Dawn of Glory (The Half Breed)

D.O.G [the half-breed] ch-34

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Dawn of Glory [the half-breed]


Thirty-fourth Chapter


Theme: The Fatal Clash, Two


She had been strolling in the strange desert land for several hours, yet she couldn’t find anything. She could feel her feet getting heavier with every step that she took. It was like a boulder knot was tied to my waist.


Her pinky hair had turned grey due to the wind that was blowing in the desert. Her clothes had turned into something else, and Joy was sure that she wouldn’t last long if she continued like this.


The same goes for her puppy. She could see that the poor soul was very tired. She could see that the dog was only trying her best not to disappoint her. Joy was sure that the sight of the dog was the only thing that gave her hope. If not, she would have collapsed.


Just when Joy thought that she couldn’t proceed again with the endless journey, her eyes finally caught a strange scenery from afar. It’s a portal. It was shining brightly in the gloomy desert. Behind the portal, Joy could hear the clasping of thunder and the flashing of lighting.


“Our way out,” she thought in her mind.


“Bingo,” she screamed at the dog, and the poor being ran back to her. Joy bent down, picked the dog up, and rubbed her fur. Joy held onto the dog so tightly as if she was going to disappear.


“We made it,” Joy said to the dog. “You did it. We have found the way out.” She said this with so much excitement in her voice. Not waiting anymore, she jogged toward the direction of the portal.


Joy could sense that something wasn’t quite right as she approached the portal. The evil aura that was surrounding the portal became so strong that it nearly choked her. The rumbling of the thunder became so loud that it nearly burst her eardrums.


Nonetheless, Joy wasn’t ready to turn back. After several hours of walking on the harsh desert sand and breathing in the dust, She couldn’t allow herself to spend another minute out there. With hope and willingness in her heart that this portal would lead her to a comfortable place, Joy jumped inside it with her dog in her hand.


Even though she had never entered a portal before, she could tell that this wasn’t a good idea. It was like she was deflecting the law of gravity. When she stepped inside, she had thought that it would automatically transport her to another dimension, just like Mrs Sandra always tell her.


However, this was different. It was like she had just performed a high jump from Mount Vernon. In the middle land, Mount Vernon is the highest peak. Joy had heard different tales about the weather on the mountain.


She had heard about the wild creatures there, the coldness of the mountain top, and how hard it was to climb the mountain. Now it was like she had just jumped from the highest peak of the mountain.


She was plummeting down with her head coming down. She could feel the air gushing through her nostrils and mouth at the same time. She could feel her dog going cold in her hand. Joy held her dog more tightly, then wrapped her under the armless she was wearing.


After what seemed like forever, she finally caught a glimpse of the dry ground. At that speed, she knew full well that she would break many bones and even lose her life. Joy wishes in her mind that she shouldn’t land on any hard object. At least she should settle on something soft and smooth.

Just like a bedroom bed. Finally, she hit the dry ground.


At first, Joy thought all her bones had broken. But she was wrong. What she landed on bounced her back up, and she quickly summoned all the skills she could remember. Joy swivelled her body, then spun twice in the air, and she stood her ground.


Surprisingly, what had bounced her earlier wasn’t there again. It has been replaced with a dry, solid surface. Slowly, she let her dog down, and the poor thing shrieked in excitement. Eventually, Joy sets out to explore the strange place she just found herself in.


She gulped down the saliva in her mouth to clear her dry throat. She knew that it was the effect of the strange fall. She examines her current position, and the sight only sends a dreadful cold down her spine.


She was inside an abandoned building that looked more like a temple. It was built with ancient stones, and sculptures stood at different positions in the temple. There’s no source of light in the temple except for the candles, which were placed on the sculpture’s hand, head, and leg.


Out of the corner of her eyes, Joy saw something coming toward her. Her dog started barking furiously, and Joy stood her ground to avoid any unexpected attack. The strange figure moved closer to the light, and Joy could see that it was a girl.


“Welcome to the realm of Void, our half-breed.” The voice said


Joy stared directly into the being’s eyes as she heard her voice. It was a female being. She was sheathed in a long black robe, and she had a staff in her hand. Joy could see the tattoo that was drawn on her neck and ankles. Not only that, the voice sounds familiar. It’s a voice she’s heard before.


“My name is Kira,” the voice said with a devious smile.


“Joy,” she managed to say while her brain was still doing the job of recognizing the voice and where she had heard it before. “How do I get out of this creepy place?” Joy was asking, but she kept muting as reality dawned on her.


How could she forget the voice? It’s the same voice that always torments her. The same voice that was fighting to take control of her soul. The same voice that pushed her to kill Rebecca and her crew. The same voice that was urging her to drink blood in the city hall.


“You are…” Joy stammered while moving back.


“I’m exactly what you thought.” The voice completed her statement. “I’m Kira, the first half-breed. Welcome to the curse bond hell.” She said and disappeared out of sight.




The loud howling of Lycans, the clanging of swords, and the painful screaming of men filled the atmosphere. Blood filled the purple dragon queen villa. The once magnificent garden has now turned into a battlefield. The men’s and Lycan’s blood filled the whole ground.


The resistance was fighting for their lives. They were ready to take their freedom back from Lord Darius. At the front of the battle stood Hyperion Jack. He was like a wildfire which was spreading across the dry grain. His body was filled with fire. None of the D’arcy Lycans stood a chance against him.


The vampires were sitting on top of the wolves, and they were doing great destruction with their claws. The lycans stood in front of the wolves. They were dealing a fatal blow to the D’arcy Lycans while the vampires were finishing off those that escaped from the lycan’s grip. It was the battle of the fittest, as everyone was fighting for freedom.


Besides Hyperion Jack, there was Ariel Maka Rachel. Even though she didn’t have access to her power again. Her skills couldn’t be reckoned with. She was wielding two short silver knives, and they were helping her greatly. She was performing different melees and cutting the soldiers at close range. She was a wrecking machine.


The purple dragon queen stood on her feet and filled her body with fire. She roared out, while a thick purple flame emitted from her mouth, nose, and eyes altogether. She ducked aside to avoid a lycan’s claw, then burned the lycan to ashes instantly.


Seeing this, the rest of the lycans charged at her. “I’m unstoppable,” the purple dragon queen yelled and dashed at them. It was a close-range battle. Her body was blazing with a purple flame, which burned any Lycans that stood five feet away from her. She is the definition of an erupting volcano.


“I’m junk,” Franni’s wolf roared in her head. “Let’s infect them with our virus. Let’s show them the wrath of the Frost moon pack. Let’s kill them all IN THE NAME OF LORD REY.” The wolf roared, and that boosted Franni’s agility.


The ancient sword twinkled brightly in her hand, and Franni could feel it throbbing in anticipation of blood. Letting out a great battle cry She threw herself into the heart of the battle.


Left and right, she was cutting the Lycans down. She could feel her witch power lashing out and burning any Lycans that escaped the cutoff from the ancient sword.


“We are the Smiths,” Reed chittered happily on Rey’s shoulder. “We would kill them all.”


“Shut up,” Rey snapped at him. He shoved aside to avoid a claw and sliced the lycan into two with the rune sword. “I’m Smith. You are just a squirrel cat that knows nothing other than to chew people’s noses.”


“Shall we make a deal?” Reed said. He leapt away from Rey’s shoulder and docked on a huge Lycans. In the same motion, he sank his sharp teeth into the lycan’s eyes, and blood oozed out.


The lycan raised his hand and attempted to yank Reed away, but Rey stepped in. He whacked the lycan’s hand down before Reed finally sank his teeth into its throat.


After a few minutes of struggling, the lycan stopped breathing. Reed leapt up, and Rey grabbed him closer with one hand while he sliced down a lycan’s head with the rune sword.


Reed said, mockingly, “Can you see that my teeth are more poisonous than your sword?”


“Nonetheless, I helped you whack down his hand,” Rey argued.


“Even if you didn’t, I’ll still bring it down. That means your help is meaningless.”


“You are an ingrate,” Rey snapped at him. “You are a good-for-nothing squirrel cat.” Rey fired at him.


Before Rey could blink, he felt the squirrel cat plunge his teeth into his neck and blood bust out. “Call me that again, and I won’t hesitate to chop off your ear,” Reed warned in a strong tone.


Rey wished to seize the squirrel cat and toss him among the lycans. But he stopped on another thought. He knew very well that Reed wouldn’t bulge. He knew that cat well enough to irritate him.


“What did you say about the deal?” Reed asked while licking the blood that filled his mouth.


“If it favours me, then let’s proceed.” Rey retorted.


“You see that man over there?” Reed said, his paw pointing straight toward the location of the resistance. Rey could see a man with a double-edged sword amidst the resistance. He was faster and more skilful with the way he wielded his sword.


Then Rey asked the cat. “What are you proposing?”


“Idiot, should I be telling you everything?” Reed snapped at him. “Stop him, and I will consider myself a useless and good-for-nothing cat. Just like you always said.”


At the mention of that, Rey smiles. If there’s anything he wants in his life, it’s to mock Reed. “Accepted,” Rey said. He conjured his ice skate, then jumped on it.


“What about you?” Rey asked when he noticed the cat wasn’t coming with him.


“I need to teach this canine some lessons,” Reed replied and disappeared amidst the D’arcy Lycans.



Dan watched with bewilderment as the scene in front of him turned more bloody. He was still trapped in the same spot where Alexander had poured the pixie herb on him. At least he was happy that Mrs Sandra had called for help. He was also happy that Joy was safe.


Even though the resistance was winning the battle, Dan still felt useless. He could feel the poison eating into his lungs and killing him slowly. Dan knew he had to do something or else it was game over for him.


He couldn’t allow himself to be killed like this. He’s a hybrid. Not just a hybrid, but an Alpha. He has the blood of the moon goddess running through his veins. He couldn’t give up.


Finally, he closed his eyes. He wailed, deep down, for his power. He imagines them running through his blood again. He summoned all the training his father had drilled into him. He could remember the look on the man’s face when Lord Darius killed him.


He roared out in agony as those memories flashed in his head. Dan realized that if he died, he would have failed not only his father but also himself. He had failed the half-breed. He had failed his duty to protect her. He couldn’t allow that to happen. He was stronger than the pixie herb. Dan was sure that he could overcome the poison.


He closed his eyes and allowed his blood to fight against the poison. It was spreading toward his heart, but Dan countered it. Eventually, he felt his body overcoming the poison. A few seconds later, Dan felt all his strength and power return. He felt his power surfacing again, and he could feel the rage of his Lycan.


Like a crazy sea beast, Dan leapt up, grabbed an unlucky Lycan, and tore it apart. His eyes scrutinised the whole battlefield, and he could see Joel trying to blast Mrs Sandra with a dark fire.


Gathering all the speed that his power could offer, Dan dashed at him. He let his full claw out and slashed Joel on the neck. He beat his chest twice, then howled, and the sky felt the resentment in his voice.




i decided to hold the story because of the ghost readers. How did you expect me to be updating everyday without comments? That’s impossible!!! So, i will be updating when I get enough comments. If not, then bye bye to the story. I’m tired of posting without promoting and comments.

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