Married to the Overlord


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(Warning this chapter contains matured contents read at your own risk.)


In the darkest of nights at the mansion of Lord Williams were a couple having a time of their lives without a care of the world.


Williams ran his fingers around her p*ssy lips and Gabby shivered slightly as the sensation she felt was a new feeling.

He kept teasing her buds and finally slide a finger into her honeypot and Gabby felt a thousand butterflies in her stomach.

Williams decided to step up his game and kissed her down there before teasing her with his tongue expertly.

Gabby kept chewing on her bottom lip to suppress s moan.

“You don’t have to hold in my love,scream for me.” Williams commanded against her honeypot and like the king he was Gabby obeyed and moaned like crazy.

“Yes please.” Gabby cried and kept sucking her inside out. In her Time her orgasm were all over his face, he licked it off and Also made her taste herself by locking lips with her again.

Slowly he took off his shirt while Gabby’s shaky hands undid his belt and help him get outta his trouser.

Gabby gasp in surprise when she saw how endearned her husband was down there.

She began to worry if it was gonna fit down there.


“Like what you see?” He crawled up on top of her and captured her lips in a slow and fiery kiss and slowly she began to forget about her worries.

He widened her legs and placed on his shoulder as he slowly slipped into her cvnt making whimper as she felt a sharp lingering pain.

“Does it hurt?” He asked and planted soft kisses on her feet.

Gabby could only nodded for her vision had become teary.

“Relax your nerves okay? And tell me to stop if you’re uncomfortable.”he assured and began thrusting into her in slow paces and gradually Gabby forgot about the pain and was consumed by lust and pleasure.

“Harder..” she found herself saying and Williams began thrusting into her harder and faster, as Williams kept saying her name.

Gabrielle’s moans were like music to his ears which not only make his d*ck swell inside of her but also fueled his hunger.

Right he was like a hungry wolf that have starved for centuries and Gabby didn’t mind getting devoured by this hungry wolf.

Williams held her neck,not tight enough to choke her and definitely not loose enough.

“What’s my name wife?” His husky voice got Gabby wanting more.

“Lord Xavier!!” She screamed out in pleasure and he kept riding her cvnt.

He groaned softly as he felt his release getting closer by the second.

“Oh sh*t!!” He growled as his pace became even faster and with every thrust it gets harder.

“Do you like it?” He groaned softly.

“Yes! Yes! Don’t stop please.” She found herself talking in gibberish.

“F*ck Gabby you’re so f*cking tight!” He said in between gritted teeth as he skyrocketed her into the clouds and also blasted his seeds deep inside of her.

He pulled his c*ck outta her and fell on the other side of the bed as they both try to catch their breaths.

He pulled her into his arms and planted a kiss on her forehead while resting his chin on it and they both stayed that way enjoying the serenity of the silence between them.

Gabby buried her face against his chest for she red like a tomato after the heated session between them.

She knew it was no use to hide for it was the right thing to do as a couple.

“I feel sticky and uncomfortable, I’m gonna take a shower.” She finally broke the silence.

“Eh.” He said and got off the bed naked , Gabby had to cover her face shyly.

“What are you doing?” He looked at amused by her shyness.


“Can you get dressed please? I not use to seeing you in your full glory.” She voice out her thoughts but instantly covered her mouth when she realized she’d actually voiced out what she was thinking.

He chuckled softly and moved closer to her.

“Let’s shower together.” He said in a flirteous way and sweeped Gabby off her feet before she could respond.

She couldn’t only give up and let him what he wanted not that she wasn’t enjoying every bit of what he was doing.

He took into the bathroom and placed in the tub after mixing a bath.

“What do you think you’re doing my Lord?” Gabrielle asked cautiously when she saw the look in his eyes.


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