High School Mom – Season 2

High School Mom – Season 2 Episode 16

(My love for her is unconditional)

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High school mom 
(My love for her is unconditional)


Written by Assurance Webber

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Chapter 46 (16) 

(Matters arising)


UNEDITED… Avoid errors!



A week later~

Mrs Lucas sat on her bed as she scrolled on her phone reading on the text messages from the anonymous person.

She has been staying in door for almost a week and it surprised everyone, especially her husband.

Thinking about the messages that was sent by the anynomous person was killing her silently. She didn’t know who to suspect and it was frustrating for her.

Suddenly she stood up and roamed around the room worriedly. Her mind was somewhere else and she didn’t even hear the knock on her door.

The knock came up loudly this time and she walked to the door. She opened it and it revealed her husband’s secret investigator.

“Good day ma’am.” He greeted with a smile and Mrs Lucas smiled back, though it wasn’t real.

“How can I help you?”

“Your husband called for you, he’s in his study.” Mr Dovan said and she bit her lips.

“Alright, tell him that am coming.” she replied nervously and closed the door afterwards.

Mr Dovan stared at the closed door, he noticed the change of expression on her face, and how she forced herself to smile even though, she didn’t want to. Something was definitely wrong and he was definitely going to find out.


“Where is she Dovan?” Mr Lucas asked immediately Dovan got into study.

“She will soon get here sir.” he replied.

“Alright then.”

“Sir actually there’s something unusual about your wife. Am sorry if am crossing my boundaries.” Mr Dovan quickly apologised.

Mr Lucas looked at Dovan and smiled. He knew Dovan was too sensitive and it was something he loved about him.

He also noticed that his wife was hiding something from him, but he’s yet to know what it is, that’s why he called for her.

“Don’t worry Dovan, I understand what you are trying to say. I will take care of it.” he said with assurance and Dovan smiled lightly.

Soon the door pushed open and his wife walked in. Her whole body trembled each time she took a step forward, her hands were sweaty and slippery as she rubbed them together. She was so nervous and her husband could see it.

“Am here honey.” she said. She was trying her best to sound casual.

Mr Lucas smiled and gestured with his hand as it directed towards the chair, that was in front of him.

“Sit down.” he said calmly, yet commanding and she sat.

Immediately she sat down, Dovan quickly left the room, leaving just the two of them together.

Saturday morning~

Mr Morris and his wife ate in silence, since they were the only one eating anyways.

Mrs Morris took a sip of the Chilled orange juice that was placed in front of her. Afterwards she wiped her mouth with a paper towel.

“How did the deal with the Lucas’s family go?. I’ve been so caught up with work at the hotel, that I forgot to ask… please forgive me.” she apologised and he smiled.

“It”s ok Alora, the business went well they’ve agreed to partner with us.”

“That’s a good thing then.” she said and he reached for her hand. He held it and caressed it slowly before placing a kiss on it.

“Thank you for always being here, thank you for being my back back. I wonder how I would have coped without you Alora. I am happy to have you in my life…I love you Alora.” he said in an entirely different tone, something she had never heard in a longtime.

He made her happy by saying he loves her, it was the first time in four years, since they got married. A tear dropped on her cheek and he wiped it off with his thumb.

“I love you too, thank you for loving me.” she said and he smiled.

Almost immediately, they heard the footsteps of someone and they turned back. They were surprised when they saw Leo coming towards the dining table.

“Good morning mom and dad” Leo greeted and Mrs Morris looked behind her, to see if he was actually greeting her or someone else.

“I was actually talking to you Mrs Morris.” he said sarcastically and she smiled.

“Morning to you too.” She replied.

After a few seconds Prudent also descended the stairs and walked over to the dining table.

“Good morning mom and dad.” she greeted, getting her dad in surprise.

“Morning to you too sweetheart.” Mr Morris replied and she smiled lightly.

“Don’t get too excited, am only being sweet today, so enjoy it while it lasts dad.”

“Ok then, let’s eat.” Mr Morris beamed widely.

Asha served the customers in a hurry so she could leave for her second job. It was getting late already.

She looked at Tara who was seated at the other end of the restaurant. She smiled when she saw Lucy playing with her…at least she kept her daughter company.

Asha served the customers and once it was 3pm, she took permission from her boss and he allowed to go for her second job. She was grateful, he was too kind to be a boss, he was a God sent to her.

She quickly untied her apron and walked to where Tara was seated. She kissed her goodbye and stepped out of the restaurant but halted when a flashy car stopped right in front of the restaurant.

A guy came out of the car and opened the door, revealing a lady who was dressed in a black gown that looked very expensive.

Asha gasped when she saw the handbag the lady was holding. It was the latest one most popular celebrities often uses, it was only made 16 in the whole of Las Vegas and this lady here was lucky to have one of them.

The lady removed the glasses she wore and smiled at Asha who was boiling in anger. It was the same lady who slapped her in the restaurant that day.

The lady took a step forward and stretched out her hand for an handshake. She was glad today wa the day Josh was going to be hers completely, she has been stalking Asha amd now she’s here.

“Hi, I know you still remember me, am Tasha…what is your name?” Tasha asked with a sweet smile on her face.

“I am Asha, what are you doing here?”

“I just wanted us to be friends and talk like ladies that we are.” Tasha replied, the sweet smile still on her face.

Asha wanted to tell her that, they would talk some other time but, she knew a classic lady like Tasha wouldn’t come a the way to this place for no special reason.

“Alright, come inside” Asha invited her in.

Tasha sat on a chair, as she waited for Asha who went to go get a drink.

“Wow, isn’t that Tasha Dennis?, She’s so classy…is she your friend?” Lucy asked as she stared at Tasha. Everyone at the restaurant stared at her…most people went to get her autograph.

“I don’t even know why she came here, I don’t know why a popular lady came to see a mere worker. I will get going now.” Asha said.

Asha dropped the cold glass of pineapple juice on the table and sat opposite her.

“So, you work in a restaurant and it’s one of the best in Las Vegas…am impressed.”

“Thank you ma’am.” Asha replied.

“I wonder what Josh saw in you, that he chose you instead…am jealous of you.”

“I don’t understand ma’am.” Asha said with a puzzled expression. What exactly was this lady saying?

’it seems she doesn’t know I was Josh’s fiance… let’s see how this game will end.’ Tasha thought with a smirk.

Tasha carried a bag and placed it in front of Asha. It was a bag filled with money, Asha gasped when she saw it. She has never seen so much money like the one in front of her.

“Ok, I don’t have much time to waste her, let me get straight to the point. Josh is my fiance.” Tasha burst the bubble and Asha couldn’t believe her ears.

So Josh lied to her?, all these while he has been lying? Now she was giving in to the relationship he lied to her?

“You are lying right?”

“This is reality Asha, it seems he lied to you…look at my finger, we have been engaged for four years and we will be getting married in a few months but your relationship with him, is causing a rift and I don’t want that. So please, take the money, live a good life and leave my fiance alone” Tasha uttered with disgust.

Asha pushed back the bag of money towards her and stood up immediately.

“I don’t need your money, so please leave.”

Even though, she was hurt, she couldn’t accept the money, she wasn’t a slave or a gold digger…she just couldn’t believe Josh didn’t tell her about all this.

Immediately Tasha heard that, she stood up with rage and poured the glass of cold pineapple juice on Asha’s face. Everyone inside the restaurant gasped.

Asha was thankful the restaurant was almost emptied, only a few people could be seen inside.

“Stay away from Josh or else you will regret it.” Tasha said in between her teeth and glared daggers at her, before exiting the restaurant.


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  1. Tasha is just obsessed with Josh, and trying nonsense with Asha will be her biggest mistake
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