In Love With Two Brothers

In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 9

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Chapter Nine
(He hits her)

Axel POV

“What the F-” Michael snap, but was interrupted by the shock on his face with later became a smirk. Flora tried to cover up her body, having this look of shame on her face, I believe none of them actually expected me to be in the house that hour; else they would have made a proper arrangement

“Hey bro…what are you….” I landed a heavy blow on his face before he could complete the sentence, throwing it at different angles. He manage to dodge some blows, but the first actually made him nut.

He tried to punch me back but Flora held him back, begging us to stop the fight but it all fell on deaf ears, as I send another punch into his stomach.

He endures the pains, kicking me and sends blows to my chest. I groan slightly not ready to give up, not minding his naked body, I punch his nose hard making him bleed.

At this point, Flora came to stand in between the both of us, she was crying profusely begging us not kill each other, as I send angry glare at her.

“Please stop…..hunhh….please….don’t do this to me” she sobs
“I trusted you Flora, I….i….” I couldn’t find a perfect word to say, this felt like a dream to me. Michael roared in laughter as he watched us, he clap his hands in mockery and smirk.

“Look here lover boy, Flora is already taken…..why stressing yourself over her…she doesn’t love you, as you can see, she screamed my name like a b***h that she is” he snaps. I felt anger boil inside of me, I felt like knocking him off, but Flora won’t let me.

I took my glance back to her, but she wasn’t saying anything, instead, she turned her face to the other side

“Do you really want me to leave Flora, huh,,,look girl just tell me that what he is saying is not true….look…fine…I caught you both having s*x but just tell me if he actually forced you to do it……tell me if it was actually rape or something else I will believe you, but don’t leave me Flora.

I love you with the whole of my heart” I sob slightly, as a drop of tears rolled down my cheek, no doubt, I was really in love with Flora for me to cry.

“Just leave Axel….i don’t wanna see your face….just go” she snaps angrily, and it made me wonder why she is so angry with me. Did I do anything wrong, did I wrong her in anyway…but I couldn’t remember doing anything that will hurt her.

My legs shook as I manage to drag myself out of the room; I notice a huge smirk on Michael’s face as he watches me go out. He took her hand, and hugs her naked body.

Getting home that day was a hell of a problem for me; I kept going against the traffic rules but manage to get home. None of my parents were around when I got in, only Aiden was in the living room while Elsa the maid was clearing the dinner table.

He was so engross in what he was doing on his phone that he didn’t notice my presence when I entered, only Elsa sighted me and greeted but I paid no attention to her.

She might have noticed my condition and reported the plight to Aiden, because he came knocking at my door few minute after I went in.

“Hey…Open up buddy….what’s wrong” he said, trying to turn the knob, but it wouldn’t bulge
“Go away…..i want to be alone” I muttered with a croak voice
“Jesus…Axel is that your voice….open up please” He kept on banging the door

“No…….no…just go…….” I yelled with anger, and the banging subsides, I believe he doesn’t wanna get on my bad side, so he left…leaving me with a pounding headache which used to be my greatest fears.

I hates headaches, whenever I have them, I always end up with a terrible nightmare…about someone….someone I can’t seem to remember clearly…..someone from my past.

End of Flash Back
<Back to the present>

After the whole swimming moment with the couples, we decided to retire back to our lodges. After having a hot bath, I slip into one of my pajamas, sipping my hot coffee as I slump on the bed, unlocking my phone with my other hand.

A notification bar popped up, showing a three missed call form Aiden, I decided to call him back. Placing the phone to my ear, it rang from few seconds before being picked up

“Hey buddy” Aiden voice sounded from the other line
“Hey….what’s up”

“I’m cool and you….hope you are getting over that depressed mind by now” he smirk

“And the nightmare?” he asked, his tone depicting concern

“I haven’t been having it for a while now…I think it’s a good start, I’m getting better” I muttered
“That’s good to hear, just remember to stay careful and don’t reveal yourself to anyone, so that you won’t get kidnapped” he chuckled, I smiled briefly

“Sure I won’t, I’m not a kid Aide and whereas I already made a friend here too, who doesn’t know me before”

“Really…huhff…then that folk is really lucky, the Axel I know doesn’t make friends easily…anyways…stay
cool” He cooed

“Sure….so…how is Dad taking it…I he still angry” I huff

“Don’t know bro….mum and dad went on a vacation…will be back tomorrow I think. Just keep your mind cool, you need the break..but don’t forget to call that annoying friend of yours.

I saw him at the mall this afternoon, and he kept asking me questions about your where about, stating that he will kick your a$$ if he finds you.” He chuckled, while I laughed out loud

“Sure…Dylan is one hell of a guy…I will call him after hanging up”
“Ok…so take care brother..bye” he muttered and hang up after my reply

I scrolled through my contact list and click on the number saved with, Buddy…placing it on my ear, it rang for few seconds before he picked it up

“Hello….” He muttered in a sleepy voice
“Hey buddy…what’s up” I cooed

“What a F… that you” he yelled
“Hey…don’t burst my eardrum” I chuckled

“I’m surely gonna burst when I find out where you are, for Christ sake Zel where have you been” He groan
“Well….i’m out of the country for now, will be back in a month time I think”

“What!!!!!! A month…but why….what happened I mean….what will your fans say if you miss the second show….they were damn mad the other time….i was even more than mad”
“Oh….yea I know about that….were you at the show then?” I asked ruefully

“Sure, trust me to always be at your shows….it was getting interesting and everyone was waiting for your arrival, not until that crazy brother of yours came to the stage and spoiled everything….in fact many of us thought you were the one, your likeness is so crazy.

He started by apologizing and ended it by telling us that you won’t be coming for the show. I was damn mad, like seriously….did he tell you that I threw a hot hamburger at him?” He muttered

“No….” I said in between laughter

“Yea I did….and he noticed it. If he had stayed longer on the stage I might have jump on him and pounce him hard for ruining our night” He huff, chuckling.

That’s just what he says most time, everyone knows that Aiden and Dylan don’t get along, they are not enemies but things don’t just work out between the two of them.

It’s either Aiden is complaining about Dylan’s grumpy attitude, or Dylan is bragging of beating him to the stupor, but none of them has engage in the fight anyways

“So when will you be coming back bro…., I’m really missing you here” he groaned
“I will be back soon, trust me….” I replied softly, running my hands throw my hair, he sighs softly

“Fine…if you say so…I will be waiting for you bro….”
“Sure buddy…bye” I ended the call after his reply

The Shaw’s Mansion
*One week later*

Ariel POV
It’s been a week now since Aiden left for a movie shoot, he only told me he would be coming back soon, but I didn’t know that it will take this long. Life the Shaw’s mansion has been a bit boring without him, only Elsa keeps me company whenever she has the chance to.

The other maids are not as friendly as she is, although they respects me, but I still feel a glint of jealousy in them, and it makes me wonder why they are jealous, or perhaps what they are jealous of.

Staying in my room all day doesn’t even help matters, my leg is fully healed and I can walk as fast as I do walk before, and that gives me the opportunity to explore the mansion more. Today, Elsa decided to stroll with me as we talk on many topics that come across my mind.

Few minutes into our discussion, we notice two black jeeps drove into the compound through the main gate. Getting to the front of the mansion, it halted as a guard gets out and opened the door. A well built-man but good looking man stepped down while a pretty young woman followed.

They seem to be in a hot argument as they started hauling words at each other. We watched curiously as they argue on words we couldn’t comprehend, while other maids who came to welcome them took in their belongings

“You disgust me…..Mark…..i’m tired of you” The woman groan
“That’s because you are a whore…..b***h” the man resorted, breathing heavily like someone coming from a gym. He tried leaving, but she dragged him back

“We need to talk Mark….and this is not the best place to rain insult on me…I am also human….stop treating me like trash…stop…” He sent a heavy slap across her face, preventing her from speaking more

“Get it into your skull that I am your husband, and you have no right to speak back at me” he muttered angrily, heading into the building as the woman began to sob
“Harrghhh” I gasp almost loudly

“Come…let’s go in…please” Elsa beckon with pleading eyes. She actually wanted to take me away from the scene, of which I agreed to. Although, I still felt like watching more of it, but I believe she has a reason for wanting me to leave.

Getting into my room, she headed for the window, staring out while I sat on the bed, with the scene still replaying itself on my mind. The man was just too forward to slap a woman right in front of the maids and guards she might be really pained to receive such insult from, perhaps her husband. Who are they anyway? I thought.

I tried asking Elsa about them, but she was far from consciousness. I had to call her the third time before she responded
“Elsa….what’s wrong” I asked, going to meet her at the window side. I gasp on sighting her already red eyes, with her cheek a bit puffy. She had been crying all along without me knowing.

“She has suffered a lot….she is suffering…too much” She shuttered between sobs

“But….who….the woman….” I asked. She busted into tears again, embracing me. I allowed her to cry for a while on my shoulder before breaking off.
“Can you tell me about it….are they your parent” I asked, she shook her head

“No….they are Mr. and Mrs. Shaw…..Aiden’s parent” She cooed
“Oh….ok…but why were you crying… you mind if I know about it” she shook her head

“He treats her bad every time…..sometimes I wonder if he really loves her when they got married…
I just don’t get it” She mumbled
“Hmmm….you mean Mr. Shaw”

“Yes…..apart from the chef…I have been working with them for a while now, right from when I was still a kid though. They are just like a family to me. Mrs. Shaw picked us from the street and allowed us to work as maids”

“Us???” I asked, as we both went closer to sit on the bed
“Yes.. I and my Mum…although she is dead now..” she croaked
“Oh…I’m sorry about that”

“Doesn’t matter…I’ve gotten over it already. Ever since mum died I continued her work as the maid, and Mrs. Shaw has been treating me well. Even her kids too are not bad, though one used to be a bit grumpy then, but he was kinda nice too. I remembered the day he got me a cookie, I was surprised.

But Mr. Shaw hasn’t been that way, whenever he is around, everyone is always tensed up. No jokes, no play…no laughter…everyone has this one prayer on their lips, and that is for him to go on a no return journey.

He scares us a lot. I hate seeing her cry, and whenever she does that, I cry too…despite being a maid, I take her as a mother” She sniffed

“Does he always hit her that way….” A knock came on the door before she could reply; a maid stepped in after being summoned to
“Good day ma’am…I’m asked to call Elsa” A red haired lady stated

“By who..” Elsa asked
“Mr. Shaw……..” she said
I felt a sudden shiver running into Elsa’s body as she managed to compose herself…fear was fully written in her eyes, as she held onto my hand for while.

“It’s gonna be ok Elsa…” she muttered to herself before getting up
“What is wrong with her…..” I thought, having no reply to my question.
Why is Elsa suddenly feeling nervous….
What do you have to say about Mr. Shaw; Axel and Aiden’s dad?
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  1. Mr Shaw is a woman beater.. Too bad. Why make d woman suffer dat much. Well d story is unfolding we will get to know what happened and why he is like that.

    Next pls thanks.

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