Dawn of Glory (The Half Breed)

D.0.G [the half-breed] ch-35

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Dawn of Glory [the half-breed]


Chapter Thirty-five


Theme-Fatal Clash, Three


Lord Darius stood some metres away from the garden, which has now turned into a battleground. Besides him stood Alexander, Nicci, the red widow, and Sarah. 


Lord Darius watched in astonishment as the resistance and the ancient warrior massacred all the D’arcy’s Lycans. He could see all the beings beside him taking a battle stance. Each one is summoning his inner power. Nonetheless, Lord Darius could still see the fear in their eyes.


Well, he couldn’t blame them. They had seen how the D’arcy Lycans were slaughtered in cold blood. He could see his royal assassin, Micah Tyler, fighting viciously with Rey Reed Smith. He could see Joel and Dan in a heated battle.


“Lord Darius,” Jack called with a strong tone. “Surrender yourself now. You are outnumbered, and none of your men stood a chance against us. We are ancient.”


“Shut up your filthy mouth,” Alexander yelled. “I can fry your brain right away.”


Jack let out a small scoff, shook his head in pity, and said “When did you become a great sorcerer of the middle land?” 


His scoffing was gone and replaced with his straight face. “Who were you before, Seer Argon? Did you know anything about Iris and Rebecca? You are just nothing but a bas***d with some puny power.” Jack fired at him, followed by a chattering sound from nowhere, which became the centre of attention.


Standing on Ariel’s shoulder is Reed, the squirrel cat. From the look on his face, one could guess that he was making fun of Alexander. “Idiot,” Reed said, but no one heard him. 


Slowly, Lord Darius stepped forward. Jack also leaves his crew and inches toward him. Seeing this, Reed leapt away from Ariel’s and docked on Jack’s shoulder. His tail was wriggling in excitement while gritting his teeth at the same time.


“Let’s meet in a duel,” Lord Darius offered. “A battle till death. If you beat me, then my men will surrender to your army.”


Jack stared at his eyes and said “I don’t trust you.” Instantly, he could see the eyes of Lord Darius taking on another colour. That confirms his suspicions. 


Jack knew that Lord Darius was trying to trick him. He couldn’t fall for those tricks. He was a god, and he was older than Lord Darius himself. He had been through many battles, fought many warriors, and killed different creatures. 


He knew Lord Darius was trying to push him into a fight that wouldn’t end soon. He knew those plans very well. He knew the man had some dirty stunts up his sleeve. That’s why he challenged him.


“I won’t fall for your stupid game. Lord Darius, I’m faster than you.” Jack snapped at him. 


“You are more perfect than I thought,” Lord Darius said while cracking his ankle. “But I’m smarter.” He said and swatted his hands together.


Before Jack could blink, Lord Darius simulated himself into four, and Jack was trapped in the middle. Ariel and Franni dashed toward him, but they slammed against an invisible barrier, which shocked them violently.


“Now you and that stupid cat are trapped here with me.” With a sly smile on their faces, the four Lord Darius said at the same time. Nevertheless, Jack remains motionless. 



“Did you just call me stupid?” Reed became enraged. However, his voice was only coming out in a chattering sound. Instantly, he missed Rey. He knew the boy would have to translate his speech. “I can kill you right now,” Reed yelled again. 


Yet, his voice was like the meowing of a cat. With the way he was wriggling his tail and gritting his teeth, one could tell that he was getting angry at each passing moment.



“I’m not scared of you, Lord Darius,” Jack said. He turned around and started examining the duplicated faces one after the other. He was sure that Lord Darius was among them, but he couldn’t guess the right one.


“Hit me once, Jack. If you hit the right being, I will vanish from the middle land forever. The same goes for my army. You will never hear of us again.”


Jack examined all the duplicates once again, his brain working restlessly to pick out the real image. But he couldn’t. 


“It seems like you are stuck, Jack. Now it’s my turn.” Lord Darius said, and the four replicas attacked Jack at the same time.


Reed leapt up and then swung his body at one of the copies. However, he passed through it as if they didn’t exist, and he hit the invisible barrier. As his body came into contact with the shield, it electrocuted his body, and Reed screeched in pain.


A few minutes after the pain, he sat on his hinged leg while thinking of a way out. Even though he was angry and felt like chewing Lord Darius’s head immediately. 

Nonetheless, he decided to act smart. He was a squirrel cat, and he was smarter than all the gods. Reed was sure that Rey Reed himself couldn’t stand against him.


For several minutes, Reed stood still. He was watching how Lord Darius’ copy was beating Jack while looking for a way out at the same time. He could see Jack’s crew urged to help him, but they couldn’t move past the barrier.


Finally, a thought struck Reed’s mind. He could remember the fight with the Shadow Black Men. He remembers how they had captured him when Rey Reed told him to seek a portal that was hidden in the prancing hall.


He didn’t tell Rey Reed what happened and how he was caught till now. That’s because he didn’t want to look like a simple being in front of him. He could remember that the shadow black men used this same trick. 


He doubled himself into two. One had a shadow and the other didn’t. That’s what the man used to trap him before Rey Reed came to help him.


Reed quickly examines Lord Darius’ replica with his eyes while looking for the one with a shadow. Finally, he caught him. The one with the shadow didn’t attack Jack at close range, unlike the rest.


Without waiting for a second, Reed leapt up with all his might. He swerved his body straight at the shadow copy while his sharp teeth were aimed straight at his ear. 


Channelling all his anger and the shock he received from the barrier into his teeth, Reed sank it into Lord Darius’ ear, and the man screamed in pain. Instantly, Jack kicked Lord Darius against the barrier, and it shocked him violently before it came down.


He darted toward Lord Darius intending to rip out his throat, but thunderstruck by the sky, stopping him. Everywhere turned dark, and rain started to fall from the sky. 


Finally, the sky parted away while a portal was revealed in the middle of the garden. Emerging out of the portal are the armies of Lebanon. Without being told, Ariel knew this is what Jerushah had told her.


Arranging in a straight line is the Army of Lebanon. They were clad in black armour, with a helmet, shield, and sharp blade. Their armour was glistening brightly, and it was reflected throughout the battlefield. At the sight of their numbers, the resistance moved back in fear.


“Army of Lebanon!” Lord Darius screamed in delight. He couldn’t believe it. Though he didn’t know how they were able to gain access to the middle land. But Lord Darius knew he could control them. They were from his master, Bildad the Shuhite. The rulers and keepers of the underworld


Without the undead book, Lord Darius knew he was invisible to the dead. With Bildad the Shuhite as his master, then Lord Darius knew he had control over everything from the underworld. He examined the battlefield, and he could see that he had become the centre of attention.


His eyes were travelling around the field when he caught Joy’s body on Rey Reed’s ice fang. A devious smirk escaped his lips, and he decided to end it. Lord Darius knew that if he could kill the half-breed and send her soul to his master, then killing the ancient warrior would be easy.


“Kill the half-breed,” he screamed at the top of his voice while pointing toward Joy’s position. “Anybody that brings me her body, either dead or alive, will become my right-hand man.” He ordered his men, and everyone cheered in approval.


“Not under my watch,” Franni said.


“That’s why I’m taking over.” She heard her wolf voice in her head. This time, Franni didn’t fight her. She allowed the wolf to take over.


As soon as Franni completed her transformation, she felt a lightning bolt coming in her direction. Her moonlight witch power kicked in and she absorbed the lightning latch. Before she could face who attacked her, Nicci kicked her in the chest, and the force threw her several feet away.


Snarling, Junk regains her stance and faces the window. “I’m Junk and I will infect you with my virus,” she charged at Nicci. Her white fur was blazing with fury, and her eyes were pink in colour. She had just accessed Franni’s witch power again.


Joel gathered a lot of glinting bolts and then flew toward Joy’s position. He was halfway to reaching her when someone grabbed his leg in mid-air. Before he could blink, he felt his body hitting the garden floor, and blood filled his mouth. 


He hadn’t stood up when the being yanked him up, slashed him twice on the neck, before tossing him away. Joel went flying in the air like a baby toy for several seconds before his back hit one of the palace pillars. 


He could feel his back aching badly, and he could feel all his bones making creaking sounds. Instantly, Dan appeared in front of him and launched a deadly blow at him. It was a deadly blow that was meant to kill Joel, and Joel narrowly ducked aside.


In the same motion, he conjured a huge lightning bolt and used it to hit Dan away. He appeared in front of Dan, grabbed him by the neck, and struck him several times with his lightning bolt before hitting him backwards. 


Dan howled out in anger as he felt his body flowing into a flowering thorn. He beat his chest twice, leapt up, and slammed his fist to the ground while the floor cracked at the impact. Dan dipped his hand into the cracked path, brought out a huge boulder, and hurled it at Joel.


The latter quickly slid down to evade the rock, but Dan appeared in front of him in a flash. He grabbed Joel by the neck, slashed him multiple times with his claw, and hit him on the floor. 


“This is for betraying her and the pain you have caused her.” He seethed in rage before dipping his hand into Joel’s chest.


Alexander disappeared away from Lord Darius’ side and appeared in front of Joy. He raised his hand and started to fry her with his flaming hand, but he felt a force knock him backwards. 


It was the purple dragon queen. She didn’t waste any seconds as she blasted Alexander away with her purple flame. The latter was still flying in mid-air when Jack appeared behind him and kicked him back to the ground.


“Go and protect her. I will take care of this idiot.” Jack said, and the purple dragon queen obeyed him instantly.


Reluctantly, Alexander stood on his feet and faced Jack. “I will happily kill you with my bare hand and then show the middle ground that you are nothing but a toothpick.”


“Let’s see what you can offer, the greatest sorcerer,” Jack said and attacked Alexander.


At once, Micah Tyler and Sarah dashed toward the ice fang, which was about to fly away. Sarah leapt up, and then directed a wave of light toward the bird. 


A huge boulder defended the bird as it was about to be hit by the fire. Rey Reed appeared out of nowhere in his ice skate ball and kicked Sarah in the chest. 


“That’s awesome,” Reed said. He was now standing on Rey’s shoulder. “Just that you have failed the deal. You didn’t kill that man, but I chopped down their leader’s ear.” Reed chittered in his ear. 


He opened his mouth, and Lord Darius’ ear could still be seen in his mouth. “Can you now see that you are so simple, lazy, and useless?” 


Rey Reed wanted to reply to Reed, but he felt something slashing his back from behind. He spun back to face his attacker, but a wave of fire hit him and Reed away. 


He quickly twirled his body in mid-air to avoid a fatal fall. However, Reed was unlucky. A painful screech escaped his mouth as his backbone hit the ground.


Sarah attempted to direct another round of fire toward Rey Reed, but Ariel stepped in. She threw one of her knives at her, and Sarah ducked aside to avoid it. She was yet to balance her feet when Ariel kicked her in the chest.


“Rey Reed, that bas***d nose and eyes belong to me,” Reed said, with anger. Before Rey could blink, he dashed toward Micah Tyler.


Rey Reed, knowing fully well the kind of animal he was harbouring, didn’t waste any seconds as he followed after Reed and the duo attacked Micah Tyler at the same time.


Lord Darius chuckles loudly as the army of Lebanon descends on the resistance with their full weapon. Without being told, he knew victory belonged to him. He was happy with the way the battle was going, the bloodshed, and the painful screaming of men. Not only that, he was happy that his master would receive thousands of souls in a day.


That means he will be granted more power. He couldn’t wait to end the battle once and for all.




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