In Love With Two Brothers

In Love With Two Brothers – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Ariel POV
Rushing into the classroom, I sighted Mia sitting at the extreme of the class, with her head on the table. She seems to be in deep thought. But why will she stay at the back seat instead of the usual front roll. My heart beat against my chest as I tried to imagine what she found out, that made her sound so angry when she called yesterday.

I heaved a heavy sigh, going to meet her, as I touched her hand. She felt a presence, and looked up
“Erm…Mia…you called yesterday, and I was damn worried, what’s wrong” I asked worriedly

“Mtchewww” she hissed loudly, as other students drew near to watch the scene

“You are such an ingrate Ariel; you drag our friendship in the mud. You act like you love me, but no, you don’t. You just don’t trust me…” She busted into tears, while I gulp down nothing. What have I done wrong?

“Erm…Mia, can we go to somewhere private and talk about this…we are making a scene here, and people are watching” I pleaded softly, almost breaking down in tears

“No…I will tell you to your face how bad you are, I will spit out what you did…you wanna know huhnn….you really wanna know?” she asked, ruffling her hair

I stared at the pricking eyes of other student as they watch intently
“Mia….come on……I don’t know what you are talking about”

“The truth is that, you…….” She paused, staring at everyone present, as I wait eagerly to hear what she has to say.

“April fool!!!!!!!” she laughed out loud, covering her mouth. A surge of relief filled my heart as my tensed shoulder went down. She had been pranking me all along, why didn’t I notice it earlier. And today is actually April 1st, geez she acted so real

“Don’t let me get my hands on you Mia, because I’m really gonna strangle you. For Christ sake I almost had a heart attack thinking I did something wrong, I mean, you acted so real, miss.” I groan

“Sure, acting is my hobby, so what do you expect” she giggled, I frown at her, standing akimbo. She busted into another round of laughter

“Seriously Mia, you need to taste a bit of my fist, I couldn’t sleep last night too”

“Awwnnnn, sorry darling, I haven’t really prank someone for a while now, and being my best friend, I think pranking you won’t be a big deal. So how was the prank” she winked

“Hummn, I really need to take a break, my heart is still beating faster than ever”

“Sure it will, everyone falls for my prank” Mia boasted

“Huhn, well let’s wait and see when I play mine. I can’t just imagine how your face will be, because you will damn fall for it, and think it’s real”

“Whatever, let’s wait and see. As for now, let’s talk about something else. Have you signed in for the audition” She asked

“Yea I did that yesterday, and I hope I get in. What about you, did you? I asked, she shakes her head sideward, frowning

“Why, I thought you wanted to”

“Yea…well the truth is, I’m really bad in singing, I don’t think I will make it through the first stage. Hybrid Record label is kind of a tough ground for upcoming singers, and they only choose the best of the best. I don’t think I’m good at anything, when it comes to music” Mia pouted

“Hmmm, Mia, you can’t just say that, no one is perfect, but you can still find your part in music, since you have the passion for it. Fine, you are good in writing poems right? And by the way, we are both studying music, so you should have gotten a clue on what you are good at. Music is broad, remember?” I advised

“Yea, sure…well, I write songs too, not just poems; and trust me, I write perfect lyrics” She beams

“Wow, that’s a good start, I will like to see it, and if possible sing it with you. We will make a perfect team, you know”

“Geez…that’s cool. Anyway, I have news for you…….trust me you will wanna hear it” she smiled, leaning closer

“My cousin will be coming down to my house from Paris, we are best of friends, and we will be having a get-together”

“Oh, that’s nice. Just the both of you?”
“Sure….any problem”

“Well, it doesn’t really sound like a get-together” I laughed

“Call it whatever” she huffed
“So, what’s the good news?”

“That’s the goodnews”
“Seriously? Then where do I come in” I asked, perplexed

“I want you to come, you know, as my best friend. We will have a lot of fun together and trust me, it’s gonna be a nice girly-little party. She will also come along with her friend. I don’t wanna be lonely” she pouted, holding my hand

“Oh…so when is it holding”

“This night”

“This night?” I shriek

“Yea………” she replied, shrugging

“Ain’t you free this night” she asked
“I am, but you should have told me earlier…I don’t know if…” I muttered

“Don’t tell me you won’t be allowed go to your friend’s house. You told me you ain’t living with your parent, so you gat the freedom babe. I will be expecting you this night and trust me, you are gonna enjoy yourself.”

“I don’t know your house”

“Worry not about that, I will text you the address and time. Love you sweetheart, I need to get something from the school mall, see ya” She muttered, pecking me on the cheek and scuttled off.


Pacing to and fro in my room, as my feet makes soft sound, kissing the warm, cozy floor. I thought of the sudden get-together Mia asked me to attend. Well, it isn’t a big deal going to welcome her cousin, with her friend; but I can’t leave the house without informing Aiden. Now, that’s where the problem lies, I don’t think I will be able to face him after the kiss we shared yesterday. It came unexpectedly, and I just have to flow with it, no doubt, I really enjoyed it.

I don’t think I will ever face him again, gosh, I feel so shy. I muttered, touching my cheeks with were already tomato red, due to my weird blush. Immediately, my phone buzzes as Mia’s message pop up in the notification bar.

She just text the address and time; also telling me to wear something nice and hot.
“Huhnn, wear something nice and hot” I mimic, mentally fixing in her voice

This is a girly get-together party, and not some dance audition or club party. Why is she asking me to wear something hot; is her cousin a lesbian, hehhee, I’m not sure about that. I decided to have my lunch first before going on with my plan to tell Aiden about it, but getting to the dining room, he was already on sit, having his lunch. I gasp slightly, I never knew he has been around; well I think this is the best time to tell him about it.

“Ermmm, hi…” I mumbled slightly, going to take the seat opposite him. He noticed my presence, and smiled on seeing me

“How are you Ariel?” his husky but perfect voice came up, as I blush vaguely, remembering kissing those pinky lips

“I’m fine, and you?”
“I’m perfect” he cooed

“So how was school today?

“‘Twas fine; you weren’t in school today?” I asked
“I was”

“But I didn’t see you” I muttered, he laughed softly

“The school is broad, you can’t possibly sight someone, and whereas, I attend private classes with other celebrities, else those crazy fans of ours won’t concentrate on the lecturer if we eventually attend general classes. They will form paparazzi” He explained. I nodded nonchalantly

“But I sighted you though, with someone. I think she is your friend right? At the school library”

“Oh…yea….her name is Mia” I spurted out. He shrugged. We remained silent for a while, each facing our food, as the room became intense.

Our minds, filled with many thought as no one is ready to speak about last night. I fidgeted with my spoon at the long stares he cast at me. The room was getting too hot, as I resolute to break the silence.
“Erm…Aiden..” I called

“I need to tell you something” He shrugged, giving me the ‘go ahead’ look
“Ermm…Mia will be having a get-together party with her cousin and friends tonight, and…erm…she invited me to be present.” She cooed

“So?” he asked
“Erm…can i…..”

“Look Ariel, you are free to go to anywhere you which to, but just be careful okay, you still need lots of time to get use to this city. It is full of good people, but the bad eggs are much. I won’t want you to be their victim” He interrupted, as I beam in glee

“Thanks Aiden”
“And make sure you go with a guard, I won’t want you to go alone”

“Sure…I will do just that” I gleamed, standing up to leave, but he stopped me
“Are you done eating” He asked

“Yea…I’m full already,…I um…had something at the cafeteria this afternoon, so I’m not too hungry” I explained. He nodded

“But can you sit please, I want to speak to you about something” I hesitated a bit, not knowing what he wants to talk about; but my butt finds its way down the chair

“Uhmhhm” he cleared his throat, gulping down the remains of his wine.
“It’s about what we had yesterday” He muttered, and this is what I have been avoiding

“Ariel, I’m really sorry for…you know…yesterday. I wasn’t in my right state of mind. I shouldn’t have taken you unaware” he stated.

“Oh…it’s ok…I’m not angry” I smiled. He returned the smile, as silence took over again, with our eyes locked. I quickly break it, to avoid further regrets.

“I need to check out for the dress I will wear” I said, getting on my feet. He seem to come back to himself after being lost, staring at me.

“No problem, I also need to be somewhere now, will see ya tomorrow, I think. Or are you coming back this night”

“I don’t know yet”

“Anyways, just stay safe” he pecked my cheek and left. Geez,…..i blushed, and as for the plates, I think Josephine knows her job. I will need to show her who the boss is, I won’t be doing the dishes myself when she is around, like seriously that girl has been getting on my nerves lately, and I wonder why I’m still gentle on her, huff.

“Well, I did it perfectly and she fell for it, so easily” I screamed in glee, as I narrated the prank I played on Ariel and her reaction, to my cousin and her friend. Actually, I tried playing a welcome prank on them on their arrival, but before I could blink my eyes, they got to know that it was nothing but a prank.

My cousin often tells me that my pranks suck; but if Ariel could fall for it, why can’t she just fall for my prank, even if it’s for once. Let me take you down our history, I and my cousin are found of playing pranks on people right from when we were little.

She has also played some pranks on me, that I had to believe her, but when I do, she quickly get my moves and laugh at my childishness for trying to fool her; meaning, she caught me. But we were both childish though.

Now I’m trying to think of another prank to play on Ariel to prove to them that someone can also fall for my pranks, but none is coming to my mind. Hmm, I think I will have to wait for her to come first, perhaps when we get to the club.



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