High School Mom – Season 2 Episode 14

(My love for her is unconditional)

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High school mom 
( My love for her is unconditional)

Written by Assurance Webber

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Chapter 14 (44)


Asha heard a knock on her door and she wondered who it was coming to her house at this time, it was past eight already.

She walked into the kitchen and carried a fry pan. She knew that the environment in which she lives is very dangerous, especially at night.

The knock on the door got louder and she tiptoed to the door. She opened it and wanted to hit whoever it was with the fry pan. But she stopped when she saw Josh standing in front of her carrying her daughter.

She dropped the fry pan on the floor and took Tara from him.

“She was with you all along?” she asked in a cracked voice. Her eyes were all swollen and red. Josh knew she had been crying but why? He was just out for a few hours with Tara, does it really scare her that much?

“Yes I took her out, I wanted to spend a little time with her.”

“Why didn’t you call then? Huh?, Do you know how worried I was?!” she half yelled and Tara mumbled half asleep while she patted her back.

Josh wasn’t feeling guilty at all but instead he felt hurt. Just because he wasn’t there all those years for her, doesn’t mean that she should deprive him of seeing his daughter. He knew he was at fault but it wasn’t entirely his fault. It wasn’t easy for him too, he was also going through a lot and she needed to understand that.

“How should I call you when you’ve refused to give me your contact?” he asked and she sighed. He made sense, there wasn’t any way to call someone without having their contact.

“Still, you could have notified me somehow… Please don’t try this next time, I might go crazy.”

“Why?, Can’t I spend some time with my child?, Is it a crime to?” he asked calmly.

What?, His child?, he still has the guts to call her his child?

Asha knew she must have hurt him with her words and she needed to mend things before it got out of hand. She doesn’t want an argument with him, not now.

“Don’t take it the wrong way Josh, you can take her out but you will have to tell me first, I was worried sick and you know Tara is the only child I have and will ever have.” she explained and he bowed his head in guilt.

“Am sorry, I will let you know next time if you’d grant me permission.”

“Thank you.” she said and thunderstruck, soon it started drizzling.

Josh handed Tara a backpack to her alongside with the ice creams he brought.

“Alright, I need to go now, I will see you some other time.” he said and as he was about to go under the rain, she held him by his arm.

“You want to go under the rain?” I don’t think it’s going to stop any time soon… you might get wet and catch a cold. Besides, it’s dangerous at night in this area.” she explained and he stared at her dumbstruck.

He never knew she cared this much about him or maybe that’s just how it is, he was sure.

“Don’t take it the wrong way, I just don’t want my baby’s daddy to get sick and afterwards say that it’s my fault.” she said and opened the door widely. He smiled before he entered and closed the door.

‘It’s going to be a long night,’ he thought.

Immediately they got in, she took Tara to her room and pulled her school clothes before putting on her nighties. Afterwards she laid her on the bed and covered her with the duvet.

She walked over to the wardrobe and brought out very thick duvets alongside a pillow.

She got to the sitting room and caught Josh staring at the apartment. She smiled and handed the duvets and pillow to him.

“I’m not a princess and it’s not a really big castle, so feel free to look around.” she said with a chuckle and he smiled.

“I love it though, it’s very simple and comfortable.”

She smiled immediately when she heard that he really knew how to make someone feel less embarrassed.

Josh arranged everything on the couch and laid down comfortably. It reminded him of his mom, how much they really go camping and he’ll set up the tent…it was really a beautiful memory and it was still fresh. If only she was alive, he was willing to do all that with her again.

Asha stares at him and notices he was thinking about something, maybe some he loved, his facial expression could tell so and she felt kinda left out.

“Are you ok?” she asked and he smiled as he took his bottom lips in which was really a huge turn on for Asha but he wouldn’t know that.

“Yeah I am fine, can you tell me about the time you had Tara, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course, when I got pregnant and I knew it was going to be hard for my family and I, I was determined to terminate it but I didn’t want to ki*ll an innocent child. I’ve seen a lot of young girl dying from abortion and I was scared. I told myself that no matter the circumstances and the criticisms I am going to keep the baby and look after it. I stopped schooling and when my mom gave up on me and my dad, It was really hard. To cut the long story short, I gave birth to Tara… though I almost died but it was worth it. Tara is my joy and also the reason why I am still alive, she’s my everything.” Asha explained.

“I am sorry I wasn’t there…it wasn’t actually my fault, I never knew and I was going through pains too. I’m really sorry.” Josh said and she wiped a tear that fell.

“It’s fine, things happen for a reason and we just need to learn from it. You are here now, so you will have to take responsibility for your actions.” she whispered the last part and he smiled.

She stood up and closed the curtains, afterwards she turned off the light in the kitchen. It was easy since the kitchen was close to the sitting room.

“Goodnight.” she said but Josh had no reply. Instead he stretched out his arm and pulled her to himself.

She fell on his hard body and he held her by the waist and used his other hand to hold her head.

“Josh, what are you doing?” She stuttered and the next time came as a flash in her eyes. Josh captured her lips and started to kiss her slowly.

At first she didn’t respond to the kiss but gradually, she gave in and closed her eyes, enjoying the sweet taste of his soft lips on hers.

With the way she was kissing him, Josh knew she was still new to all this and he didn’t want to rush her, not yet.

He sucked on her lower lip and gradually his pace was increasing but he was trying his best to slow down. Asha who was enjoying the taste of soft succulent lips on her didn’t notice any of this.

He flipped her over and made sure she was laid beneath him. Their body getting hot was something they both loved since the house was cold.

His hand travelled upwards to her br**st region and he gave it a light squeeze, which made a moan escape her mouth. Josh smiled in satisfaction, when he knew he had lots of effect on her.

Her hand was wrapped around his neck, pulling him close to get more of his kisses.

He nibbled on her ear lobe and afterwards, he started to place kisses on her neck.

“Josh” she moaned his name, more louder than the first time and he chuckled.

The junior in between his thighs has already twisted itself getting ready for action.

His hand was heading for her panties when he stopped and broke the kiss which made Asha frown. The expression on her face makes him want to laugh.

She was so angry and he knew it, she had never felt this way before and it was something different, it was filled with pleasure and now he had to stop?

“Am sorry, I was out of control…you need to go to sleep or I might do something nasty.” he said.

She wanted to tell him she was enjoying it and they should continue but it was going to be very embarrassing.

Asha stood up and adjusted the gown she wore, she was feeling so embarrassed and angry.

“It’s fine… Goodnight,” she said and hurriedly left for her room.

“Josh, you need to control yourself.” whispered and covered himself with the duvet going to sleep.

Asha went to her room and collapsed heavily on the bed. She smiled as she touched her lips, then later she sat upright with a frown.

“Asha you stooped so low.” she scolded herself silently. She climbed to the bed and covered herself with a duvet.


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