The Lycan's Reincarnated Mate

The Lycan’s Reincarnated Mate – Episode 34

(In Search Of His Mate For 2,000 Years)

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The Lycan’s Reincarnated Mate
(In Search Of His Mate For 2,000 Years)

Written By Uche Lawrence

Chapter 34

Yes, how did she become the next new moon goddess? Lun is human and probably can’t…….
“Are you surprised?” King Zeus jolted him out of his thought.
“Yes, she’s human and….”

“And not supposed to be a goddess all of a sudden. Isn’t that what you’re praying for? For her not to die, for everything to turn out good? Well, she’s from the moon goddess clan and this secret has been kept away from her. Her uncle should explain better.” The great king replied him.

oh! that’s why? Was that one of the reasons why she had to dress like a man?
“You won’t be killing her? She hasn’t wake up since she has been like this. I’m scared to death.” Wulfgur said, still worried about Lun state.

“Don’t worry. I will make her well. And i won’t kill her. Did you see Selene?”
“Yes, she might die anytime soon. Isn’t there anything you can do for her?” Wulfgur questioned.
Is he worried too about Selene? Since when? Or is it because he still have to receive back her immortality.
“I don’t know. It’s a natural death. Her time is up. She has lived long enough.” King Zeus said.
“Why are you worried about her?”

“He actually gave her half of his immortality to see Mena’s reincarnation which is Lun. Here with with you.” Thanos pointed at the girl who was still laying on the floor beside Zeus.

“I guess i will call this love. Are you planning on getting your immortality back? You do know that this immortality of yours as limit. I could help you get it back. The remaining years of your life is enough for you to see your third next generation. Are you okay with that?” King Zeus asked.

That was even more than enough. “What about her?” Wulfgur pointed at Lun.
“She already has a long life to live. You are going to grow old together.”
“Grow old?” Thanos chipped in.

“Ah! God of fate, have you forgotten? He will be human soon. His years of immortal I will be over. And even you and him.” King Zeus pointed at him and Luciano.

“Ohh! Yes. That’s true. I must have forgotten about it.” Thanos grinned and scratched his head.
Almost their immortality is about to end. Immortals live up to a thousand of years before becoming humans. Almost all immortals look up to it. They wanted to know how it feels to become human. To live like a human. But some might want to become immortals forever but that was a rare wish.
Beast live at least 200 and few years before coming humans and humans live up to 100 years and probably some years added.

But every being who isn’t human have limited years to live before finally becoming a human. Also, some do turn to human early even before the limited time.

And for Wulfgur, he’s half beast, half Immortal and also half ‘human’. He’s about to become a real human. Yes, he’d live up to more than thousands of years with reasons.
Two of them was, being an immortal (a thousand year limit) and a beast(A wolf whose life limit is 200 and few years) And now will be becoming a human who will live a hundred and some years to his life.

What a long life. Growth very slow. Being a human is better. Keep growing, learn humanity and finally get old.
And secondly, His wish to see Mena’s reincarnation had added to his long life.
And Lun who’s a goddess and also human, how long will she live?
“What about Lun?” Wulfgur asked, curiously.

“Do you know how many years you have to live?” Zeus asked back.
It been a while he had a long talk with someone.
“Two hundred and?”

“Do you wish for that because Lun is now a goddess?”
“I just want both of us to live longer and grow old together.” Wulfgur answered.
Zeus laughed, almost shaking the whole place.

“Now, I’m giving you this. She will be a goddess but will live like the human she is before. Grow up like them and get old too. And you, you will live like human too when it’s time for you. You still have some time left. You two will grow, have children and stay together. Get old together. Huh?” That sounds like an offer.
“I accept.” Wulfgur nodded.


Then, the rays of light left Lun and she woke up. Her eyes landed on Wulfgur first and she smiled with relief.
Wulfgur smiled back with satisfaction and made her come close to him with his powers. He wrapped his hands around her, hugging her. He’s making no regrets.
“Let’s grow old together, Queen.” He whispered into her ears.

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