous. He’d told her during breakfast that he was only gonna to introduce her to the board of directors but deep down she felt he had more tricks up his sleeves.

A sigh escaped her lips as she rested her head against the windshields and stole glances at him but as usual he was busy typing off on his laptop.

“What do you want?” His voice broke her outta her reverie.

“Excuse me what?” Asked still staring at him.

“You’ve been staring at him since we left the villa so spit it out.” He caught her red handed and she had no choice but to say what was bugging her.

“You’re not just going to introduce me to the board of directors right? There’s something else.” She squirts her eyes at him .


“You’re right love I’ve got other plans so relax.” He blurted out and went back to his unfinished work.

“Why do I have a bad feeling about this?” A frown adorn her face as she kept staring at his poker face for answer but unfortunately he was good at hiding his emotions.

“Good you should.”



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