In Love With Two Brothers

Love triangle


(Love triangle)






Falling in love at first sight isn’t a big deal and loving a single person isn’t bad at all. But the act of getting caught up in the love for two guys is just and unimaginable facts. Just imagine a war between love and lust erupting in your fragile mind and you not wanting to fall victim for the latter, causing you to get stuck, weird right?

Well, this mystery actually happened to a certain girl, whom we would go down her history. Her name is Ariel.

Ariel, a dark haired teenage girl, born to an African mother and American father; makes her an African-American, who got entangled in family issues causing her to become a cast out. Her mother was disowned for the act of getting pregnant illegally for white man after being engaged, which is against her African tradition.
This made poverty to become her stinking companion, as she couldn’t get any aid from her family members, who disowned her for being an half cast. Infuriated, she took up the mission to search for her unknown father in the western country, but got intertwined with the love for two brothers, whose aims are to make her theirs.

Will Ariel ever make it out of this entangled love triangle, and reveal her true love to one of the brothers?

Will her mission ever be completed?


Find out in this interesting story…..grab your popcorn…


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