High School Mom – Season 2 Episode 18

(My love for her is unconditional)

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High school mom 
My love for her is unconditional


Written by Assurance Webber

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Chapter 48(The break up)



Two days later~


Josh walked into the restaurant and met Asha cleaning the counter. He noticed something was off about her, he has been tried calling her number but she doesn’t take his calls and he needed to know why.

He walked over to a table and sat down. Afterwards, he called for a waiter and Asha came over.

Asha rushed to where he was seated and brought out the little jotter alongside with a pen from her pocket.

She looked up at him and was shocked, she never expected him to be here. Here she was thinking it was someone else who called for a waiter.

“What are you doing here?” she sighed.

“I came to see you.” he replied and she scoffed, making him to wonder of her sudden attitude.

She inhaled deeply as she closed her eyes, she was trying to keep calm. She didn’t want to act rash, not in a restaurant with customers inside. She turned to him with her facial expression so cold.

“Am tired Josh, am all stressed out. So can you do me a favor and just leave?” she asked tiredly.

Josh stated closely at her and noticed the black circles surrounding her eyes. She was having lack of sleep, but why?

“I called you but you didn’t pick my calls, why?, We planned to take Tara out together, but you refused to take my calls..why?”

“Josh I am always busy with work, I pay my bills myself, everything is on me and I just can’t waste my precious with someone who doesn’t add value to my life.” she spat angrily.

“I need to get back to work now.”

He held her wrist, and immediately she turned. He could feel her hands trembling and he sighed.

“Did I do something wrong? He asked and she freed her hands from his grip. She couldn’t take it anymore, she needed to tell him exactly how she felt, she needed to be free.

“Who’s Tasha?”

Immediately he hears the question, he went numb. ‘How did she know about Tasha?’ he thought.

“What?, Cat got your tongue?” she asked and he opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out.

“Why didn’t tell me you were engaged?, Huh?!”

“Asha, am really sorry…you just need to listen to me. I can explain.” he said trying to see reasons with her, so she could calm down.

Asha scoffed in hearing that. After trying to trust him and give in to the relationship…he messed up.

“Explain?, You want to explain?, Do you know the kind of embarrassment I received from your fiancee?” She hollered and then continued

“I don’t want to see you here again, we are done!”

“Asha, please wait and listen to me.” he held her hand and she yanked it away from his grip, before giving him the most painful slap on his right cheek.

Josh held his cheek as he watched her walk away from him.

The maths teacher entered into the class and started taking the register. She was a female with an italian accent.

“Asha Davenport?” she called and Otto smiled.

“She’s not in class Mrs brown.”

“She hasn’t been in school for three days now, projects will start soon and she needs to be here to participate, else she won’t be taking the exam.” the teacher stated and Prudent sighed.

She looked at Asha desk and found it empty. It has been empty for the past three days now, she wouldn’t lie, she missed her sister a lot, even though they don’t communicate much.

“I will pay her a visit tomorrow Mrs brown.” Otto replied and she just smiled.

After the duration was over, Otto packed his books and put it in his backpack. He stood up from his desk and was surprised by the person standing in front of him.

“Can we talk for a minute?” Prudent asked and he just replied with a nod.


The students kept staring at each other as no one said a word. It was really getting awkward for Otto but he didn’t know how to start a conversation.

“Are you nervous?” prudent asked with a smile.

“No am not, the flowers look so beautiful, don’t you agree?” he laughed nervously and she chuckled.

They were actually in the school’s garden and the flowers were looking fresh and beautiful. She looked at the flowers and she smiled, “Yes they are beautiful.” she answered.

“So why do you want to see me?”

“Do you know where Asha lives?” the question left Otto dumbstruck.

“Why do you want to know?, I mean I haven’t seen you two talk much.”

Prudent stared at him, like he’s a maniac. She really wanted to meet with her Sister and she would do everything possible to see her.

“Asha is my older sister.” she dropped the bombshell.



Tasha munched on her chips angrily as her eyes were glued to the television that was in front of her.

She stretched her hands towards the bottle of wine, that was placed on her table. She sighed as she shook the bottle of wine but found it empty.

“Oliva.” She called and the help rushed to the living room.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Get me a bottle of crystal wine.” she ordered and the help bowed before walking away.

After a few minutes, the help returned with the bottle of wine. She placed it on the table and quietly walked away.

Tasha sat upright on the couch and cocked the wine opened, she reached out for a glass and was about to pour wine into it but was paused by the sudden outburst.

“Ma’am, your fiance is here to see you. Should I let him in?” the gatekeeper asked.

“My fiance is here and you locked him outside?, How dare you?!” she hollered and he rushed out back to open the gate.


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  1. This Tasha is s sooo annoying but I feel her pain Sha………..but there's nothing to be done, she crossed the line. Asha just calm down it's not easy but you need to listen to him, stand by him and fight alongside him.

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