In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 7

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Ariel woke up the next day, feeling a bit of relief; the doctor really did a good job. Her stomach rumbled immediately, making her jerk of the bed to ring the bell. She remembered having dinner yesterday, but what will make her damn hungry this morning, she thought.

“Perhaps because of the drug you took” her subconscious stated
She waited for a while and ringed the bell again, but Elsa wasn’t coming, where could she be? She thought.

Walking briskly into the bathroom, she freshened up and changed into one of the clothes Aiden bought for her. It suits her perfectly and she wondered how he managed to get her size. Her ankle seem a bit fine, she doesn’t seem to be limping like before, she could walk a bit with the foot on the ground, now.

Having dressed up to look presentable, she headed out of the room, with the mission to go into the kitchen and ask for something to eat, perhaps from one of the maids; she might as well see Elsa, she thought. Finding her way out of the hallway was a bit of a problem; she ended up opening some certain rooms before getting to the exact stairs that leads to the living room.

“huhnnn…at last..i can’t believe a house will be as big as this, I almost missed my way” she mumbled and moved further. She heard some voices coming from below the stairs and paused to listen. They seem to be all guys sitting down below..what is she gonna do, she thought…go down there to meet them or just go back into the room

“Hunnhh…. I’m damn hungry, I need food” she whined and climb down the stairs. Everyone present in the living room stop talking abruptly, as their own attention was on her. She almost missed a step, getting nervous all of the sudden. She doesn’t know this people, who are they? She thought. A girl was also among them, and her glares seem deadly….

Getting to the ground floor, she brightened up her face in a smile
“Hi…” she waved

“Hey…pretty, how are you” one of the guys replied, they were two guys and a girl
“I’m…I’m fine” she breathed out, twisting her fingers.

“Ok..i’m Ryan, Aiden’s friend and this is Zach, erm”
“I never asked you to introduce me, I gat my mouth mehnnn…” Zach stated, Ryan rolled his eyes

“Whatever…I thought you are the quiet type, so I decided to help you out” he smirked
“I don’t need your help..anyway..i’m Zach, nice to meet you” he smiled at Ariel who returned the smile
“Nice to meet yo……” her stomach growled again and it was really audible this time, everyone heard it and Ryan chuckled, she flushed immediately in embarrassment

“Ermm….I need to go to the kitchen..see you later” she muttered and went towards a totally different direction
“Huhh” Sophia scoffs
“That’s not the way to the kitchen…stop being a buffalo” she cursed as the guys stared angrily at her

“What?” she asked, raising her hands into the air
“You shouldn’t have called her that…she is new here, just show her the way” Zach muttered
“Why is she being harsh on me..i’m just meeting her for the first time” Ariel thought, also sending daggers at Sophia

“Hey pretty eyes, come, I will show you the way” Ryan winked, Sophia scoffs and hissed
“Don’t mind her, she is just jealous of your beauty..” Ryan whispered into her ears as he leads the way..She blush a little, hearing that word ‘beauty”
Sophia groan in anger and flung her bag immediately she stepped into her room. She has been angry all through her visit to the Shaw’s mansion. The guys really deceived her in believing that Axel will be coming back that day, but it was all a prank. Instead, they filled her eyes with the praise of that stupid girl’s beauty. She was boiling had hearing them praise someone else who wasn’t her, she want all eyes to be fixed on her as the most prettiest girl they have ever come across, but the girl is taking her place.

“I can’t believe I went there to waste my time. Ryan is really getting on my nerves, how dare he play a prank on me?” she asked no one on particular and scoffs

“Gosh..Axel…when will you come back..i miss you. Just come back and I will be ready to close the hole in your heart. I will make you feel like a man again, and save you from the depressed life Flora have given to you”

“Hmm” she signed, sitting on her bed
“I hope that Ariel girl doesn’t get on my toes in any way, I felt irritated meeting her for the first time, and the guys made it worse and increased my hatred for her. I’m sure she is a spy; she is just pretending to be innocent. I pray Axel comes fast to kick her off that house, her presence is stinking annoying..hunhh” she mocked, picking up her phone. She dialed her friend’s number, and she picked at the second ring

“Hey pretty babe” Nina voice came up
“Hi..” Sophia mumbled

“Sophia.?? What’s wrong, you sound dull”
“Just bored..are you free, let’s hang out”
“Sure, I’m actually with Emma, we can go have some fun together”

“Ok fine…I will be at your house in a Giffi……Dress in your best outfit” Sophia cooed
“Sure thing babe…” she squeal, Emma’s voice could also be heard in the background

“Hmm” she signed, and ended the call
“Hope this help me clear off my mind”
Later that evening, Ariel decided to confine in Elsa in telling her more about the mansion and the people within. This is her second day in the house and that is because her leg is not fully recovered; she still feels little pains, but it seems a lot better than before.

She only knows Aiden, as the guy who rescued her, Elsa, as her assigned maid, the supposed friends of her savior and the crazy b***h who seems to hate her, even as they haven’t meet before, the horrid looking guys in black which her subconscious stated to be bodyguards and…that’s all. But the fact that she is still a stranger remains the same, though they seem nice to her, except the b***h, but she can’t just stay here for the rest of her life.

“And where are you gonna stay, remember you ran away from Miss Peggy, and she might be looking for you by now” Her subconscious warned

“Geez…I’m stuck here, I don’t know what to do..i’m damn confuse..” she heard a knock on the door and ordered the fellow in; it was Elsa
“Hi ma’am, you called for me” She greeted
“Hi Elsa, please can you stop calling me ma’am, I’m fed up already…my name is Ariel” She whined, Elsa chuckled

“Well, we are all used to calling the bosses and their friends ma’am or sir, let’s say it’s the law of this mansion for every maid, servant and guard to respect our bosses’ visitors” She let out a smile, while Ariel shrug
“Ok fine…you can call me ma’am in front of everyone, but just call me by my name when we are alone….”

“If you say so….you called for me” Elsa shrug, moving a bit closer into the room
“Yes…..i’m ….hmmm” Ariel signed
“Fine, can I confine in you…I mean I need to know about this place” She muttered holding her hands as she led her to the bed. Elsa seem to be a bit confused, but she heard to hear her out first
“I’m sorry but I don’t get you” Elsa twisted her face, confused as she sits beside Ariel

“Ok, let’s stat it this way….i’m not actually Aiden’s friend, I am just someone he rescued on the road…there was a situation, and I fainted…so he rescued me”
“Ohhh” Elsa muttered, waiting for her to continue
“So…I really wanna know more about him..i believe I’m still a stranger here, but I just wanna know more about who I’m living with” she pouted

“Well…….hmmmm..i’m a bit taken aback now..but I will tell you, because I like you. Actually this mansion doesn’t belong to Aiden, though he has his personal house too, but I don’t know much about it. His dad Mr. Shaw owns this place, and you can call him a multi billionaire, he owns one of the popular music schools and Music Company in Cape Town; and his wife is such a darling”
“You mean Aiden’s mother”

“Yes, just that Mr. Shaw is a bit harsh, but he is also nice. His wife own a hospital, she is a doctor”
“What about those men in black”
“They are bodyguards. Aiden is a celebrity, he acts movies”
“Wow…that’s cool..i wish to watch one of his movie someday”
“Sure you will”

“Does he have any sibling?”
“Yea he has a sister…….”A knock came on the door, interrupting Elsa. She stood up immediately, arranging her clothes, as Ariel muttered a ‘come in’





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  1. This chapter is interesting and I like that Ariel wanna know about the person she is staying with
    But I will also like that she let Aiden know about her
    Good work writer, keep it coming

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